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NHLPA rep Adams: Bettman says CBA “needs to be closer” to NFL, NBA model

Aug 24, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

craig adams

There’s a significant gap between the NHL and NHLPA in labor negotiations — and one union member knows what that gap entails.

Pittsburgh’s Craig Adams, one of the 31 players on the NHLPA’s negotiating committee, says commissioner Gary Bettman wants a collective bargaining agreement similar to football and basketball, especially with regards to revenue sharing.

“From the owners’ perspective I don’t know how they view those other CBAs,” Adams told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I know Gary has mentioned to the press that he looks at those two, and the NHL needs to be closer.”

More, from Rob Rossi of the Trib:

The NHL is believed to crave a revenue split similar to those inked by the NFL and NBA players in the last 12 months.

NFL players are guaranteed only 47 percent of revenues on the 10-year CBA reached last summer. NBA players received a 50-50 split of basketball income on its 10-year CBA that was agreed upon after a work stoppage that wiped 16 games from the last regular season.

“Certainly for the league it behooves them to look at the players’ share in football and basketball and say, ‘We want to be closer to what they’ve done in those sports,’” Adams said.

If the NHL is to go the way of the NFL and NBA, an elongated labor dispute could be on the horizon.

In terms of work stoppages, the NBA delayed starting the 2011-12 season from Nov. 1 to Dec. 25, reducing the regular season from 82 to 66 games.

The NFL didn’t miss any regular season action, but all offseason activity was halted from Mar.11-Jul. 25. There was no free agency or training camp.

  1. elemeno89 - Aug 24, 2012 at 9:30 AM

    why doesn’t bettman take a salary roll back…

    • bcsteele - Aug 24, 2012 at 9:33 AM

      Wow I just posted that below…must have been thinking the same thing at the same time…

    • phillyphanatic76 - Aug 25, 2012 at 6:39 PM

      He thinks he deserves $8mil a year but the players don’t.

  2. bcsteele - Aug 24, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Again, I don’t care what it takes just make sure they isn’t a lockout, so they better get to work. I know teams like Toronto or Philly aren’t going to like the idea of a revenue share but I’d (I’m not positive) think the check I’d write to teams like Florida and the like would be much smaller than the money wouldn’t make during a lock out.

    Also, if they are going to roll back player saleries I want to see the same thing happen to Bettman and his crew.

  3. sippindasyzurp - Aug 24, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    I think the NHL needs a reality check that it is not as big as the NBA and not even close to the NFL… Both those leagues have substantial TV contracts with revenues that are coming in from all over the globe…

    My own thought is the owners of the big market teams are apprehensive to spread there revenue to the smaller teams because they feel like they are still going to be losing money anyway (and greed obviously).. I mean Nashville made it to the second round of the playoffs and still found a way to lose money!!

    The contracts the NHL is handing out is close to NBA and NFL type contracts in terms of dollar value, and realistically they cannot afford that throughout a 30 team league, it just wont work, they do not bring in enough revenue as a league through TV and merchandise sales etc.. to justify handing out contracts of that magnitude…

    Obviously the owners are to blame for handing out the massive contracts… But in my opinion the NHL is a league that should have no more than a 60 million dollar salary cap for each team with a 50-50 split in revenue and there should also be some sort of revenue stream available for teams that need to meet the bottom line… If not then some of these franchises need to fold and or be moved to a more profitable market, or else we will be going down this road of a lockout every 5 years.

  4. martysbetter - Aug 24, 2012 at 9:59 AM

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  5. sjsharks66 - Aug 24, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    The NHL has a break out year as he wants to lock it out. I guess he already assumes its as big as the NBA or NFL.

    You’re jumping ahead of yourself Gary. You want your pockets to get fatter, then don’t have a lockout and push hockey to the public more in the next 2 years.

    • revansrevenant - Aug 24, 2012 at 12:05 PM

      Gary Bettman loves lockouts more than he loves hockey.

  6. cosmoandmelovepens - Aug 24, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    That’s because he can get paid to do nothing. Wait… He already does.

  7. greatminnesotasportsmind - Aug 24, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    The NHL needs a deal that resembles the NFL. They do need a hard cap both floor and ceiling. If you go to the NBA model, then you might as well fold 20 because only 10 team at most will ever have a chance at the Cup.

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