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Lapierre ‘ready to face the music’ as angry Boyle, Sharks await

Nov 29, 2013, 12:48 AM EDT

Maxim Lapierre #40 of the St. Louis Blues checks Dan Boyle #22 of the San Jose Sharks into the boards at the Scottrade Center on October 15, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri. Boyle was injured on the play and had to leave the ice on a stretcher.
(October 14, 2013 - Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America) Getty Images

Maxim Lapierre isn’t expecting a warm welcome in San Jose on Friday.

The Blues agitator, who concussed Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle with a hit from behind in mid-October, says he’s ready for a harsh reception for the first meeting between the two clubs since the incident.

“Obviously I think it will just be a normal thing for the fans to react to that,” Lapierre told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I’m ready to face the music.”

Lapierre said that he and Boyle exchanged texts following the incident, but only to explain what each was thinking at the time of the hit. It doesn’t sound like any fences were mended — “I can’t say [Boyle’s] happy with it,” Lapierre explained — and Boyle told the San Jose Mercury News he’s not in the mood for making nice.

“Not really,” Boyle said, when asked if he was ready for a handshake moment with Lapierre. “Not right now.

“I understand there are times in a game with some of these open ice hits that are just part of hockey. But when you hit somebody from behind like that, it’s a lack of respect.”

  1. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    and lawyers representing hnl interests in concussion lawsuits are busy jotting down notes…

    understanding notions of common sense, the double-edged sword hovering over these proceedings as they evolve, the nhl will argue player’s self determination guides conduct leading to brain injuries

    stupid is as stupid does

    • esracerx46 - Nov 29, 2013 at 8:44 AM

      I implore you…please stop. Go find an article that talks about the concussion lawsuit and post there. No one here wants to read that..and frankly no one really cares.

      • joey4id - Nov 29, 2013 at 10:05 AM

        What irks me about the concussion talks are those like you who are ill informed and seem to just want all the talk about the causes and long term consequences of concussions to be ignored. Like those who argue that it hasn’t been proven that punches to the head cause concussions. This despite injury reports clearly stating that a player was concussed from blows to the head during a fight.

      • esracerx46 - Nov 29, 2013 at 1:59 PM

        This article isn’t about the concussion lawsuit. I know someone commented “fights rarely cause concussions”. That wasn’t me. I realize the dangers of concussions and the long term effects of them. However, this article is not referencing long term effects of concussions, fighting, or the concussion lawsuit. I don’t wish concussions or the long term effects on anyone, but I realize hockey is a contact sport. I am not ignoring the effects of concussions, I just don’t really care. Could I watch hockey with out fighting? Sure. I don’t watch the sport for the fights. Do I want to see a guy get knocked out? Absolutely not! But when it comes down to it..playing the sport is a risk these guys chose to make for my entertainment benefit. So I choose to not really worry about concussions any more than I do other injuries. I view concussions the same way I view carpal tunnel. Its an occupational hazard. One you hope doesn’t happen. But everyone knows could.

      • joey4id - Nov 29, 2013 at 7:27 PM

        Amazing! You’re actual comparing carpal tunnel to concussion. One could actual hurt you when you try to pick up your kid whereas the other can literally prevent you from recognizing your kid. Great analogy!

    • joey4id - Nov 29, 2013 at 9:50 AM

      Excellent post though too much intellect for most participants here. I applaud your wisdom and foresight.

  2. ethanmacleod1685 - Nov 29, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    I hope he gets what is deserved, an ass kicking

  3. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 9:19 AM


    try to avoid assuming both role of board monitor and the quintessential ass, this in spite of your proven expertise in that area

    you are welcome to respond to the article in hand and substance of comments offered. yours is not the role of speaking for everyone, typically a position assumed by the immature and the untutored…

    the boards invite commentary and opinion from everyone, free of personal attack…attack the substance of the commentary if you’re sufficiently possessed of the wit to do so

    i have played, coached and managed hockey for the better part of forty eight years, and i care deeply for the health of the game and its participants

    the thesis of the article speaks to notions of vigilantism, itself implying violence and in all probability, fighting

    when players plot revenge, they presume to assume authority for their behaviour in a manner of self-determinsm, effectively excusing their coach, team management and the nhl from responsibility for consequences, intended or otherwise

    i doubt you are capable of grasping the enormity of these lawsuits, and their effect on people involved in the game from players to television promotion, itself guilty of the promotion of violence in effort to seduce the most basic needs and nature of the fan

    grow up, and learn to engage intelligent discourse

    • esracerx46 - Nov 29, 2013 at 2:17 PM

      I realize and applaud your concern for the health of participants. I do not condone fighting or any other act to inflict harm upon someone. But you must realize as most people have. Hockey is a contact sport and injuries do occur. Nobody wants to see someone knocked out. But as a spectator I’ve come to accept concussions as an injury, albeit a scary one. I was not attacking you personally. My comment was made because of the poor rating your comment garnered, and I felt the same way as most everyone else. Were moderately tired of hearing about concussions and the effects. We as fans understand these men and children that play the game the risks they are taking on. We understand what could happen with too many hits to the head, but how can you stop it in a contact sport? Hockey like football will not cease to exist because of this. Strictly as a fan, I accept that concussions happen. Torn ACL’s, torn muscles, broken bones…all of that happens. Can players sue the NHL because they can’t move like they should because of hockey? No, but to think current injuries couldn’t or won’t have long term effects later on in life is somewhat naive. And concussions are the same way.

