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Blue Jackets are proud of their season

Apr 28, 2014, 10:49 PM EDT

Columbus Blue Jackets' Fedor Tyutin, left, of Russia, tries to keep the puck away from Pittsburgh Penguins' James Neal during the third period of Game 6 of a first-round NHL playoff hockey series Monday, April 28, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio. The Penguins advance to the second round with their 4-3 win over the Blue Jackets. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete) AP

The Columbus Blue Jackets were the ultimate underdog going into the first round of the playoffs. Their lack of playoff experience was contrasted by the seasoned talent in Pittsburgh. While the team did have the reigning Vezina Trophy winner on their side in Sergei Bobrovsky, there’s no question that Pittsburgh has more big name stars on its roster.

That didn’t stop the Blue Jackets from taking two games in this series — the first playoff wins in their franchise’s history — and giving the Penguins trouble almost every time Pittsburgh thought they were finally beat.

The third period of Game 6 tonight was the perfect example of how this series went. The Blue Jackets were against the ropes, they rallied back, and fell short while still giving their fans reason to hope for the future.

“We did everything we could in the third period…we’re a proud group and we’re really disappointed right now,” Brandon Dubinsky said, per the Blue Jackets’ Twitter account.

The sense of pride despite falling short was brought up by other members of the Blue Jackets as they reflected on their campaign.

“I’m sure the fans as well as myself are all proud of the guys in this room,” Ryan Johansen said.

“Have to thank the fans…the support that we got from them says a lot. There’s a real sense of pride,” coach Todd Richards added.

They’ve set the bar higher going forward. Columbus showed they can compete against a team like Pittsburgh, but turning a promising squad into a major contender is a daunting task. Still, that’s the next step for the Blue Jackets.

  1. idonthavethebloodyoucrave - Apr 28, 2014 at 10:51 PM

    They should be.

  2. sjsharks66 - Apr 28, 2014 at 10:53 PM

    As they should be. Im surprised they didn’t tie todays game. Blue Jackets are going to be a scary team in a couple years.

  3. mangoman1966 - Apr 28, 2014 at 10:53 PM

    They are by far better than the flyers

    • broadstreetsbaddest88 - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:05 AM

      In what aspect?

      • 2qswing - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:13 AM

        in the aspect that they beat them 3 of 4 this year

      • ibieiniid - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:23 AM

        Flyers were 4-1 against the Penguins this year. Penguins just beat the Jackets in a series. odd little triangle we have here, eh?

  4. numbcracker2109 - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    Talk about a team loaded with character guys. A little more seasoning and they’ll make a run.

    • 19to77 - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:27 PM

      No kidding, eh? Dubinsky, Johnson, Foligno, hell, Johansen’s gone from an AHL healthy scratch to a clutch performer in the NHL. And Richards is an inspirational coach. He got everyone to buy in this year and look at where it got them. These guys are just so fun to watch. You just can’t help but love their guts. They’re gonna kick some ass next year.

      • hockey412 - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:37 AM

        And their two highest paid forwards, Horton and Umberger, were out for most of the series. Umberger was in for a short time. Might want to buy him out and have the $5M to use elsewhere. Definitely a good team.

  5. 19to77 - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:20 PM

    Damn well have a right to be. They played magnificently. Dubinsky, Bobrovsky, Johansen… they just shone all year, and all the brighter in the playoffs. Hold your heads high, gentlemen… you gave your fans one hell of a show. Well done.

  6. pitpenguinsrulez - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:23 PM

    Hopefully this can build the fanbase. They have a promising future hopefully they can build upon it.

    • 19to77 - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:33 PM

      Hopefully? Did you hear the insanity at Nationwide? I couldn’t even hear the whistles half the time. The roar of the crowd was just deafening. Safe to say, the fanbase is rooted and passionate. They’ve been waiting a long time for this, and they’re proud of their team now that they’ve finally come this far. As well they should be. I should thank your Pens for one hell of a series. It was a wild ride, but more importantly, win or lose, it was the long-awaited chance for the Jackets to finally emerge. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Great battle, guys. Already hoping for a rematch next year.

      • djigel - Apr 29, 2014 at 10:51 AM

        Playoffs were packed… regular season not so much. I think we had the third worst attendance in the league. Hopefully, this momentum carries into next year and brings more butts to the seats.

      • bmscalise - Apr 29, 2014 at 2:22 PM

        I’m glad the people of Columbus enjoyed their playoffs. I hope the franchise grows their base. Sincerely.

