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Leafs’ Gardiner out at least another week with concussion-like symptoms

Dec 18, 2012, 3:31 PM EDT

gettygardiner Getty Images

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner, currently plying his trade with the AHL Marlies, will miss at least another week of action with concussion-like symptoms.

(Even though the club won’t say he’s suffered a concussion.)

That’s what Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins told the Toronto Sun on Tuesday, a few days after news broke that Gardiner suffered a head/neck injury on Dec. 8 against Rochester.

Eakins said that because of the Marlies’ schedule and upcoming AHL holiday break, Gardiner won’t be able to return to action anytime soon.

“The way the schedule has played out [three games in four days starting Wednesday in Cleveland], we have a certain medical protocol we have to follow with Jake,” Eakins explained. “We can’t sway from it. He hasn’t been on the ice, he has to get into a full contact practice and that’s just not going to happen the way our schedule is.

“He can’t play until we ramp him up in practice. And we play right after the break [Dec. 26 vs. Hamilton] so he can’t play that one.”

Gardiner could return for a pair of back-to-back games against Grand Rapids on Dec. 28-29, but would need to pass whiplash and/or concussion tests (not that he has a concussion.)

The Marlies are preaching caution in this situation — Gardiner is one of the Maple Leafs’ brightest prospects — but are likely pining to get him back in the lineup.

Gardiner has been an offensive force this season, tallying nine goals and eight assists in 22 games. The Leafs have high hopes for the 22-year-old who was acquired, along with Joffrey Lupul, from Anaheim in 2011 for François Beauchemin.

  1. blomfeld - Dec 18, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Gardiner has concussion “like” symptoms ? …

    Well I think it’s more like the entire Toronto Maple Leafs organization has concussion “like” symptoms ! What these people are being allowed to get away with isn’t just wrong and unfair … it’s an outright disgrace ! They’re the wealthiest team in the league by far and yet with all that money, they perennially ice a team which would probably struggle even in the OHL, let alone the NHL ! What you have there in Ontario is a classic example of “pure” monopoly, where the supply side (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) is free to sell it’s “shoddy” goods & services (Maple Leafs) at outrageously high prices, thus earning huge profits in the process and all the while being completely immune to any sort of accountability. The demand side of this equation (Maple Leaf fans) is completely powerless, given the total lack of competition or “choice”. And therefore they’re compelled to continue purchasing the “shoddy” goods and services, in essence, serving as money-spewing ATM’s for the monopolistic and gangster supplier (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment).

    Back in the days of the Soviet Union, their monopolistic or “command” economy would produce similar situations. For example, the State shoe producer would produce “one” style of shoe which you would be obliged to buy … unless of course you preferred to walk around barefoot. Now it didn’t matter if this State shoe had the heel attached on the wrong end or if it fell apart as you tried it on at the store .. the point was that you would buy it and you would enjoy wearing it !

    Fellow lovers of economics know that of course there are situations where a monopoly or perhaps even an “oligopoly” is a “good” thing in terms of maximizing quality and output … the government, military, law enforcement, healthcare and power supply are just a few examples that immediately come to mind. The NHL however is “not” such a place ! And therefore the “knife” which Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment is holding at the throats of Ontario hockey fans should be “swatted” away immediately !

    • tatdue - Dec 18, 2012 at 7:38 PM

      You really are right out to f’n lunch aren’t you blom….In this world of the salary cap could you please tell me how having money matters one bit? And what the hell are you even talking about when you spew crap about monopolies? Last I knew the Leafs have fans all over the world and nobody becomes a fan because they are made to, they choose to. You are a fan of the Kings yet you say that you don’t live in L.A. so what monopoly are you talking about? I live in Windsor and when it comes to hockey my friends alone are fans of probably 6-7 different teams so it doesn’t matter where you live….you cheer for who you cheer for, there is no monopoly anywhere….

      • blomfeld - Dec 19, 2012 at 8:31 AM

        *** Executive Summary ***

        the bottom line friend is that I believe the NHL and hockey fans in Ontario would be better served by immediately relocating at least 2-3 of the sickly US “sunbelt” teams to southern Ontario … MLSE will of course do everything in their power to prevent that from ever occurring, as they’ve no doubt done to date … nonetheless, competition derived from having another NHL team in the GTA and perhaps Hamilton, would oblige the Maple Leafs to finally make a “serious” effort to improve upon the product that they currently put on the ice every year …

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