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PHT Morning Skate: Finally, a prospect for Nashville

Apr 4, 2013, 7:35 AM EDT

Filip Forsberg AP

PHT’s Morning Skate takes a look around the world of hockey to see what’s happening and what we’ll be talking about around the NHL world and beyond.

Nashville sending Martin Erat to Washington at the deadline yielded them a top prospect in Filip Forsberg that they’re positively giddy over. (The Tennessean)

Michel Therrien says the Canadiens “didn’t match their intensity” in losing to the Flyers last night. (Montreal Gazette)

Anders Lee’s transition to NHL life after leaving Notre Dame for the Islanders is going smoothly. (Islanders Point Blank)

Dustin Byfuglien going back to playing right wing? It might happen in Winnipeg after the Jets didn’t add anyone at the deadline. (Winnipeg Sun)

Doing that is made easier after Jacob Trouba arrives, although they’re not calling him a “savior” in Manitoba… Yet. (Winnipeg Sun)

Ken Holland is banking on Detroit’s youth to take care of them this season. (Detroit Free Press)

Steve Sullivan‘s career is going full-circle after being sent to New Jersey. And to think, he started as an Albany River Rat. (Fire & Ice)

Ryan Getzlaf and Teemu Selanne were pretty awesome for Anaheim last night against Dallas. (L.A. Times)

Nick Spaling sums it up well for the Predators saying every point is huge now. Well, no kidding! (The Tennessean)

  1. jpelle82 - Apr 4, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    i would be giddy too. top prospect who is killing it in sweden, got his team into the swedish elite league next year, makes me wonder if he will wait til after the olympics to come over or not because all reports say he looks nhl ready soon.

  2. cb7435 - Apr 4, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    i dont see why so many people are down on this trade? the caps just got a 50pt guy with great speed which will force the dmen to respect his speed allowing for more room for 8-19 to do their thing. yes, the caps gave up a good PROSPECT who isnt even playing in the top league in sweeden…everyone in the 1st round is great prospect but does that mean they are a consistent 50 point guy like erat? No. people seem to be forgetting about latta in this trade as well…22g, 41a, 284pims in 121 games. Seems like a guy with some serious grit that will go along great with wilson when they are both up. do people remember that divisions are changing soon? no longer will the caps be able to dipsy doodle around teams like carolina and tampa…they are now entering a division with some tough teams and need to act accordingly…caps dont need another slick moving swede prospect that will disappear come crunch time when the likes of nyr, pens, philly come to town with their bruisers

    • blackfoot11 - Apr 4, 2013 at 10:45 AM

      Agreed. One aspect of the trade that folks might not know is that Forsberg plays the right wing, which is stacked for the Caps right now with Ovi, Brouwer, Fehr, and stud prospect Tom Wilson (1st Rd pick, 16th overall in 2012) who is playing well for the Plymouth Whalers . The Caps need help at the LW and Erat fills a need as a top 6 forward there, likely on the second line. Now Laich and Johansson, who are natural centers that are playing the LW, can play up the middle more. This move is not a rental as Erat has two years left on his deal, and Latta who projects to be a top 6 LW, can develop in the AHL and add depth for the Caps in the future.

      • jpelle82 - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:26 AM

        he plays either wing but is right handed so fits better on the left wing and perfectly comfortable there. most guys who play wing can play either side, just depends on who his linemates are, what hand they shoot with, and the situation on the ice. another big thing you lose with forsberg that no one has mentioned is his two way play, very responsible in both zones, something you arent gonna get from erat for the next 2 years. while i understand you gotta look on the bright side and this deal is done, nothing changes it, you cant honestly say you are excited about it. i just dont see it, but thats why they play the games.

    • jpelle82 - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:15 AM

      they are projecting latta as a 3rd or 4th line guy, wont be ready for another couple years. erat is the epitome of what you describe with your dipsy doodle analogy. if you are looking to get better and tougher in a better division moving forward, caps took a step back in this trade – erat wont give them any toughness or grit and is not physical at all. latta is years off if he even makes it into a caps jersey. erat is a pass first guy which i dont know if i would be happy about, but he does have an excellent shot when he shoots. forsberg was a close to a sure thing as you can get and he would be ready sooner. he is no slouch either at 6’1″ 200 at 18 years old – bigger than latta with a lot more upside. i dont know if you watched the world juniors but he was a man among boys out there and got the nod for best forward in the tournament. there’s a reason you spend a 1st rd pick on him…latta and erat < 1st round pick.

