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President Obama gave Kings’ Brown a congratulatory phone call

Jun 20, 2014, 7:40 PM EDT

Barack Obama, Dustin Brown AP

U.S. President Barack Obama placed a congratulatory phone call to Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown regarding the team’s 2014 Stanley Cup victory on Friday, the Los Angeles Kings’ Lisa Dillman reports.

There’s no word if Obama said “take it easy on the Chicago Blackhawks next time around,” by the way.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time the 29-year-old, American-born forward had the chance to speak with the commander-in-chief. The Kings provided video of his first phone call with Obama back when the Kings won their franchise’s first-ever Stanley Cup in 2012:

The Kings likely hope that this procedure will become even more common as the years go on.

  1. pone27 - Jun 20, 2014 at 8:17 PM

    To troll or not to troll…

    Eh, I won’t.

    Regardless of people’s opinions towards Obama, gotta be pretty cool to get a phone call from the President.

    • chicagobtech - Jun 20, 2014 at 11:24 PM

      Yeah. Even if you don’t respect the man, respect the office.

    • c9castine - Jun 20, 2014 at 11:43 PM

      thanks for not, but i just think its funny that you think you wield some sort of power here.

      “should i say really stupid ignorant things about topics that i have no factual information on in the world of politics here on the pro hockey talk website, or should i just be an intelligent person and respond to the situation at hand?”

      for what its worth thanks for not being a complete dipshhit on the very first comment.

      • 950003cups - Jun 21, 2014 at 10:05 AM

        Buck Ofama!!

  2. WillIEverSeeACupInMyLife? - Jun 20, 2014 at 8:26 PM

    FLuck Obama

    • nothanksimdriving123 - Jun 20, 2014 at 9:59 PM

      So there was President Obama in the White House with a few minutes between appointments, mulling with top aides what to do.
      “Should I consider recent legislation from Congress?”
      “LOL, sir there isn’t any. The Senate passed a few bills but the House GOP killed them all.”
      “Should I send more proposals to Congress?”
      “LOL, no point in that sir, the House GOP promised not to consider anything you send over, no matter what it is.”
      “OK, see if you can get Dustin Brown on the line.”
      “Yes sir.”

      • blomfeld - Jun 20, 2014 at 10:48 PM


        “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”—Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

      • c9castine - Jun 20, 2014 at 11:38 PM

        lol i thought this was funny…i think Blomfeld thought you were dissing on obama.

        it seemed like a neutral observational bit of comedy to me.

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:02 AM

        This is a sports blog Blomfeld. Here you go again being a Canadian political anylist about US politics. We stay out of the politics of that super power of a country Canada. Why can’t you keep your Canadian a$$ opinion out of our politics. If Americans wanted your political opinions they would ask for them. If you don’t like it here take yourself back to Canada where all your countrymen will agree with you and make you a hero for bashing America and our governments leaders.

        How great it must feel to pick and choose selective videos that put Bush in a negative light. Oh that you would be fair and do the same for Crazy Joe Biden and his boss who is running this country into the ground. Shut up and stick to hockey.

        In 1996 Canada’s lacklustre federal election campaign has finally ignited after claims th Jack Layton, the man many tip to be the country’s next prime minister was found naked by police in a suspected illegal brothel with a 5’10” asian hooker in a bust looking for under age hookers.

        In 2003 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was caught with plagiarized speech on M arch 20, 2003. Speechwriter Owen Lippert said he was running short on time in 2003 when he began lifting passages from Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s speech in support of the invasion of Iraq for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to read a few days later. Canada supported the US invasion of Iraq. The vast majority of US Congress had the same information President Bush was given when the decision was made by Congress to support Bush in going to war with Iraq. Everyone had the same wrong information. How easy it is to sit back now and inflect Bush knew all along there were no WMDs. That is BS. I would say prove it to anyone who can. Other than that it is all speculation.,

        The Stephen Harper government stumbled from one needless controversy to another — picking fights, settling scores, demeaning institutions and individuals alike in the pursuit of no discernible principle or even political gain — one has had the distinct impression of a government, and a prime minister, spinning out of control. It sounds like Blomfeld’s complaints about US government leaders.

