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Darryl Sutter wants to talk Keystone pipeline with Obama

Mar 16, 2013, 9:41 AM EDT

Darryl Sutter AP

It’s time for the Los Angeles Kings to pay their visit to the White House and after Tim Thomashigh-profile spurning of the trip last season, of course people are going to find out what some of the guys think of meeting the most powerful man in the free world. Coach Darryl Sutter already has a topic he wants to discuss with President Barack Obama however.

Sutter told reporters, as Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times shares, that he wants to talk oil.

That’s referring to a proposed project that would link Canada and the United States together by sending oil being drilled in the Alberta tar sands to refineries in Texas and Nebraska. The President is against approving the project for a host of reasons. Canada is all for going ahead with it.

Whatever happened to just talking sports and silly stuff with the President?

  1. mustbechris - Mar 16, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    I’m sure the president will be amused. Better than pulling a Tim Thomas I suppose.

  2. gcbean - Mar 16, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Haha, yes!

  3. jaewest304 - Mar 16, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Yeah ummm, that would help the economy and create more jobs…that’s not what we want in America anymore SMH

    • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:25 AM

      Well, it would create a few thousand temp jobs in the US, and several thousand more permanent jobs in Canada. It would also run a very very toxic substance through numerous sensitive water basins. And it’s going to Texas, for the sole purpose of shipping out of the country, and only because Texas is a tax free zone, which would allow them to maximize profits as they ship this elsewhere.

      None of it’s destined for America, the jobs are temporary and few, and it risks contamination of major aquifers. What’s not to like about the Keystone Pipeline??? It’s oil we don’t need (Our oil consumption is going down), we aren’t going to get, and provides a tiny amount of temporary employment (a great deal of pipeline monitoring is automated).

      • no - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:49 AM

        wow thank you for being informative

        really expected some bible thumping, “he took our jerbs” sort of comments

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:40 PM

        No problem, I’m all for jobs creation, but this is simply a smoke screen. Few benefits, tremendous risks to farm land, wildlife and peoples drinking water, and we all know that companies rarely, if ever, actually fix the ground pollution they inflict upon…anything. Not to mention the penalties for such things are so ludicrously low that they don’t care if something catastrophic happens, any restitution would be a pittance, compared to the profit they’d get from it.

        All around bad idea. If Canada wants the Tar Sands oil refined, they can do it themselves.

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:46 PM

        It’s nice to see someone use reasonable arguments against this ridiculous pipeline. I was expecting to see all the usual Obama hates jobs, prosperity, and America comments. The prevailing point put forward during these discussions by conservatives is the legitimacy of “trickle down economics”, and how when Big Oil makes billions off this pipeline it will make us ALL rich. That might just be the most absurd argument in the history of politics… when has the rich getting richer ever helped the rest of us? The answer is, it hasn’t. Ever. But I’m not surprised to see someone with fat pockets like Sutter disagree with the President’s policies.

      • mikefats77 - Mar 16, 2013 at 5:44 PM

        >> And it’s going to Texas, for the sole purpose of shipping out of the country

        I’m not sure that that’s a fact. More of a “truthism.”

    • mustbechris - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:55 AM

      For what it’s worth, Mitt Romney said quite explicitly during one of the Presidential Debates that “the government doesn’t create jobs.” It’s one of the few things I agree with him about. So why does President Obama need to approve the Keystone Pipeline to create jobs…for Canada? There are little to no benefits for the US from Keystone XL, short of the money some already-rich people will be pocketing, and certainly not outweighed by potential damages.

      The only reason it’s even a talking point is because the aforementioned rich people lobby Congress to talk about it. Just another symptom of the buying and selling of our government.

      • solador78 - Mar 16, 2013 at 2:22 PM

        The jobs would be “created” in Houston at refineries owned by the Koch brothers, who seem to be the only Americans in favor of reducing North America to dust (NASA’s words, not mine).

        What Canada isn’t telling you, is that if the Keystone Pipeline isn’t approved, they will side with China in WWIII.

