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MacKinnon is tying/breaking records with hot start

Apr 20, 2014, 10:51 AM EDT

Nathan MacKinnon Getty Images

Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon has participated in just two playoff games, but he’s already redefining what an 18-year-old is capable of doing in this league.

He led Colorado to a 4-2 victory over Minnesota last night by becoming the third player in NHL history to post a four-point playoff game at the age of 18. The two that previously managed that feat were Pierre Turgeon in 1988 and Trevor Linden in 1989, per the Elias Sports Bureau.

He also had three points in Game 1, which puts MacKinnon in a tie for the most points recorded in a player’s first two postseason contests. Odie Cleghorn and Barry Pederson were the only other guys that started their playoff careers with seven points in two games.

On top of all that, MacKinnon is the first 18-year-old to record six assists in an entire playoff run, according to Eric Hornick. It’s worth noting though that other players that debut at 18, but turned 19 by the time the playoffs started, have exceeded that total. For example, then 19-year-old rookie Jaromir Jagr ended up with 10 assists in 24 games during his first playoff run.

All-in-all, it’s fair to say that MacKinnon’s performance thus far hasn’t just been impressive, it’s also arguably one of the best the sport has ever seen from a player this young.


Video: Roenick says MacKinnon is more dominant at 18 than Crosby was

  1. joey4id - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    “Any player who will be age 18 on or before September 15 in the year in which the Entry Draft is held is eligible.” In other words, MacK was 17 when he was drafted, and had his birthday been 15 days later he would not have been eligible for last year’s draft, and would have played another year in the junior league. If any of you watched the Memorial Cup last year you were able to witness how he elevated his game during the tournament, and he seems to be doing the same in these playoffs.

  2. dubblelznhell - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:30 AM

    And people talk up Seth Jones lol. This kids 3 times better, statistically. Not to mention he’s a year younger

  3. joey4id - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    Many were talking up Jones just before the draft. Folks! Joey knows hockey.

    joey4id – Jun 19, 2013 at 7:36 PM
    McKinnon’s performance in the final game of the Memorial Cup sealed the deal. He brought his A game and led his team to the championship. I’m not questioning Jones’ ability to become a #1 D man, however, it does take a little longer for d men to develop. Jones showed star quality abilities during that memorial cup final, but not enough to take the #1 spot over MacK.

    joey4id – Jun 19, 2013 at 4:32 PM
    As I and many others here wrote, selecting MacKinnon is a no brainer unless they can manufacture a Lindros like trade. You don’t pass on a caliber franchise player like McKinnon. No ifs, ands or buts. Another great hockey player from Canada will go first overall.

    • govtminion - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:56 AM

      None of us care what you’ve posted before. Really. Self-congratulating yourself for predicting the obvious in every damn article on here is just pathetic.

      • joey4id - Apr 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM

        Look here sunshine. 1) Most were speculating that MacK may go first, but I predicted it 2) Many were predicting Jones would go first. Not me! 3) In case you haven’t heard, I’m the self proclaimed Don Cherry of PHT 4) You replying to what you think is a pathetic comment is in itself pathetic 5) I don’t care what you think of my comment(s) 6) Who made you the morale compass of this site? 7) FU & be gone.

        Joey knows hockey like no one here. 😉

  4. phuzzyd - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    MacKinnon’s just too good,
    And Landy’s brining the wood,
    the Wild can’t keep pace with their line.

    They tried Bryz between the pegs,
    but he whizzed down his legs,
    and got pulled but it wasn’t in time.

    Minny’s down in a hole,
    and their spirits are low,
    while the Mile “High” City feels just fine.

  5. luvmnsports2012 - Apr 20, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    Joey don’t know Jack! Bryz is why we are losing! Keep Keumper in and all is well! Ninny is down now but shall rejoice it’s fans with a game 7 at home, and a win! GO WILD!!!

    • mcphillthy - Apr 20, 2014 at 3:07 PM

      They won’t make it that far but even if Minnesota makes it seven games the seventh would be in Colorado. Just fyi

  6. luvmnsports2012 - Apr 20, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    You are correct sir. My bad. 2-2-3. I would guess that they won’t make it that far as well, it’s just the WILD hockey fan in me that can’t take that for an answer! Hopefully it proves me right…but I promise if it does go to game 7 I won’t repost it! HEY JOEY!!! GO WILD!!!

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