        But with the prime minister’s astonishing personal attack last week on the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin, the meltdown has reached Lindsay Lohanesque proportions. Nothing in the long catalogue of Stephen Harper’s bad-tempered outbursts has seemed quite so extravagantly reckless, if only because it was so calculated.

        It is one thing to savage a political opponent or beat up on a distinguished civil servant. But to accuse the nation’s highest judge of professional misconduct — for that is what was insinuated, if not quite alleged, an ethical breach serious enough to warrant her resignation — is so ill-considered, so destructive of both the court’s position and his own, that it leaves one wondering whether he is temperamentally suited to the job.

        Last year Canada’s former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer chatting freely about how aliens are real in the presence of six American congressmen in Washington? What’s particularly intense about Hellyer’s speech is that he’s not some kooky guy off the street who claims an alien came through his bedroom window in the middle of the night to abduct and probe him. Hellyer is an educated engineer and author who served a long career in Canadian politics.

        How about your illustrious drug addict drunken mayor Robert Ford. What a great example of the average Canadian. Stay out of politics on a US sports blog – especially if you are Canadian who hates America.

  3. Idaslapter - Jun 20, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    I would rather have no call than one from Obama.

    • patthehockeyfan - Jun 20, 2014 at 8:42 PM

      Don’t worry. No one is going to call you.

      • dannymac17 - Jun 20, 2014 at 9:20 PM

        I hope Obama does to tell him how much his team sucks.

      • Idaslapter - Jun 20, 2014 at 10:04 PM

        Thanks, Pat. We were wondering who the stupid 37% are.

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:26 AM

        Blomfeld – here is a top 10 list of some of your favorite Cannuck scandals you hypocrite.

        10. Maxime Bernier’s Julie Couillard scandal – – Maxime Bernier had everything going for him. From being the vice president of the insurance company Standard Life of Canada, he eventually became a Member of Parliament for the riding of Beauce in Quebec. Although his intrusion into Karzai’s Afghanistan and his hoax aircrafts to Burma have put him in jeopardy, it was the controversy surrounding his girlfriend, Julie Couillard, that put him under intense scrutiny. Couillard had past amorous links with Hells Angels members, and had gotten access to classified NATO documents after Bernier left them at her house. This has subsequently prompted his resignation, though he still serves in the government, now as Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism.

        9. Shawinigate – – A scandal that rocked the 90′s, it was here that former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was accused of profiting from real estate deals and government policies in his hometown of Shawinigan, Quebec. Chrétien falsely announced that he sold his recently purchased Grand-Mère Golf Course and Auberge Grand-Mère Hotel properties to close friend Yvon Duhaime and Toronto tycoon Jonas Prince, respectively, when in fact, he didn’t. The golf course remained his while secretly persuading the director of the Development Bank of Canada into giving Duhaime an almost $800,000 loan to expand the hotel. Though this lobbying was clearly seen as illegal, the ethics counselor which Chrétien appointed that time declared that no violence was committed, and the Prime Minister continued to serve for 3 more years.

        8. Charbonneau Commission enquiry into the Quebec construction industry – – Formed in October 2011, the commission is a public inquiry into the potential corruption regarding the awarding of public construction contracts in Quebec. This lead to the resignation of Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, who, after police searches in two of his residences, municipal buildings, and safety deposit boxes, was found to be receiving 2.5% from these contracts as part of an “organized structured network”. Businessmen, lawyers, and other entrepreneurs were also revealed to be part of this intricate crime network. He is now facing a grave charge of “gangsterism” in the city where he formerly ruled as a monarch.

        7. John Edward Brownlee sex scandal – – Going back a few decades earlier, the once promising Alberta provincial Premier John Edward Brownlee shamefully resigned from office in 1934 after he was accused of seducing Vivian MacMillan, a family friend and a secretary for his attorney-general in 1930, when she was still 18 years old. MacMillan claimed that the former premier, who is married, told her that “she must have sex with him for his own sake and that of his invalid wife”. This affair was said to have continued for three more years, and then conceded after physical and emotional pressure. Nevertheless, she and her father were awarded $10,000 and $5,000 each for damages, after they sued Brownlee for seduction.

