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Los Angeles thinks Hanzal got off light

May 17, 2012, 3:54 PM EDT

Dustin Brown, Martin Hanzal AP

Phoenix Coyotes center Martin Hanzal won’t play in tonight’s affair after being suspended for boarding Dustin Brown.

But if the Kings had their way, Hanzal would be missing more than just tonight.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports Los Angeles is displeased with Brendan Shanahan’s decision to only suspend the Coyotes forward one game. Brown said he thought Hanzal “was going to get two,” while defenseman Willie Mitchell offered sharp critique of the NHL’s discipline czar.

“I’m not particularly happy about it,” Mitchell said. “You know, who am I, I’m just a player, but … this stuff evolves over time, it gets better over time. I’d like to see [the suspension be] a little bit more, not just because we’re playing the Phoenix Coyotes right now.

“I just think messages need to be sent and it needs to be a little bit stiffer because what if Dustin Brown breaks his neck on that incident, as he very easily could have?”

It’s not surprising that Mitchell went on the offensive. Since joining the Kings, he’s been outspoken with regards to concussions and player safety.

In October, Mitchell talked to PHT for a series looking at the issue and impact of concussions in the NHL.

Here’s what he had to say:

I missed eight months of hockey. Eight months of my life was gone, right? [That’s] the reality of it, eight months of your life is gone. You’re living in pain every day, you have a headache, headache is pain. Whether it’s small, medium, or large headache, it’s pain. You live with that.

It’s tough. You can’t do anything. You can’t read, you can’t drive your car — it hurts. Living in pain, it’s almost like, I always say, a snippet into a terminal illness so to speak. It gives you a little snippet, because not only [does it] physically bother you, but it’s the emotional aspect of it as well. You wake up every day and you don’t feel better and that can take its toll.

Stress in life, what does it do? It gives you a headache. Well, that’s one thing you’re trying to get away from is a headache.

Torres also spoke out this postseason regarding the Raffi Torres on Marian Hossa hit (and subsequent suspension) and the Bryon Bitz hit on teammate Kyle Clifford.

  1. michiganhockey11 - May 17, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    Considering how inconsistent all the calls/suspensions were through the playoffs have been…I can’t say this surprised me. After all, copy something you see on Monday Night Raw during a game and you’ll get a piddly @ss fine. Checking from behind will get you 1 game. Sure, I can see the parity there.

    I figured he’d get 2 games. Can’t wait to see Torres try to appeal his 25 games. I wouldn’t be surprised if only misses a few preseason games and suits up for start of season.

    • cardsandbluesforever - May 17, 2012 at 5:31 PM

      so they think Hanzal got off light?

      Hanzal should’ve only got a 2 minute minor.
      King did the exact same thing to Petroangelo in game 1 of 2nd round- boarded him face first and injured him badly enough he had to miss the rest of the game and the next game.

      Brown wasnt even injured, after the penalties were issued he hopped right up and skated over to his bench to receive his academy award.

      if the kings want to play cheap dirty hockey where they start every confrontation durring play and after the whistle , then start diving on every play to draw the penalty dont be surprised when other teams start flat out leveling your best assets.

      • cac0277 - May 17, 2012 at 5:58 PM

        Even as a Kings fan, you are 100% correct. King should have sat if Hanzal is sitting. This whole thing seems like it’s out of control. I think they fix it in the off season. They go to 3 game, 5 game, 10 game, 25 game regular season. 2 game, 5 game and entire playoffs for the post season.

        I think Doan didn’t deserve a suspension either. Lewis knew what was up and he put himself in the situation hoping Doan didn’t board him.

        Lots of gamesmanship going on out there and the Kings just seem to be winning that game too. Not because of some consipiricy, just part of the entire package coming together for the 1st time in their history and that’s ok with me. GKG!!!

      • cac0277 - May 17, 2012 at 6:02 PM

        To add, you are off your rocker if you think the Kings do any more than any other team out there. If you make a good point and then ruin it with being a homer and bitter that you got run by a better team in 4 straight, it makes your point less valid. Come strong and make the solid point. Keep the homer S out of it.

