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Tippett: “We were fortunate that Nashville had a major distraction”

May 8, 2012, 1:33 AM EDT

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Whether Barry Trotz made the right move or not, many will remember the Nashville Predators’ semifinals defeat to the Phoenix Coyotes as a series where Andrei Kostitsyn and Alex Radulov‘s suspensions made the most headlines. Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett didn’t deny that to radio host Willy Daunic.

“We capitalized on our chances,” Tippet said. “We were fortunate that Nashville had a major distraction. That made it harder for them. My opinion was that the distraction was something they had to spend a lot of time thinking about. We just concentrated on winning.”

So, basically, even the Coyotes blame Radulov and Kostitsyn (or at least the distraction around that situation) for Nashville’s woes. At least to an extent. For a coach who has been compared to “Deputy Dog” after losses, Tippett was fascinatingly candid in those remarks.

It’s tough to deny the rumblings when even the opposing coach is highlighting that difference, but do you buy that being the story of the series? Is it possible that this might be a subtle form of false modesty to obscure the fact that maybe – just maybe – the Coyotes were really that much better than the Predators?

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  1. eggserino - May 8, 2012 at 9:13 AM

    How many people did Nashville add at or near the deadline? Five. Yip, Gill, A. Kostitsyn, Gaustad, and Radulov. Incorporating five new players into a system, especially three or four players sprinkled throughout the top nine, would be a challenge in a good situation. Add in the BS with Radulov and Kostitsyn and it’s damn near impossible.

    Nashville’s identity has been that they are a team that plays as a single unit with a great goaltender. I’m not sure that making changes that add wild personalities to the room provided any added value to their identity as a team.

    Poile screwed the pooch on this one. GM of the year he is not.

  2. drez146 - May 8, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    I agree with your statement, all the teams that added one piece at the deadline are still doing well. 5 is way too much. Look at the Kings they added Carter and beat a Blues team that got players back at the end of the year, which screwed chemistry up big time. If you have a solid foundation like LA and Nashville don’t play with it too much, as you can see which team is moving on made the right non moves.

  3. hagigun - May 8, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    I am not buying a chemistry problem. This is not on the GM.

    Where were the chemistry problems when Nashville steamrolled the WIngs? It is just way to convenient to use that excuse when you lose and not credit that when you win.

    How about this, Mike Smith is just ridiculously good right now!? As a Wild fan, down the stretch my team was playing pretty decent, but I knew we were awful at the core. We took Nashville to OT, we beat Florida, we beat the Kings (no Carter), The Blackhawks (twice), then got absolutely shut down and dismantled by Phoenix in the finale. I was really impressed with their team game and goaltending.

    The last 3 regulation losses we had were Washington, NY Rangers, and Phoenix. All still alive. Phoenix was playing so well, it would have been hard to beat them for any team, as is proving true.

    Tippet just doesn’t want to be favored and is playing the underdog card like, “We were lucky to beat Nashville, good thing they had distractions or my under powered team would have lost.”

    No way, Phoenix is red hot!

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