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Davidson won’t tolerate “bad apples” in Columbus

Oct 28, 2012, 10:50 PM EDT

2010 NHL Draft - Round One Getty Images

Keith Tkachuk sees some clear parallels between the Columbus Blue Jackets team John Davidson is taking over and the St. Louis Blues franchise he helped turn around, as he told Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch.

“I’m sure it will be very similar to what he faced in St. Louis,” Tkachuk said. “Our team was kind of gutted. Our fans were frustrated. We had to start from scratch, and he knew that coming in. He didn’t panic. He built and built and built. And he did it in his unique way.”

Observers told Portzline that his style comes down to getting to know people, reading them and making sure people are on the same page.

And getting rid of the people who won’t fall in line.

“There’s an all-inclusive mentality, absolutely, and there’s tremendous patience in that man,” One NHL executive said. “But he ends up just extinguishing people who have their own agendas, or people who undermine the effort to all push in the same direction. He sniffs out the bad apples in a hurry. He has no time for those people.”

Thanks to the lockout, he’ll have some time to soak everything in and begin to identify “those people.”

  1. east96st - Oct 29, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Poor John. Even if he fires the entire front office – a move most Jackets fans would applaud – he’s still stuck with the biggest cancer in the entire NHL – the President of the Jackets, Mike Priest. As long as that “bad apple” has job security, CBJ will never be able to fully clean house of “people who have their own agendas”.

    • milltec - Oct 29, 2012 at 9:57 AM

      Davidson has full autonomy over the hockey operations. This is the best of both worlds, having Davidson assuming full control of the hockey side while Priest has absolutely nothing to do with the on ice product or the GM hired. Priest has an amazing track record when we look at the financial side of the business, new lease agreement, landing the ASG, hosting the draft, encouraging business to build in and around the arena. The team, and Davidson, is bigger than Priest now. Sure he can make suggestions, but who makes the last decision? DAVIDSON

      • east96st - Oct 29, 2012 at 1:59 PM

        You’re seriously delusional if you think Priest was the driving force behind any of those accomplishments. As for who has the last decision, every company I’ve worked for, including my own, the guy who controls the money has the REAL last decision. And that ain’t John. I wish it was, but it’s not. It’s Priest.

    • elvispocomo - Oct 29, 2012 at 2:12 PM

      While he might not be able to remove Priest, you overestimate how much control Priest will have. Priest may supply a budget for Davidson to work within, and be able to control decisions above that budget, but if Davidson didn’t have the full power to make hockey decisions within that then he wouldn’t have taken the job.

      I agree that Priest is not suited to make hockey decisions, but you don’t get to be involved financially with millionaires/billionaires without having pretty good money sense. Howson’s hockey ID is questionable as well, at least to the point he’s a good choice as a GM. That’s why they took advantage of the chance to land Davidson and give him control of the operations side of things when he came available though.

      Feel free to keep glooming and dooming though – it’s probably in ingrained habit after all those failed seasons in Columbus.

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