      • sporkov - Mar 16, 2013 at 3:45 PM

        solador78, Canada siding with China in WWIII? Wow!!! Roughly half of the Canadian defense system is American. The Canadian military units are so intertwined with US units you cannot tell the difference 95% of the time.

      • solador78 - Mar 16, 2013 at 5:08 PM

        The government has covered-up countless connections (read: bribes) from Chinese interests to Canadian politicians that were uncovered by CSIS.

        Recently, the Harper govt has systematically eliminated environmental protections across the country for the benefit of the oil sands, which is now increasingly controlled by Chinese and Malaysian interests.

  4. csilojohnson - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    F the pipeline. It does nothing for the US. Only takes our land so Canada can make more money of their garbage tar sand petro overseas. Get a clue people. This only benefits big oil.

    • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:26 AM


    • valoisjoeybfeld69 - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:09 PM

      I agree. F the pipeline. The US never left their footprints in other countries for the sole purpose of oil.

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:42 PM

        Right, so because it’s happened in the past, we shouldn’t try to prevent it in the future right? And hate to break it to you, but it’s not the US, it’s the US Government, which is a tiny, tiny fraction of the US population. It’s sort of like saying all Canadian’s are total pussies, just because their hockey players are.

      • valoisjoeybfeld69 - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:04 PM

        Based on your reply it’s obvious you misinterpreted my comment. Enjoy the great games on this weekend.

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:15 PM

        Heh, clearly. If you meant that seriously, I’m going to have to disagree with you. It’s undeniable that the US Government and it’s companies have exploited other nations for their own financial gain, and it doesn’t just stop with oil. It’s one of the unfortunate aspects of Capitalism; people tend to take it to extremes just for that extra percentage.

  5. gbditka - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    Obama had (and lost) money in the 80 Olympic games on Russia…held a grudge against the USA ever since! His actions over the last 4+ years have only proven that…

    • no - Mar 16, 2013 at 11:51 AM

      this is like something my grandpa would forward in a chain email

      • ibieiniid - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:12 PM

        LMAO so relatable

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:36 PM

        Haha absolutely. Hilarious.

    • gbditka - Mar 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM

      Would Grandpa also do like Obama and miss the legally-mandated deadline to submit his budget to Congress for the fourth time in five years? And run up over 6 trillion in additional debt in just 51 months in office?

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:13 PM

        Without getting into the fiscal debate, one merely needs to check the Government Printing Offices websites for copies of the President’s submitted budgets for every year he’s been in office. I think you’re confusing that with the Democrats not getting it done in the Senate. It’s a big distinction, and I think you need to remember that Dems are just as dysfunctional as Republicans. They’re just a tiny bit better at hiding it….presently.

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:14 PM

        Actually I take that back, they’re both equally screwed up and stupid.

      • no - Mar 16, 2013 at 6:22 PM

        it is actually brilliant how far you missed the mark with that one…

  6. dt58 - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    “US never left a footprint in other countries in regards to oil”. I think Iraq and Afghanistan (to name a few) might disagree

    • valoisvipers - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:17 PM

      dt58 ValoisJoey was being sarcastic, he has a great sense of humor.

  7. tominma - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:47 PM

    Didnt the Canadian government reject the Keystone pipline across Canada because of environmental concerns??? Anyway, I think Nebraska has the final say according to the laws the state passed last year! And, that pipeline is to make exporting that oil easier. I dont believe any of it is bound for the US.

  8. thomaspratt - Mar 16, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Do we know what Sutter wants to say about the pipeline? His inner Albertan is probably pro-pipeline, but since Sand Hills ranchers in Nebraska were so opposed to the pipeline, I wonder if his inner rancher is conflicted?

  9. pdmjr - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    Obama is so dumb he’ll say what pipeline #getaclue

    • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:23 PM

      Yes a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, the top law school in the country, is soooo dumb. He just doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand anything.

      • pdmjr - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:46 PM

        Like he thought there were 57 states

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 16, 2013 at 2:00 PM

        No Republican has ever made a gaffe while speaking in front of a huge crowd. You’re right though a former constitutional law professor would have no idea the number of states in the union. It was all part of a huge conspiracy where Obama accidently gave away that he’s secretly a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, because there are 57 Muslim states. Gimme a break dude, he misspoke. You don’t get to be the editor of the Harvard Law review through incompetence.