      • snewter99 - May 17, 2012 at 8:23 PM

        Wow … are you delusional. Blinded by your homerism glasses much? I can’t believe I’m going to waste the next 15 minutes explaining this to you, but your response was so incorrect, it’s comical actually.


        “King did the exact same thing to Petroangelo”

        Um, no … he didn’t. (btw- you spelled his name wrong … twice.)

        KING: was skating towards a position that would put himself between Pietrangelo and the puck that was sliding along the boards. Notice how King reaches out with his left glove and places it on AP’s right arm, in order to try and help get that inside position. Notice he’s not even pushing or LOADING UP in order to generate a hit (and hold that thought for a few minutes.) This is normal on a forecheck – establish a wedge between the player and the puck and create a turnover. Notice also where’s looking – down at the puck. Notice also how he’s starting to even reach out and down to the ice with his stick! However, at the very last moment, Pietrangelo pivots and takes 2 strides INTO the path of where King was headed, allowing absolutely no time at all for King to react and/or avoid catching Alex square between the numbers with his own momentum – sending him into the boards. And I swear it almost even looks a little bit like King is trying to catch Alex from going into the boards once he realized he caught him awkwardly, but it’s probably more just him still trying to get between AP and the puck (and you’ll scoff at that notion anyway.) Regardless – King clearly had a different intention on the play – it just happened too fast to be avoided. Dwight King weighs almost 230 lbs., trust me – if he had full intention to hit/board the much lighter Pietrangelo, he very well could have drilled him into the 3rd row.

        Now HANZAL: At CENTER ice, Hanzal is skating several feet behind Brown when the puck gets chipped deep in the Coyote zone. They cross the blue-line, and it’s clear Brown is going for the puck while Hanzal is skating to pick up speed in pursuit – seeing his numbers the ENTIRE time, btw (in other words, no last-second “pivot” like Alex, and kinda like Trevor Lewis was guilty of with Doan.) At 4 feet in front of the goal line, Martin is already bringing his gloves and arms together, loading himself up for a check. Notice he’s still seeing nothing but Brown’s numbers. Notice he’s now pointed his stick up in the air … with absolutely no intention of playing the puck. He’s coming in for a hit, and had plenty of time to change his mind based on what was unfolding for the 25+ feet of ice before the hit. Notice lastly, how he DRIVES his hands forward once he’s made contact with Brown’s NUMBERS, and continues his push of Brown – now a good 3 or 4 feet off the glass. That’s Boarding – and worse, that’s intent to Board.

        As for the injuries: Brown wasn’t injured because well, he’s Dustin Brown and he’s built like a truck (top 3 in hits every year.) More then that however – he got LUCKY to not get severly injured. But I’m sure he appreciates your care and concern. Alex got hurt and that was unfortunate (very unfortunate – and I mean that) … but a lucky, circumstantial LACK OF INJURY does not forgive INTENT. Moron.
        It’s why the league allows two different levels of Boarding – minor, and major. Boarding can happen unintentionally and by moreso almost by circumstance (King on Pietrangelo), or it can happen with a much clearer and greater degree of intention (Hanzal on Brown.)

        But even if someone were to argue that Hanzal isn’t dirty, and really didn’t mean to nail Brown quite so viscously and with all that speed (which to be honest, I would believe because I genuinely think that 98% of NHL pros have no intention of potentially ending another pro’s career just for the sake of making a hit – there’s too much at stake) … the rules and suspensions are there just the same to try and limit the danger of a career-ending injury happening from a boarding play. Players have to recognize those situations that can lead to those dangerous plays.

        Hanzal failed to do that.

  2. oside760 - May 17, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    shane doan and brendan shanahan suck dick for coke

    • snewter99 - May 17, 2012 at 8:29 PM

      You sound jealous. (And not because of the coke.)

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