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Swedish prospect likes being a ‘pain in the neck’ for opposing players

Jun 18, 2014, 12:30 AM EDT


Players eligible for the NHL Draft do many things to get noticed. Getting under the skin of the opposition, well that’s a pretty good way to garner attention from just about anyone in the rink.

Take Anton Karlsson, the 11th-ranked European skater by NHL Central Scouting and a member of Frolunda’s junior team in Sweden, for example: “I think the scouts see a warrior in my game,” Karlsson recently told “I’m a big player, big size (6-foot-1, 187 pounds). I like to hit bodies and just be a pain in the [neck] for the other team.”

That could be a very sought after kind of quality. The first round of the draft goes next Friday (June 27) in Philadelphia. The Florida Panthers have the No. 1 pick for right now.

Given where he stands on Central Scouting’s list, it would appear Karlsson would top out going late in the first round.

“He likes to play physical and he gives it everything he has on every shift,” Goran Stubb, the NHL Director of European Scouting told “Any team drafting him will be happy; he’s a good prospect.”

  1. snipedanglecelly13 - Jun 18, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    since he’s Swedish I thought the wings would take him but he’s way too physical!

    • pjblake2redwings - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:41 AM


  2. blynasty - Jun 18, 2014 at 9:27 AM

    This is he kind of guy we need if he is still there at 22

  3. claysbar - Jun 18, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    Be nice to see him there when the Pens pick. Just the type of player they need.

    • JoeAvg - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:21 AM

      Considering that Rutherford drafted his brother you might get your wish. At the very least he’s probably being tracked on their radar.

    • hockey412 - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:50 AM

      I haven’t seen any projections with this kid in the first round, not that it means anything. I’d be willing to bet they still take a skill player in the first round. They don’t have many picks and they can get a hitter later. But I agree they need this kind of player – I’m hoping to see more of Sill and Payerl this year.

      But I really like these articles on the propects NOT named Ekblad, Bennett, or Reinhart. Keep them coming!

  4. chunkyschoice - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    I wish these articles would say what position the guy plays

  5. tross16 - Jun 18, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    He can play either wing

  6. c9castine - Jun 18, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    at 6’1 187 hes got some work to do before anybody even notices him on the ice in that capacity in the NHL.

    goes without saying for most prospects but id probably tone down my ego a bit coming into this league. 6’1 187 is average for a “citizen” let alone an NHL hockey player.

    • bmy0913 - Jun 18, 2014 at 1:55 PM

      You took this one right out of my mouth. Average joes on the street could stare that size down. The NHL has skill players that dwarf him and have the capacity to be more physical. Let alone the goons around the league that would just laugh at him when he tries to “get in their heads”. Dude’s in for a rude awakening.

      • c9castine - Jun 18, 2014 at 3:49 PM

        evgeni malkin is 6’3 215 and plays like a maniac. alex ovechkin is what, 6’1 225 and plays like a wrecking ball? oh yeah and they also win scoring titles. those are two of many, many examples.

        kids got some work to put in, like i said.

    • jonnyhammersticks - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:34 PM

      What about guys like Dustin Brown, Steve Ott, Antoine Roussel, Brad Marchand, Brendan Gallagher. They hit everything that moves and get under the opponents skin but none are particularly big.

      • c9castine - Jun 18, 2014 at 10:48 PM

        um brad marchand and gallagher are small, and they get under peoples skin but none are actually going to “frighten” or intimidate anybody.

        brown is 6 foot 210. Ott is smaller than that but hes a griseled vet. took almost 10 years for people notice he was in the league. roussel is 6 foot 200 and i wouldnt consider him worth talking about yet.

  7. homesbypatrick - Jun 19, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    is this guy the Swedish Andrew Shaw?

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