      • hatrick192 - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:37 AM

        ” i dont know if you watched the world juniors but he was a man among boys out there and got the nod for best forward in the tournament”

        what happens when the roles are flipped? he no longer will be playing against underdeveloped kids…he is going up against the best and biggest in the world…the swiss league he plays in isnt exactly a rough league

      • blackfoot11 - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:46 AM

        I was excited about Forsburg as well, but can see why McPhee made the move given the good development system and prospect pool/depth the Caps have. I agree, that the Caps need to address the top line LW position for the future this off-season via draft of FA. Oates has stated it himself. They must see something in Erat and Latta that fits what Oates wants to make this move. Only time will tell, just like the Pens and their trades.

      • jpelle82 - Apr 4, 2013 at 12:05 PM

        he played the best in the world in junior championships. played against guys like yakapov, grigorenko, kutznetstov in final of 2012 – guys that are in the nhl or khl in kutznetzov. in 2013 in the us gold medal game, he was up against seth jones – by far the top d prospect out there not to mention guys like miller, galchenyuk who are in the nhl. you could look at a guy like huberdeau who came into the nhl and has put up rookie of the year numbers at 19yrs old…he’s got 13 goals this year and is smaller than forsberg…he isnt getting pushed around in the nhl any more than any other 19 yr old elite prospect does. think of how many 19 yr old 1st rd draft picks that have come into the nhl and played well. dont know about forsberg yet but he has a good shot at it based on his elite skill level.

      • jpelle82 - Apr 4, 2013 at 12:32 PM

        blackfoot: i cant stand the morrow trade just so you know, i’m not the guy that thinks shero can do no wrong. losing 2 second rd picks for morrow looks terrible right now. i was ok w/ iginla and murray (murray has turned out to be critical as eaton, martin, and letang have gone down) but i always shudder at mortgaging the future on today’s market. i was very impressed with the caps draft last year, was hoping the pens wouldve taken forsberg at 8th pick…i just question why mcphee made a move at all at this deadline if thats all they got in return for him.

      • blackfoot11 - Apr 4, 2013 at 2:06 PM

        jpelle: The fact that McPhee received a go from the Caps Scouts to make the move could be telling about Forsburg. If McPhee thought Forsburg was a sure shot and cant miss, why trade him? We will never understand why teams do what they do, as we can only speculate in attempt to answer our own questions.

  3. brianforster - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    sick of seeing armchair GM’s bash this move. we have absolutely no idea how good forsberg will or will not be. this trade cannot be graded right now except on hype, which yes, the preds win in that department.

    erat is very consistent, natural LW, left handed shot, top 6 forward.. something we desperately need now. forsberg is 19 and ovechkin is 27… by the time forsberg enters his prime our “young guns” will be on the decline. if we want a cup with ovechkin/backstrom as our core than this was the trade to make.

    every single one of the capitals scouts signed off on this trade, the fans are ripping GMGM a new one but behind closed doors the entire front office could be cracking a cold one for unloading someone they had concerns about developing.

    the worst part of this trade has been the comments from fans. washington DC loves winners and right now everyone is obsessed with the nats and RGIII. i went to the caps home opener this year at verizon center and i could have very well been in church it was so quiet. i was embarrassed to be a caps fan. there was absolutely no energy in that building because the fans only come out to “rock the red” when the capitals are winning and ovechkin is lighting it up.

  4. bellicosejeff - Apr 4, 2013 at 11:29 AM

    I’m excited about Forsberg. Erat wanted out so good for him. I think he’ll do well for the caps. Forsberg is second in his league in scoring, right behind another Preds prospect Pontus Aberg. Difference is Aberg has 40pts (12g 28a) in 52 games, where Forsberg has 33pts (15g 18a) in 38 games. I hope both guys pan out for us but it seems Poile will attempt to get Forsberg over here this season. He says he’s NHL ready, I hope he is.

  5. bellicosejeff - Apr 4, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    I may be one of the few preds fans that’s excited for Marty. He’s consistently been one of our top point guys in a defensive system. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do on a team with more offensive flare (and players) than we’ve ever had. I look forward to watching him play for the Caps.

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