        6. Fast Ferry Scandal or “FastCat Fiasco” – – The Fast Ferry Scandal was a 90’s political affair, which refers to the construction of three fast ferries in the province of British Columbia. The said ferries were intended by the provincial government to be used for faster inter-province transit, skills and training of the local residents, and to generate taxes from the shipbuilding industry there. However, the ferries simply turned to be hugely over-budgeted and were actually slower than the existing ones. Cost of the program bloated to almost $460 million, not to mention a three-year lag in delivery schedule, partly due to the builders’ little experience with aluminium, and also due to blunders during the local government’s bidding process.

        5. Bingogate – –
        Still from British Columbia, former premier Michael Franklin Harcourt (simply known as ‘Mike’) was forced to resign from his position as the result of “Bingogate”, a scandal where NDP member David Stupich used money raised by a charity bingo to provide the party’s funds. Part of the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society (NCHS), Stupich ran kickback schemes in which donations to charities via the Nanaimo Commonwealth Bingo Association (NCBA) were used for NCHS who in turn raises funds on behalf of the NDP. He, pleading guilty, was sentenced to two years at his daughter’s home, while Harcourt, who was not uninvolved personally, also resigned as a result.

        4. Pacific Scandal – – The Pacific Scandal involved allegations of accepted bribes by members of the Conservative government in the attempts of private entities to influence the bidding for a national rail contract. Since British Columbia agreed into joining the Canadian Confederation in an 1871 agreement, the government planned to build the transnational Canadian Pacific Railway to link the Pacific-facing province to the eastern provinces. Incidentally, evidence was uncovered where Sir Hugh Allan and his associates had been granted the contract in exchange for political donations that sum up to $360,000. This led to the resignation of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. McDonald, and power was transferred to the Liberals headed by Alexander MacKenzie.

        3. Duplessis Orphans – – The Duplessis Orphans, named after Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis, were victims of a scheme in which several thousand orphaned children were falsely certified as mentally ill by the government of Quebec and confined to psychiatric institutions. The scandal, which ran from the 1940′s to the 1960′s, was conceived by Duplessis and the local Catholic church to obtain federal funding for the children, who were only “orphaned” by forced separation from their unwed mothers. Posing as health facilities, these orphanages and insane asylums traumatized children through sexual abuse by the priests, harsh treatment by the administrators, and in some cases, subjected to drug testing and in other medical experiments. In the 1990′s, the survivors criticized the Quebec government for not aptly justifying the incident, only offering measly amounts up to $10,000.

        2. Sponsorship scandal – – The sponsorship scandal, also known as “AdScam”, “Sponsorship” or Sponsorgate, was a scandal that came out of the Canadian federal government’s ‘sponsorship program’ in the province of Quebec and involving the Liberal Party of Canada, which was in power from 1993 to 2006. Conceived to raise awareness of the government’s contributions to Quebec and to counter the Parti Québécois’ actions, imminent corruption was discovered, misdirecting public funds to Liberal organizers or fundraisers, or even as donations back to the Liberal Party. It was mostly done by awarding sponsorship to ad firms for no work in return. Though it has been going on for years, a public inquiry done in 2004 became the deciding factor on the results of the 2006 federal election, where the Conservatives finally rose to power after twelve years of Liberal rule.

        1. Airbus affair – – The Airbus affair refers to allegations of secret commissions given to members of the government during Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s term, in exchange for Air Canada’s (a former Crown corporation) purchase of a large number of Airbus jets. Airbus’ chairman at the time of the bidding was Franz Josef Strauss, a high profile German politician. Airbus won the contract in 1988, with an order for 24 Airbus A320s as well as the sale of some of Air Canada’s existing Boeing 747 fleet. Seven years later, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accused Mulroney of accepting bribes from Airbus’ Karlheinz Schreiber for the contract, which was further proved by the latter’s raising of money for Mulroney’s successful bid in 1983 to win the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party. The years that followed saw a lengthy legal battle, which is still partially unresolved.

