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Bettman says Coyotes sale is drawing more interest than ever

Apr 7, 2013, 2:42 PM EDT


It’s been a while since we’ve heard an update on the Phoenix Coyotes, particularly one that was high on optimism and low on details.

Gary Bettman changed that on Sunday, telling Yahoo’s Nick Cotsonika the following:

Of course, that’s all he provided. He didn’t mention any names, figures or other specifics regarding the NHL’s never-ending story.

Still, take that for what it’s worth; it sounds like there’s some positivity regarding the troubled franchise. That mood could very well change by the next update, though.

  1. bcisleman - Apr 7, 2013 at 2:47 PM

    The critical question, of course, is whether these potential buyers would keep the team in AZ or move it to MTL, KC, Seattle or elsewhere. SO GLAD that NONE of these stories have any relevance to the Isles any more!!!

  2. slickdemetrius - Apr 7, 2013 at 3:01 PM

    Yes, a particular man with a particular French name, hailing from a particular province from within a particular country is interested. Very interested.

  3. crazemastercraze - Apr 7, 2013 at 3:04 PM

    As OJ once said: “beating a dead horse”…

  4. canucks30 - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    Everybody chill, Bettman’s got this:

  5. thedavesiknowiknow - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    Oh, again?

  6. mclovinhockey - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    Nice this is as helpful as that time I found that thing under that other thing, then I noticed it was not the right thing I though of that one time so I put that thing on top of another thing…

  7. blomfeld - Apr 7, 2013 at 5:18 PM


    Don’t ask me why friends, but I’ve got a feeling that something’s seriously “going down” now with the Coyotes? And like Gary, I too cannot give exact details. Nonetheless, I do see an “announcement” being made shortly, at which time the sale and relocation of this troubled franchise will be made public by the commissioner himself. And therefore you can rest assured that this land of the OK Corral, 100 degree temperatures and deadly scorpions, is now watching it’s final NHL season play out forever.

    • phillyphanatic77 - Apr 7, 2013 at 10:34 PM

      Would this be similar to your inaccurate feelings about the lockout ending numerous times, prior to the actual end date?

      • blomfeld - Apr 8, 2013 at 12:21 AM

        What’s this Phillyphanatic guy’s deal ? …

        Listen pal, I made a grand total of 2 x predictions during the lockout last year. One was for a resolution to be reached during the week of November 5-10, which if you remember, almost came to be. My second prediction was for a resumption of play on January 19th @ 1500 hrs EST, which was exactly what happened. And if you recall, I was the “first and only” person here at PHT to state that, all the way back on the evening of December 26th at approximately 2000 hrs. For the record, I also predicted that the LA Kings would win the Stanley Cup last year, by already offering testimony to such effect before last year’s playoffs had even started.

        ps: a friendly word of advice to you people … get rid of “Bryzi” asap !

      • thailer35 - Apr 8, 2013 at 10:52 AM

        I call BS on the two predictions, even if you aren’t counting the ones from your other handle.

    • phillyphanatic77 - Apr 8, 2013 at 1:42 AM

      Look I actually think you may be right about the Coyotes I just found it funny that you’re having some sort of intuition guiding you towards these league resolutions. I apologize if it came off as insulting. If you predicted the Kings Cup victory then I suggest you start betting (if you’re not already) as you appear to be some sort of visionary. And I have to agree about Bryz. After two years of watching him allow soft goals and come up small in big games, I’ve reached a point where I’m very ready to say good riddance. I don’t think I could take another season of it. But the Flyers seem to be cursed in net, going back to the eye injury that forced the early retirement of Bernie Parent and the death of Pelle Lindbergh following his Vezina campaign. So the heir to Bryz will probably struggle as well.

  8. awade9233 - Apr 7, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Where could they go? Seattle makes most sense, but no arena next season…Would they even consider Quebec with next seasons realignment already having un-even conferences. I know they did it with the Jets for two years…but would they do it again? and Kansas city is Kansas City….so there’s that.

  9. mclovinhockey - Apr 7, 2013 at 8:27 PM

    @awde, the realignment was due to the jets… QC is the only place that can take a team next year because they have an NHL arena.

    • blomfeld - Apr 8, 2013 at 12:50 AM

      Don’t kid yourself, as there are at least 10-15 x “legitimate” destinations for this “travesty” to relocate to in-order to survive. Yes, Quebec City is definitely one of them. But so too however are places like Saskatoon, Portland, Kansas City, Hamilton, Las Vegas, Halifax, etc. Stand by friend and watch what happens next! :)

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