        But there is a huge difference between people enjoying the spectacle of playoff hockey – and people actually investing in the team. Case in point: I live in KY and have FS-Ohio (BJs) and FS-South (Preds). When I turned on the TV for game 3 – I found that FS-O thought that a meaningless early-season Reds game was more important than playoff hockey.

        Only Games 1 and 2 were televised IN THE BJ’S MARKET. There would have been a riot in Pittsburgh if that was the case. So let’s be realistic about the state of the franchise and the fanbase. I really do hope the interest grows – but there’s a long way to go before I’m convinced that this wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

  7. earpaniac - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:36 PM

    They should be. I don’t think even a huge CBJ fan would have them making the playoffs and playing this way against the Pens. Now the important step will be how they build on this next year.

  8. orangandblack - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:47 PM

    Success won’t last for these scrubs

    • 19to77 - Apr 28, 2014 at 11:58 PM

      Get bent. The Flyers haven’t won anything in 39 years. Your streak of mediocrity is as long as it gets, and in one more game you’ll be out yet again.

      • ibieiniid - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:25 AM

        you hope though, right?

      • theref55 - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:29 AM

        You get bent – Flyers have had 6 finals appearances since 1975 (76, 81, 85, 87, 97 and 2010). 5 more conference finals on top of that (89, 95, 2000, 2004, and 2008). Being in the top 4 frequently is not a bad track record. Also – what is it 10-2 at Consol for us since Mario “CRIED WE NEED A NEW BUILDING”? Who else has that record in your own sewer dwelling? No cup since 75 – you hold onto that number. We’ve done a lot – all without 2 tanking seasons and 3 federal bankruptcy proceedings because of lack of fan support at the Igloo. Stay Classy $hittsburgh.

      • 19to77 - Apr 29, 2014 at 11:08 AM

        I love how you managed to veer off into squealing about how awful Pittsburgh is in a conversation that had nothing to do with the Pens. You guys just can’t get over your insecurity complex, can you?

    • 2qswing - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:28 AM

      you mean these scrubs who beat you 3 of 4 this year? just askin’

  9. sumkat - Apr 29, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Not a big playoff run by any means

    But a step in the right direction, a big step. Still have a young goalie to build around and some solid pieces. Probably on the playoff bubble again next year, but still, when you’ve never won a playoff game, winning 2 before going home is nothing to sneeze at

  10. dmarado - Apr 29, 2014 at 7:44 AM

    Broadcasters said they were the youngest team in this playoff, bodes well for the team. The crowds were great, but that’s the Cup–talk to me in January on a Saturday afternoon, crowd not as intense or even present. Still, it’s better than what they had going into the playoffs and I hope they can build on what they accomplished. WE SALUTE YOU!

  11. 2qswing - Apr 29, 2014 at 8:19 AM

    Well my jackets are out. Its very easy to like this team. They never cheat the fans of effort. All that said. I’d love to have seen Horton and Gaborik in this lineup down the stretch and into the first round. Obviously neither were here for different reasons. Thanks lads for a spirited and fun season. Well worth my 2-hour drive to every home game. Now I have to pick a new team to root for.

  12. jaybaileys - Apr 29, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    CBJ have nothing to be sorry about. They played their hearts out, were dead in the water last night and nearly tied the game up. Their fans were pretty good, lots of support. Hopefully, they sustain it and hockey sticks there. If they get rid of Wisnewski, who was awful all series, and a little better goaltending, they will be there with a shot every year. For their first experience in the post season for most of them, including their coach, they showed they could take a punch. They ratcheted up the physical play and got a few bounces. In the end they lost, but moving forward there is a bunch to be excited about with the Jackets!

    • jaturso - Apr 30, 2014 at 1:35 PM

      Better goaltending? Really? The reigning Vezina winner’s not good enough for you?

  13. kovodisc - Apr 29, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    Put on the sunglasses CBJ fans, because y’all have a bright future.

    The biggest thing I took from their loss yesterday was their fanbase. Down 4-0 with 10 minutes left and the place was still packed. I honestly don’t think CBJ score the next couple goals if it wasn’t for the crowd. The place was electric.

    And then when the horn sounded, the crowd stayed on their feet and cheered their asses off for their home team….loud chants of “CBJ” and continued applause. It was really great to see what many consider a “non hockey city” embrace this team and thank them for a great season.

    Hats of to the CBJ and their fans!

  14. slysipops - Apr 29, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    just not enough horses to pull the wagon ! i really hoped they would upset the pens! oh well

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