        One of the things that gets this proud American Veteran served 2 1/2 years in Vietnam is foreigners coming here and ripping our country, government and our leaders. If Blomfeld has something to say he should restrict his comments to his own screwed up corrupt country and keep his mouth about my country, the United States of America. I know we have first amendment rights and Blomfeld has the right to speak his mind. I have the right to vigorously disagree and refuse to put up with people like Blomfeld. Take your different posting names and go to a Canadian paper where your America bashing will be appreciated.
        I had enjoyed your posts previously. You made disparaging remarkes previously which i countered you on and you had said you would stay out of politics. Well, you didn’t. Now do it.

    • blomfeld - Jun 20, 2014 at 10:55 PM


      “One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.”—U.S. News & World Report, Jan. 3, 2000

      • 950003cups - Jun 21, 2014 at 10:11 AM

        Blom, why do you make fun of our Presidents? I would make fun of yours, but I have no clue who it is.

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 11:03 AM

        Blomfeld you gutless wonder trying to emulate that POS Michael Moore. How easy it is to cherry pick out takes from speeches to project a false image to the public. You have done that well on this blog. So much for enjoying your writings in the future. You Canadians crack me up. Your country has a rich history of corruption and illegal shennagins yet you find it necessary to come down here to my country and trash talk and bash our political leaders and laws you disagree with. You should stay home and work to make your own country better and more honest instead of coming down here to our US and bashing things and people you consider are wrong., You can do that equally well from your home in Canada. You are a visitor here and should keep your mouth shut concerning politics. This is a sports blog Blomfeld. Why can’t you leave it at that? Why do you insist on interjecting your unwanted political views and disparage select leaders you don’t like such as President Bush? On a sports blog like this your crappy writing is not wanted nor warranted. I took the time to look up some of Canada’s illustrious criminal history above. I don’t like getting into this sort of thing. The only way to shut some people up is to show everyone what bigoted hypocrites they are. Please cut out your political views or go home to Canada where they will be much more appreciated.

        From what i hear jealous America bashing is a national past time in Canada. Now that your NHL teams aren’t competitive at winning Lord Stanley’s Cup any longer you have migrated to our LA Kings as a replacement since your teams all suck except for your national teams.

        I said this last fall when you stuck your nose into American politics here on these same blogs that these blogs are for sports – not expounding your distorted image of how you feel about George Bush or anyone else. Give it up once and for all. If you are going to be a political hack take it somewhere else because it is not wanted here. Climb into your car or truck, point it north and don’t stop until you cross the border into that wilderness you call Canada. Then let the air out of your tires and stay there.

  4. sjsharks66 - Jun 20, 2014 at 9:18 PM

    Obama is a cool cat. Wouldn’t mind a phone call from him. Must have been a cool feeling for Brown.

    • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 10:11 AM

      Upon what mystical fantasy do you base your statement “Obama is a cool cat”? What has he done for you or those you love? How much do you know about our elected officials and how our government works. It would be great to hear about the 3 branches and more but i somehow have a feeling that like so many young people today there is no inkling how our federal government works or is comprised of. Surprise me, please.

  5. thailer35 - Jun 20, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    He actually called him to figure out how he has never been disciplined for kneeing. Trading tips, you know, cause of that whole Bengazi thing.

    • blomfeld - Jun 20, 2014 at 10:58 PM


      “Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream.”—LaCrosse, Wis., Oct. 18, 2000

      • stakex - Jun 20, 2014 at 11:15 PM

        That’s so funny…. Only in American could an absolute moron like that get elected President.

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:39 AM

        Blomfeld you neglected to show any of Crazy Joe Biden’s comments. How typically Canadian one sided of you. Stick with sports. This is not a political blog. You and some extreme liberals like yourself love what you do, again, this is not a political blog. IT IS A SPORTS BLOG. Focus on all the political crap of your Canadian history shown above and then go back home. You are such a cheap hypocrite. Look at what you write, then look at what Crazy Joe Biden has said on so many occasions. Where are his gaffes and Obama’s you onesided hack?

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 6:45 AM

        stakex – Jun 20, 2014 at 11:15 PM
        That’s so funny…. Only in American could an absolute moron like that get elected President.

