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Canucks GM on trading Luongo: “We don’t have fire sales”

Sep 12, 2012, 3:45 PM EDT

Mike Gillis Getty Images

Sporting a black eye courtesy his son’s elbow, Roberto Luongo was met by a throng of reporters as he arrived at the Canucks’ annual charity golf tournament today in suburban Vancouver.

Luongo didn’t tell the media anything he hasn’t said before – “obviously” he wants to know what the future holds; however, he’s prepared to make the most of things wherever he ends up playing next season.

If that happens to be Vancouver, so be it.

Meanwhile, Canucks GM Mike Gillis reiterated his stance that Luongo will not be given away for free.

“We’re one the league’s wealthiest teams,” Gillis said, as per Jason Botchford of The Province. “We don’t have fire sales.”

Gillis suggested during an interview with TEAM 1040 (audio) that there’s a “cloud over major transactions” due to the CBA uncertainty.

According to Gillis, teams with stricter financial constraints than the Canucks (like, say, the Florida Panthers) are waiting to see what the landscape will look like before making any large commitments (like, say, taking on a contract with 10 years and $47.3 million remaining on it).

Gillis also said he’s working on contract extension for Alex Burrows and Alex Edler and would like to get them done by Saturday when the CBA expires.

Here’s Luongo’s full media scrum:

  1. sunderlanding - Sep 12, 2012 at 4:49 PM

    I know people think that Vancouver has all the cards on this one and there is no rush to trade Luongo, but the longer they wait the worse they make themselves look to other players around the league. Do you think other players like watching an all-star who gave a team some of his best years be hung out to dry like this. Luongo wants to know where he is going. They clearly don’t want him any more, so show some class and trade the man so he can get on with his life. The longer they wait and the more they demand for someone only one team is interested in the worse they make themselves look to future free agent signings. No one will want to sign in a city that treats it’s players like this.

    • haterzgonahate - Sep 12, 2012 at 5:10 PM


  2. davebabychreturns - Sep 12, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    Everyone is saying the right things now but the reality is that nothing is going to happen until the next CBA is finalized.

    And perhaps even after that’s done Luongo may remain a Canuck for months; the fact is he signed a lifetime contract and part of that includes committing to playing for your team even if you’re not guaranteed a spot as top dog, even if you’d rather be playing somewhere else.

    The Canucks haven’t jerked Luongo around here, they are actively looking to move him to a situation that’s right for him and he’ll have an opportunity to approve that deal before it goes through. He’s not going to be targeted by some bush league tactic (like threatening to waive him) so there’s no real reason to think the Canucks have compromised their reputation here as a class organization that is committed to treating players fairly.

    • tatdue - Sep 12, 2012 at 7:53 PM

      What are you thinking? Gillis is totally looking like an ars here and yes his actions could make other players think twice about signing with Vancouver, at least for as long as Gillis is running things anyways. He’s holding out for a home run that he’s not going to get….at this point he’s making Howson look good…

      • davebabychreturns - Sep 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM

        I’m sorry, how has Roberto Luongo been mistreated?

        Whatever you think about Luongo’s trade value, there’s absolutely no issue with holding onto him to wait for the right deal. This player obviously has no issue suiting up for the Canucks again and the team have no issue with him so they can just roll with two elite goaltenders like they did last year until the right deal materializes.

  3. sonofsamiam - Sep 12, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    How does Gillis still have a job anyhow? The Canucks will never get what Gillis perceives as proper ‘value’ for Roberto. Fact of the matter is, though he is a very good goalie, there just isnt a market for a guy that has a decade left on his contract and is 33. Particularly when said player has had a few meltdowns when it counts. That said, the team hung him out to dry and the fans turned on him. Don’t much blame Lou for wanting out. Gillis is out to lunch.

    • davebabychreturns - Sep 13, 2012 at 11:03 AM

      Please enlighten us as to what Mike Gillis perceives as proper value for Luongo – since you are so sure the Canucks will never get it you must have a pretty specific idea of what it is.

      As for having a decade left on his contract, you me and everyone else who pays attention to the league know he won’t play out the string – another pointless comment.

  4. pastabelly - Sep 12, 2012 at 10:52 PM

    His contract is upside down. He makes more than he’s worth. There’s zero value for any team trading for him unless it’s just a salary dump at a different position.

    • davebabychreturns - Sep 13, 2012 at 11:05 AM

      Luongo might make more than he’s worth but his cap hit is appropriate; he’s an upgrade over the starting goaltender on probably 20 teams in the league.

      They may not all wish to trade for him and he may not wish to be traded to every team on that list but you can be sure that a decent fit for all three parties will be found. And yes the Canucks will probably be taking salary back in the deal but let’s not forget that Joffrey Lupul was a ‘salary dump’ pretty recently.

  5. sonofsamiam - Sep 13, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    It isn’t the cap hit that is the issue with his contract, it’s the term. As far as Roberto getting mistreated, I’d say a sold out arena watching a finals game in Boston that cheers when Lou got pulled in game 6 is s bit much. Not to mention the media lamb basting he took. The guy posted 2 shutouts in the finals and the Canucks would have been swept if it wasn’t for him. Due to the decade left on his contract anything more than a mid round pick or another misplaced contract coming back, Gillis is hoping for too much compensation.

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