      • gbditka - Mar 16, 2013 at 3:41 PM

        Same Commander in Chief that refuses to release his Academic records from Harvard Law & Columbia? What cold he possibly have to hide?

      • mornelithe - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:29 PM

        @gbditka – Name any other President who’s ever released their college transcripts, and you can’t say Bush, because his were leaked by a 3rd party.

      • gbditka - Mar 16, 2013 at 8:31 PM

        @mornelith; No US President has ever had his citizenship questioned but in Obama’s case, the primary reason to see his college applications is to learn whether the president applied for college in the U.S. as a foreign student. If so, doesn’t it deserve an explanation? Innocent people have nothing to hide in the world I live in.

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 17, 2013 at 12:06 AM

        How many times does the President have to show his birth certificate before you psycho birthers will believe he’s a US citizen?? The dude is American, get over the fact that we have a black, Democratic President and stop trying to discover skeletons in his closet that aren’t there. 50 years ago the people calling him a socialist, terrorist, kenyan, Muslim would be considered fringe nutjobs, now they’re leading the Republican party. Ever think he doesn’t wanna release his college application and transcripts because he’s already had every document he’s released dissected way more times than is necessary in an effort to find stuff that isn’t there. People like you keep trying to come up with ways to prove he’s not one of “us”, so why would he give the crazies more fodder. The rumors about him being a foreign exchange student were started by a right wing nut, who had NO ACTUAL INFO, other than the fact that he never saw Barrack Obama in class. Wow, what a full proof argument. Ever since the President has come onto the public spectrum those who disagree with his policies have tried to make up story after story in an effort to bring the President of the United States down. Never in our history, has a President received so little respect and so much disrespectful crap. Those “patriots” who have repeatedly inferred that our President is a terrorist, amongst other things (without any evidence), should be ASHAMED of themselves. Our commander in chief deserves respect no matter how much you disagree with his policies.

      • tbbolts91 - Mar 17, 2013 at 12:56 AM

        george bush went to harvard and yale. so you’re saying bush is basically equal in terms of “smarts?”

      • gbditka - Mar 17, 2013 at 1:25 AM

        Obvious PhillyPhanatic is not only getting the free cheese but is munching on it as well…probably hasn’t ever lived this good! After 24 years of military service where I was required to provide the following source documents for enlistment back in 1986…Birth Certificate, Social Security Card & High School Diploma…not sure why the President of the United States is held to the same standard upon throwing their hat into the ring? PhillyPhanatic states “Our commander in chief deserves respect no matter how much you disagree with his policies” — in the real world, RESPECT is earned and this POTUS is far from earning it!

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 17, 2013 at 1:53 AM

        Dude you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’m a hardworking American that hasn’t had anything handed to me. I worked my way through college, with the help of student loans and am now a productive member of the workforce. The President has handed me any so called “free cheese”. In fact, he has not handed out assistance to his fellow minorities like those of Faux News tell you. The reason more people are under govt assistance under Obama is because we just went through the worst economic hardship since the Great Depression..AND caucasians are provided welfare MORE THAN ANY OTHER RACE. And believe it or not, tbbolts, George Bush is actually pretty intelligent, just a terrible public speaker. But the MAIN reason he was able to attend such prestigious universities is because of daddy and the Bush name. Obama never had a free ride and had to work for it. Eventhough I disagreed with President Bush I still RESPECTED him because thats what the office deserves! But are you mental gbdtika? President Obama has provided his birth certificate over and over, he has a SS #, along with a high school diploma and several college diplomas. He has all the necessary documents to be President. There wasn’t some kind of intergovernmental conspiracy to elect an illegal alien muslim as President to bring the country down from the inside. And you’re constant accusations towards a man that deserves our respect, is frankly disgusting. It’s great you served our country but then you should no better than anyone that your commanding officers require respect, and President of the United States is the highest office therefore you should respect our President. All of these constant attacks would’ve been considered treasonous just 30-50 years ago, and IMO still should be. He’s provided more than enough documentation to put all that crap to rest but it’s never enough for you bigots. In the REAL WORLD, the office of the President is to be respected and supported, and for you to say otherwise shows just how disrespectful the whole birther movement is. You got people like Trump, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, and Rush leading the crusade to bring down OUR OWN President, and that should indicate to everyone who we really should be investigating. If people like you wanna secede from the Union because you can’t deal with a black president then go right ahead. We don’t need the outrageous, and constant disrespect towards a man who wants what’s best for the American people, not Shariah law like your fellow nutjobs believe. Go get the secession going and we’ll see how long it takes before you guys come crawling back to the union asking for assistance from our “Muslim, Socialist, Tyrant” of a President.