        Good alias Blomfeld but you aren’t fooling anyone with your copycat dialogue from above. Now take your happy communist a$$ back to where you belong. Also – it is only in America not American. I guess that is what they teach in Canada. Now Shoo – go home to Canada

  6. blomfeld - Jun 20, 2014 at 11:21 PM


    What a terrific development eh and good on comrade O’Brien for writing this excellent article ! For the second time in three years, the leader of the free world makes a ‘congratulatory’ phone call to the captain of the free world’s greatest hockey team ! … you just gotta love it man ! :) Anyway, with regards to O’Brien’s final sentence here saying that “the Kings likely hope that this procedure will become even more common as the years go on” … Well I’ve got news for you people. I just got off the phone with the man ‘upstairs’ a few minutes ago and he assured me in ‘no’ uncertain terms that such ‘congratulatory’ presidential phone calls to Captain Brown Esquire are to now be the ‘order of the day’ for the foreseeable future ! Yes sir ! And if that wasn’t enough, check this out. Today from east of the Urals, I’ve learned that there’s been an ‘inordinate’ amount of ‘chatter’ confirming that Ovechkin is about to sign a 10 year deal with the Tardistan Traktors ! :)

    GO OBAMA !!!



    TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


    Person A: do you think we LA Kings can repeat in 2015 ?

    Person B: yes we can !!! :)

    • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:59 AM

      Blomfeld you Canadian communist, here in America when you place Esquire after someones name, it denotes they are an attorney. As great as my favorite Kings player, Dustin Brown is, he is not an attorney. He may be the Chairman of the Board of the Kings on the ice but that is where it ends.

      Will you please take your happy Canadian a$$ back to your homeland and write your one sided American trash talk from there? I am not the only one who feels this way.

  7. no - Jun 21, 2014 at 12:12 AM

    can we cool with it the Fox News caliber commentary here? congrats kings, from a hawks fan

    • blomfeld - Jun 21, 2014 at 12:40 AM


      Blomfeld: Tiger one to Tiger two, over ?

      Stransky: Tiger two here, over ?

      Blomfeld: Tiger two, blow that piece of junk of the bridge !

      Stransky: consider it done comrade … hail victory ! :)

      • jefsuz - Jun 21, 2014 at 12:49 AM

        I have lost all respect for you Blomfeld you pinko commie bastard!!! The Kings don’t need your leftist views. Go F yourself!!!! Also, have a nice day!

      • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 3:20 AM

        Blomfeld – you have been on such a roll on this blog. How self satisfied you must be in communicating your anti-American hatred to your comrades, as you call them. You are such a hypocrite as you continue to show unflattering videos of President Bush. There are an equal number of unflattering videos of Crazy Joe Biden – in fact there are years more. There are also more videos of Obama lying to the American public about Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, NSA, our lack of border security, trading a deserter which was a good thing but not for those 5 star terrorists we gave up, leaving our marine locked up in a mexican jail for a simple error while we give illegal aliens the keys to our country with no jail time but 5 star treatment, and so many other crooked things. Please pack yoiur $hit, get in your car and take your happy comrade communist a$$ back to your beloved Canada. That would be a huge favor for so many people. i know i don’t speak only for myself.

  8. vstar1us - Jun 21, 2014 at 1:30 AM

    Cool not even

    Black Guys get the call

    Get over it America

    33 year 9 month 14 day Vet

  9. savior72 - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:08 AM

    Just because the Prez called doesn’t mean Dustin said hi.

  10. opattytheirishrover - Jun 21, 2014 at 2:37 AM

    Brown water navy!!

    • namriverrat69 - Jun 21, 2014 at 5:28 AM

      Brown water Navy rules!

  11. aldog83 - Jun 21, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    It would be more dramatic to make the call during the celebration.

    (not at home OR some Dentist office, wherever the HELL Brown took that call….LOL)

    Gotta Love how our Presidents always have time to Have fun with the Pro Sports Teams and Celebrities.

    Just one of the “Perks” of being PREZ I guess…..

    Back to work everyone!