  4. rich859 - Nov 29, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    Wisdom and foresight usually come with capitalization and proper spelling.

  5. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 11:02 AM


    spelling and capitalization hardly denote wisdom and foresight; a popular misconception put forth by the anal retentive finding satisfaction prowling the boards for grammatical errors, foul syntax, or spelling and punctuation errors

    linguists argue even rudimentary communication resulting in comprehension is every bit as valid as formal speech or written word

    some of the greatest minds promulgating great thought and ideas were illiterate within context of what what you would deem valid spoken and written communication, punctuation and capitalization notwithstanding…

    sitting bull and geronimo were effectively english illiterate, yet each have had their thinking and military strategy copied and quoted by the best military minds since

    as i’m sure you’re aware, apache writing was used in cryptology by allied forces in wwll…the master race were unable to decipher its meaning, but allied forces schooled in its use were unhindered…punctuation was not an issue

    it’s all about understanding communication, and its purpose

    ‘Iłk’id́ą, k ǫǫ yá’édįná’a
    ‘Ákoo Tł’ízhe hooghéí dá’áíná bikǫ’ ‘óliná’a
    ‘Ákoo Tł’ízheí gotál yiis’́ąná’a
    ‘Ákoo Mai’áee híłghoná’a
    Gotál jiis’́ąí ‘áee, Mai tsíbąąee naaná’azhishná’a
    ‘Ákoo bitseeí tsínáiłgoná’a

    • kingcobraman - Nov 29, 2013 at 12:23 PM

      shut up and go have a beer….

  6. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 2:01 PM

    I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow

    I like beer, it helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow


  7. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 2:20 PM


    good answer…well thought out while rationalizing your position

    i counter by noting 17 words into the body of the article, the word ‘concussed’ is found…

    the lawsuit under question was posted in these boards. reading the lawsuit makes it easier to understand how substance of the article itself and the boyle concussion can invite a thread directed at that lawsuit

    read articles inviting and producing heavy commentary, and you’ll see the threads wander invariably, often returning to the original subject

    maybe i’m mistaken, but these articles are here to invite discussion; point counterpoint versus the inane one line rejoinder lacking in anything but ability to betray its poster for anything but a fool pandering for gratification with thumbs-up from the equally foolish

    the solution is as ever simple…skip comments from posters whose efforts you can’t appreciate

    • esracerx46 - Nov 29, 2013 at 2:32 PM

      I took this article as Lapierre being ready to take on the crowd…as he will not be well received after injuring a fan favorite. The injury in question just so happened to be a concussion. I understand you’re original argument. Its just that I personally don’t want to hear about players suing the league for essentially negligence. The players are as negligent as the league. On that, I hope we are on the same page.

      • esracerx46 - Nov 29, 2013 at 2:37 PM

        I as well as many other have soured on the word concussion. Everyone knows what could happen. But so could many other injuries. Just look at what happened to Weber last night. (He could actually have a concussion)

  8. muckleflugga - Nov 29, 2013 at 3:49 PM


    i would be tempted to agree with you on the notion of shared negligence by management and players from the date of sidney crosby’s injury onward…

    you had a star player representing the best of what hockey has to offer being hammered and concussed in a heritage classic game before a huge audience. claims of ignorance of the concussion problems by any and all were ludicrous forthwith, it would seem…

    what, these guys can’t read or engage the electronic media to help themselves understand the health related issues in violent play. they have agents and they have family who after all, should be acutely aware of their health at all times, conveying concerns to their player. so ignorance of hazard and risk associated with violent and even nominal contact is no longer a leg to stand on it might be argued

    that was the point in my opening comment regarding self determination…

    players are demonstrating they have made decisions about violence in an acute climate of concern over violent play, yet they continue with threats and promises of retribution…

    but why

    prior to crosby’s injury, the league did little to mitigate circumstances in all facets of its on-ice product that caused head injuries. the lawsuit contends it should have been aware of head injury issues in contact sport from the 1920s onward. taking it further, the league was implicitly aware of concussion problems from the mid-nineties, but did not share that information with players, nor correct problems contributing to concussions…

    that would have cost money

    more damning is the fact the league instituted rules that made the game faster, exacerbating the problem and causing an increase in brain injuries. this while failing to educate the players, or bring in an effective means of controlling the problem

    as employer, the league is obligated to create and nurture a safe work environment, educate players as to hazard and risk associated with the hitting and fighting related elements of the game, and discipline players not meeting its standard of safe play…

    as a fan, i’m still waiting to see semblance of real progress in that regard, and i have watched televised and live hockey since 1958

    how can anyone argue the league’s effort has been effective, given the continuing violence in egregious hitting, accidental or otherwise, and in fighting, nurtured and promoted through the present

    had the league been effective in control of violent contact, circumstances leading to san jose players threatening maxim lapierre would not have found room to foment…the hit to boyle would never have occurred if lapierre had seen evidence of substantive and consistent penalty to previous offenders

    with suspensions starting around twenty games, the message may have long-since been delivered, understood and respected, but has not. the violence continues unabated

    no, the league remains responsible for the violent state of the game and consequences borne by injured players through the present…continuing talk of self-policing and vigilantism simply underlines the extent to which the league has been ineffective

    it’s time to pay

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