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 17, 2013 at 1:55 AM

        *hasn’t handed me anything.

      • gbditka - Mar 17, 2013 at 2:10 AM

        My apologies PhillyPhanatic77 as it’s obvious your life is better under Mr. Obama..just wish I could find the same gas you’re pumping at $1.75 a gallon. Not a Black or White issue…just the 1st POTUS who ever borrowed money from China (which is a Communist Country,) and just gave $250 million dollars to Egypt during the same week his initiated sequestration eliminated Tuition Assistance to United States military members of the Army, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard. The United States has provided $50 billion dollars in foreign aid in 2011 & 2012 when over 16 Trillion dollars in debt, I only pray Obama doesn’t learn what comes after a Trillion! Just like your Flyers….all smoke & mirrors….keep spending and get no results! Congrats on being lucky enough to have a job and not being one of the 47+ million on an EBT card and since you aren’t eating the cheese, keep drinking that Kool Aid!

      • mornelithe - Mar 17, 2013 at 3:50 AM

        @gbditka So what you’re saying is you’re a birther, and nobody should ever care what you have to say? Because, let’s face it, if the entire Republican party can’t prove the President wasn’t born in the US…it’s probably not true. Right? Of course, logic rarely ever enters the mind of a zealot, so I’m sure this will go in one ear and out the other.

        Bottom line, his college transcripts aren’t sealed, they’re confidential. No President has ever released their College transcripts, and no other President’s birthright has ever been scrutinized on the level that Obama has. I’m glad he hasn’t released them, know why? Because it keeps the really stupid from actually doing anything constructive. It’s been 4 years and they’re still smashing their head against the wall over the same thing. When even Trump has shut up about it, finally. How’s that make you feel? You’re crazier than Trump. lol.

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 17, 2013 at 10:23 AM

        You clearly have no grasp of how government works and get ALL of your information from Fox News, so I can understand why you’re so misinformed. First off, the country has been borrowing from China LONG before Obama took office. China is the main purchaser of our Bonds, it’s not as if Obama is a communist nation to put us on a leash. And second of all, CONGRESS is in charge of borrowing. They are the ones working up the credit card debt, and they’ve been doing it since Bush took office. People like you talk about President Obama working up the debt to 16 trillion, well I hate to break it to you but that debt starting piling up way long before our current President. Two wars on a credit card, extended tax cuts on a credit card, allowing Wall Street and the Banks to run wild with no regulations as they bled us dry which led to the bursting of the housing bubble. All that happened BEFORE Obama and it’s gotten us in the position we’re in today. And I just love how, since Fox News is calling it his, the sequestration is all Obama’s doing. Typical of an uninformed conservative. Yes, it’s Obama’s sequestration! This despite the fact that the sequestration is a tool of CONGRESS, once again, and has nothing to do with anything President Obama has done. If you wanna point the finger at someone in our national government for the state of our economy, point it solely at Congress; as they are in charge of ALL transactions, all monetary decisions, and ALL debt. Judging from you’re clear gathering of misinformation I think it’s fair to say that, you sir, are the one who’s drinking the kool-aid. You’ve been brainwashed by the right that the “liberal media” lies to you, meanwhile Fox News essentially makes things up that plays to your clear paranoia and can easily be considered fear mongering. Open your eyes and go read a book! And not one written by Glenn Beck or Michelle Malkin!