  12. blomfeld - Jun 21, 2014 at 11:22 PM


    Namriverrat69 – I’m sorry friend, but so said my ‘longtime’ friend Karl Rosenberg after reading your various posts here-in. And I won’t even dare to tell you what my ‘romantic’ friend Gai Lan said about you after reading the same ! … (ie: she’s a sexy ‘high-powered’ executive who works for a ‘major’ international concern from the PRC). The bottom line pal is that either you’re ‘seriously’ clueless, or you need to do a little more research on this crap ? Whichever the case may be, let’s get down then to ‘brass tacks’ here:

    1) As a Canadian man, the US remains my ‘favorite’ country … whenever I’m there, I feel like I’m home !

    2) George Bush was a ‘comical’ joke .. the real evil are people like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Goldman Sachs !

    3) zip your trap about ‘lowly’ Canadian politicians … let’s talk about the 400,000 ‘plus’ dead in Iraq !

    4) zip your pie hole about Mike Harcourt … let’s talk about about Building 7 ‘magically’ collapsing 8 hrs later !

    5) zip your crack about Shawinigate … let’s talk about Bush letting New Orleans city ‘literally’ drown !

    The bottom line is that ‘close-minded’ people like you are scary and virtually ‘impossible’ to deal with, for such is your blind arrogance and conviction of thought. Nonetheless, the fact remains that ‘he’ loves Elvis, decency, the LA Kings, good values, kindly folk and other ‘agreeable’ things. And so by virtue of that, it turns out in the end that ‘you’ sir have now shown your own good self the way to the door ! Buh-bye :)

    “May the ‘heels of decency’ forever be brought down upon the heads of those who are cruel & evil” … Jobs 13:6

  13. namriverrat69 - Jun 22, 2014 at 9:03 PM

    Your response was so humorous Mr. Blomfeld. You don’t address any of the previous criminal activities of your own government but continue to focus your attack on me, the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. I point out Canadian government criminal pasts in contrast to American ones and you tell me to zip my trap about lowly Canadian politicians but let’s focus on 400,000 dead in Iraq. Could you be any more openminded?

    You overlook Canadian government transgressions, including supporting the war in Iraq for a time too, to focus on what you as a Canadian feel as all my country, America, has done wrong in Iraq – well, especially in respect to our President Bush. Your Canadian clairvoyance is not working. When have I ever said I supported the war in Iraq? I support peace and tranquility. Your country of Canada, although not part of an invasion force, supported the war in various ways based on the same information George Bush and our Congress and Senate had, they all made the same decision to enter into war with Iraq. Canada had a presence in the Gulf since Desert Storm, the Canadian Air Force flew various missions in Iraq, Canadians were part of the group who assisted in Jordan with the writing of the Iraq constitution, Canada helped train police and army officers in post war Iraq. All facts.

    Everyone had the same false information on WMDs. It was an error for which Bush is totally blamed but everyone in our House and Senate had the same information the President was presented and all but a handful voted in support of the war in the beginning. President Bush didn’t make up all that information – the CIA gave it to everyone. I support my government until it shows itself misguided. In spite of that I am still an American who loves his country and embraces our errors so hopefully we will not make them again. I support my President Barrack Obama even though we differ in views on some things. He is still my President. I differed in views with President Bush too. I feel if you are going to continually unfairly attack someone as you have done with President Bush, it is unproductive to anyone in my country of the United States. All it does is instill hatred and derision in our national community and consciousness of America. Why would you still want to cause ill will in my country? President Bush has been out of office for 6 years. The war is over. When are you going to give it up. Let’s focus on today and the future huh?

    Then, because I write about your one sided views and attacks of President Bush, instead of debating me you just deflect everything, tell me to shut up and then arrogantly, as if you have been given the green light and told direct from God to declare me cruel and evil and to be forever punished: “May the ‘heels of decency’ forever be brought down upon the heads of those who are cruel & evil” … Jobs 13:6 Job, by the way, is singular.

    Who are you Mr. Blomfeld to stand in personal judgement of me? You know nothing about me the person, just what I wrote in response to your blogs. You know nothing about me sir except 1) I disagree with your continued attacks on President George Bush and it’s ill effects on my country, America; and 2) that I served in Vietnam for 2 1/2 years while you embraced all my countrymen who chose to opt out of that war. Thank you Canada for taking care of my countrymen during that time of political distress and discourse here in my United States. That was a long time ago, we were all kids and values were different then. Myself and many of my countrymen believed in their government when called to duty, just as so many have today. It wasn’t until later that the falsness of Vietnam became a reality. We have not only fought (whether right or wrong – history is telling) for the freedoms Americans have today but also, our Canadian brothers and sisters too.

