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Kaleta not happy about being a healthy scratch for first game after suspension

Mar 17, 2013, 2:26 PM EDT

Patrick Kaleta AP

Patrick Kaleta‘s five-game suspension for hitting Brad Richards from behind is over as far as the NHL is concerned. When it comes to the Buffalo Sabres, that may not be the case.

Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News reports Kaleta will be a healthy scratch for tonight’s game at home against the Capitals. Judging by what he had to say about sitting out another game, he’s none too pleased.

“I’m pissed off. I want to play,” Kaleta said. “And especially after watching some things, sitting there watching the game, I want to play. … I guess they don’t need me right now I guess. I’ve been pissed off watching for the past couple weeks. No matter if you’re a fan, a player, you guys know what’s going on. You should be pissed off. You should play with a little piss and vinegar. You shouldn’t be happy. We’re not in position we want to be in. We have to work harder, come in and do something about it.”

Sabres coach Ron Rolston at first said he wouldn’t know who to sit out in his place but then offered up this statement about why Kaleta will be in the press box. More from Harrington:

“He understands what just happened and the way he’s got to play. But again, we want to balance the way he plays and not take that away from him either because that’s what makes him a valuable hockey player in the league.”

Kaleta’s hit from behind on Richards helped turn that game in the Rangers’ favor and his style of game tends to cross the line between helping and hindering the team. Getting a team-added extra game to sit and think about it might not be the worst thing in the world for him.

  1. philly4lyfe - Mar 17, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    I’m sure they have plenty of tissues in the press box for him.

  2. mclovinhockey - Mar 17, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    I feel bad for this team. I say that being a flyers fan. They gave up a great young player for nothing when they could easily get a 2nd rounder for him. The players are all pissed at the team, everyone’s names coming up in trade rumours. At least in Philly people are trying to defend each other.
    Simple solution, a few minor trades and a GM change might help bring this team back to actually being a team.

    Btw, anyone think some big trades are coming with the blues? Over half the roster hits free agency this offseason (UFA and RFA) and some people have some major raises coming and the GM has a pretty hard choice with what’s in net. Allen is a RFA, I doubt he will want to be in the AHL and I doubt he will want less than 1 mill for what he is doing so far.

    • bruceleroy1 - Mar 17, 2013 at 5:11 PM

      Mclovinhockey, why do u think they could have gotten a 2nd rounder for Brennan(I’m assuming this is who u were referring to in your post)? I’m pretty sure they got what they could get for him. The biggest ignorance with most fans is assuming what a team can or cannot do with the trade market. Brennan was a 2nd round pick who has had opportunities to help a bad team with a bad defense and he hasn’t. He was traded for a 5 th round pick to Florida which would be like getting a 4th rounder from a playoff team. I think that’s all he’s worth because as u know, your only worth what someone is willing to pay for u.

  3. mattypbillsmafia - Mar 17, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    As a Sabres fan I can tell you that I HATE Kaleta… all he seems to do is get hurt, take stupid penalties and get suspended. We send Grigerenko to juniors so that Kaleta and the worthless Jochen Hecht can get all important playing time? Maybe Rolston is finally seeing the players on this team for what they are, not like Lindy did with Hecht, Kaleta, Roy, etc… Dumb move sending Brennan to Florida for a bag of pucks, but I still think like the delusional Bills/Sabres fan that I am, that this team has enough talent to make a playoff run.

  4. mclovinhockey - Mar 17, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Cause Brennan is a good young player. There is no doubt in my mind Philly would give a 2nd rounder for him. I’ve played against him before, this was a horrific trade for the sabres. They pretty much gave up a guy who can be top 4 on some teams for a pick that may never hit the NHL. Heck first game in FLA and he is already the number 2 there and playing great.

  5. bruceleroy1 - Mar 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM

    Ok mclovin so now your trying to tell me that you know what phili was willing to give up and you also know that buffalo did not shop him to phili or any other team out there hungry for defense. I don’t think u know what your talkn about personally. And that’s great that u played against Brennan and u thought he was really good but I’m guessing u would think anybody in the AHL is really good if u were on the ice with them. He’s a good Ahl player. He didnt get it done in the big leagues. He has a nice slap shot, he can’t put a pass on a guys stick who is 3 feet away from him

  6. bruceleroy1 - Mar 17, 2013 at 10:36 PM

    Hey natty p, I felt the same way as u do about Hecht for a big part of this season then I realized he’s second on the team in +/- and he’s getting 3rd and 4th line minutes on most nights. You are not expecting 30 goals from a 3rd and 4th line guy right? So what is there a stat more important then +/- to these guys? I think we have to be fair and take a look at the numbers, for 1 mil Hecht has been a good value. I would still like to see him gone just because I think we should embrace a rebuild and go young but if we are gonna fight for the playoffs his numbers show he deserves to be out on the ice.

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