      • phillyphanatic77 - Mar 17, 2013 at 10:37 AM

        Also, Presidential candidates have been thumping their chests for 50 years claiming they will help to bring gas prices down, but the bottom line is that the President does NOT control the price of gas. So get over the fact that Newt told you he would get gas to $2/gallon… it’s all BS. Gas prices are almost entirely up to the worldwide crude oil market, who control supply and demand. Then beyond that it’s controlled basically by refineries, or more accurately, the large Oil companies who own both the refineries and the gas stations. It has little or nothing to do with the office of the President. You people on the right preach hands-off government all the time and letting the market dictate the price… well that’s what you get with gas prices! so you can blame Obama all you want, but once again your anger is severely misplaced.

    • jimeejohnson - Mar 17, 2013 at 12:59 PM

      phillyphanatic: your comments reflect a level of intelligence unattainable by the useful idiots of the party of stupid, i.e. Republicans. These narrow minded, pea-brains earned the name “wingNUTS” and that, combined with their paranoia and hate, LOST them TWO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN A ROW to an….AFRICAN AMERICAN for the first time in history. Lincoln wouldn’t even recognize his party of stupid idiots. Republicans are truly the embodiment of stupid, not to mention death.

  10. mormegil49 - Mar 16, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    or that he thought Austrians spoke Austrian…

  11. runtheball - Mar 16, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    The real “smokescreen” of the pipeline are the phony environmental concerns and the lack of economic benefit to the US, The reason it will not happen is because Warren Buffet’s Burlington railroad would lose out on all the money they currently make shipping it.

  12. gbar22 - Mar 16, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    I’m an honestly astonished by the overall sound intelligent rational being posted uN regards to the pipeline. A few lunkheads in there but I was expecting more conservative reaganomic trickle down Obama is a Muslim talk. People surprise me everyday.

    • hockeyflow33 - Mar 16, 2013 at 3:18 PM

      There are enough actual reasons to despise Obama without resorting to that stuff

  13. skarfacci - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:06 PM


    I’m sure the president will be amused. Better than pulling a Tim Thomas I suppose.

    Last I checked we live in a free country. If you don’t want to visit Obama you don’t have to. On top of that, per league rules, the trip is optional, not required.

  14. kingsforever - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    Yeah! Hurry up and pass the torch of “greatest free nation” already! America’s dead man grip on this torch is strange.

  15. whooty - Mar 16, 2013 at 4:19 PM

    so sorry bruce, but an oil pipeline doesn’t quite meet the standard when you’re a multi millionaire middle class warrior. atleast not when your super billionaire sugar daddy warren buffet owns a railroad with a competing interest.

    on the other hand, if president obama’s bosses at goldman sachs or jp morgan were on board, then the keystone xl would be as good as “shovel ready.”

  16. blomfeld - Mar 17, 2013 at 5:36 AM


    In all seriousness, this is one of the most interesting and intelligent threads that I’ve read here at PHT in quite a while. I had no idea that hockey fans could care about such a relevant topic like oil, with not only knowledge but passion as well? Full marks to all who’ve commented … :)

    As I see it friends, the bottom line is that the oil will flow “one way or the other” just as long as it’s in demand … and “in demand” it is! Now granted we here in the western world are now perhaps starting to realize the sheer “folly” of our glutinous ways. But the problem is that today people like the Chinese are only “too ready” to pick up where we leave off in terms of destroying our environment and it’s ecosystems. And that’s a scary proposition, given their “sheer & ridiculous” numbers … not to mention the Indians, Russians, Brazilians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Mexicans and Turks who are following right behind them. Unless something changes soon, then I have a very dim view for man’s chances in going forward.

    ps: don’t kid yourselves about Chinese efforts to “infiltrate &control” Canadian government, natural resources, industry and finance .. they’ve made tremendous inroads during the past decade and this is now likely to accelerate even faster, given the foothold which they already have in this country.

  17. georgejarkko - Mar 19, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    If it’s good for the U.S., why isn’t the XL Pipeline good for Canada?

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