    My responses were all in response to your continued posted contemp for President Bush who has been out of office for 6 years now. You are entitled to your opinions. Sometimes it is better to take care of ones own backyard than to look over the wall and complain about someone elses so you don’t have to take care of your own. My disagreements were soley directed in response to what you said about my country. But as I said Mr. Blomfeld, President Bush has been out of office for 6 years, we are no longer in Iraq. Perhaps it is time to give all your President George W. Bush hatred and animosity a rest and move on with the rest of your life. You are the only person I have read in a long time who still wails about President Bush and Iraq, and he wasn’t even part of your country of Canada. Don’t you have more important things to do than to continually stir up hatred in my United States. I’ve been to Canada. It is a beautiful country. I wouldn’t want to live there for a number of reasons which don’t belong here on this sports blog. In the future I do not intend to get involved like this again in. I am sorry I allowed myself to get dragged in by your political bitterness. I wish you well. I do think you would be a happier person if you let go your hatred of President Bush – especially since you are Canadian and not American. You are harping on 6 year old history which does Americans no good in our society today. We Americians do the best we can. We don’t need the bitterness and interference of foreigners who are trying to cause hate and discontent our beloved country, the best country in the world, The United States of America.

  14. blomfeld - Jun 23, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    Stransky: you know, Blomfeld shouldn’t even dignify that person with a reply !

    Gai Lan: true enough, but you know my Blom baby eh ? :)


    Namriverrat69 – This ridiculous thread started out with certain posters saying ‘despicable’ things like ‘F’ Obama and ‘FU’ Obama. In response to this ‘ugliness’ I merely posted some ‘video & quotes’ of the man who held the job before him. Why did ‘you’ not lash back at those individuals ? Anyway, I gather that you’re a fan of George ‘Walker’ Bush and fair enough, as to each their own. In fact, I’ll even offer you an e-apology for poking fun at your hero. And I do this despite my personal disdain for a man who ‘sullied’ the glorious office of President of the United States for eight long years !

    But I digress, as you’re trying to take this to a completely childish and ‘unrealistic’ level, not to mention your many ‘venomous’ attempts to insult me personally and inflict upset. The bottom line is that the US president is merely a ‘figurehead’ and he wields little if any ‘real’ power. For that, one needs to look at people like Goldman Sachs, the Bilderberg Group, Larry Silverstein and such as. I love American people, who I think are perhaps some of the most ‘generous & decent’ folk to be found anywhere. And despite my Canadian passport, I continue to believe that America is the ‘greatest’ nation on earth ! … and I still always ‘feel at home’ whenever I’m stateside :) My late dad was German and I’ll forever remember the story as my late dear English mum told me, how on our first ever visit to your country as a family from Montreal, my dad told the US border agent there in upstate New York (circa 1960) that he was ‘just so happy’ to be going to America ! Yours my friend is a ‘wonderful’ country and to this day, despite the many challenges and setbacks of recent times, the USA continues to be the ‘envy’ of the world ! :)

    ps: having served 2.5 years in Vietnam indicates that you were either a volunteer or an enlisted man ? … you obviously did ‘that’ which you thought was right at the time for your people and you risked life and limb in the process … and therefore you must remain ‘forever’ proud for your service, while being comfortable in the knowledge that ‘yours’ is a life committed to the ideals of honor and decency.


    *** somewhere in the hot zone, Sector C ***

    Comrade Meyer: enemy has been targeted ! … request permission to fire, over ?

    Comrade Blomfeld: no, you will not engage ! … say again, you will not engage !

    Comrade Stransky: with all due respect sir, we have this bastard at our mercy eh ?

    Comrade Blomfeld: silence ! … you are to disengage immediately ! … is that clear ?

    Comrade Meyer: as you wish sir …

    GO KINGS GO EH ? :)

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