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Blackhawks’ work ethic has ‘eroded a little bit,’ says Quenneville

Mar 15, 2014, 4:35 PM EDT

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The Chicago Blackhawks, defending Stanley Cup champions, continue to search for answers amid a frustrating period of struggle.

They’ve won only three times since the NHL schedule resumed from the Olympic break, and have lost two straight to Central Division opponents – Colorado and Nashville. The latest defeat came Friday against the Predators.

The Blackhawks twice trailed by two-goal deficits, and were unable to complete the comeback, despite carrying the run of play in the third period.

“We’re putting ourselves in tough situations by not starting well and just getting away from our team game, so not much of an explanation, but we know we need better right now,” said Blackhawks’ captain Jonathan Toews, as per the Chicago Daily Herald.

“We need to get out of this kind of trend that we’re in right now.”

You’ll recall Toews was also not pleased after the club’s loss to the Avalanche earlier this week, saying, “It’s time to play hard,” with every team now charging ahead in the stretch drive.

This recent rough patch has seen the Blackhawks slip to third in the Central Division, one point back of the Colorado Avalanche and seven behind the St. Louis Blues.

“Our speed, pace, puck support and work ethic have eroded a little bit, particularly the last two games,” said Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville, as per Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago.

  1. slysipops - Mar 15, 2014 at 8:12 PM

    and who would you expect to put a stop to this errosion of work effort coach Q ? surely not the fans , who seem to just enjoy having somewhere to go and get rid of their entertainment dollars.the team winning or not, doesn’t seem to matter to them ….. they are able to sit in a warm, fancy building and eat, drink beer or pop, and text their pals or take selfies with either a win or a loss by the team. so i suppose it’s up to you and the other coaches to motivate the team into doing what they get paid to do .the lazy passes, forhand or backhand ,were especially pathetic last night. the best of the HAWKS passes were to the opponents.were they afraid to get hit ? has their eyesite or aim gotten bad ? it also seemed like they were draggiing an anchor after one trip up the ice last night. too many tv commercials or book signings ? and how about all the shots that missed the net ( without being deflected ) ? maybe a little more shooting drills are needed ? when a guy like PATRICK SHARP has to be the player to try and show aggresion toward the other team, what does that say about the younger beefier guys ? if this trend continues the management better suck all the profits they can out of the one goal …or 17 seconds …tapes and books, before the trendies wake up and quit buying….. because a repeat is looking like a farther away dream with every new game and loss !

    • jhaegs - Mar 15, 2014 at 10:49 PM

      I like the way they’re playing…. 😝

      • slysipops - Mar 16, 2014 at 12:50 PM

        yeah i bet …aren’t you a BLUES fan ? lol !

  2. icrew29 - Mar 16, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    They don’t hit anybody and they don’t want to get hit!!!! Brookbank couldn’t pass the puck to his own goalie. In 50 years I have never witnessed a goal scored that was not shot on net. You make millions per year and can’t put a puck on an opening that is 4ft by 6ft. Stop all the outside BS and focus on your job, HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!

    • slysipops - Mar 16, 2014 at 1:16 PM

      great post icrew ! you nailed it …..they with only a few exceptions, play like cowards. in the PREDS game i saw at least a dozen backhand passes to NASHVILLE players and several forhand passes as well….what gives if it isn’t about being scared to be hit?there are still some guys playing gutty ( toews, sharp,saad,shaw, kreoger ) in the forwards and most of the dmen but the rest are ch___ sh__ ! there was a time when the fans would let the team know when the stunk up the place………….. not with the people in the stands now….. i don’t think they even know anything about the game .. . they just get up with the media hype and attend because it’s THE thing to do ( by the way i was born in CHI- TOWN and lived half of my life there ) so i know about the chicago media. i have no doubt that at least half of the fans attending the games at the UN. CEN., would have never gone to the old CHI. STADIUM, it was too much blue – collar! remember the days when hockey players WORKED during the off season to suppliment their incomes ? some doing rodeos or cowboy work in WESTERN CANADA…. now the already rich players do tv commercials ….for greed ? remember when players didn’t have to see a shrink to get motivated to play better ( for a salary of $ 4 mil. per season ) and the head coach has the gall to say something so stupid to the press….. i wonder if one of the suckee writers asked him …if that wasn’t why he got paid the big bucks ?

  3. edmonddantes21 - Mar 16, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    Im an avs fan but Im from Chicago and I expect more from them. This slide has me concered about them right now. But I will say look at 2010 and the hawks were similar in terms of productivity from star players dropping after the Olympic break. I expect this team to turn it around and soon. The cup still goes through Chicago as far as im concerned. I do root for them to do well. Lets pick it up hawks!

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