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Report: NHLPA counter-offer might not come until Friday

Aug 29, 2012, 5:40 PM EDT

Donald Fehr Getty Getty Images

The NHL’s second proposal to the players’ union produced some semantic arguments, which is part of the reason that’s Tim Panaccio reports that the NHLPA might not counter tomorrow.

Instead, Panaccio reports that they “hope” to get something done by Friday.

Much like the last time the NHLPA gathered information for a counter, Donald Fehr & Co. claim that they are asking for more specifics from the league.

Pat Leonard expands on that point.

Getting more club-specific info might gel well with Fehr’s argument to increase revenue sharing for the league’s have-nots.


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  1. bcsteele - Aug 29, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    Re-posting this from my post on the last page just to get opinions…plus I butchered it on that page…this one is fixed…

    I’m kind of confused as to where the support for the players has gone. They gave up huge last round and now the owners want even more serious concessions. Think about it, your boss comes to you and says I need you to take a serious pay cut but we’ll have things fixed in a few years and I can get you taken care of then…then he comes to you again and says you’ll have to give up even more…I’m sorry…my support this round is with the players. I’m all for them meeting in the middle if the finances demand it, but the owners can’t expect to get away with rape here.

    Furthermore, whatever they do come up with…Bettman better make sure it will fix the end all problem becaue the “light at the end of the tunnel” arguement only holds water so long. Since the last lockout we’ve seen more growth the game has ever seen…yet he still can’t make ends meet and needs more from the players. He needs to reel in his owners on these contracts or at least let the owners know they can make those contracts…but live with the consequence.

    Again, anytime I’ve made a post I’ve said I don’t know everything and I’m not going to say I know exactly what to do. But given all the information I’ve compiled from both sides to come up with a fair, un-bias opinion…I believe that Bettman and the owners are the ones that need to raise the bar here.

    At the end of the day…I’m just glad the’re talking…just get a fair deal done and let’s play hockey.

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