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Could CBC cuts include Don Cherry’s job?

Apr 6, 2012, 6:54 PM EDT

Don Cherry

Don Cherry may be Hockey Night in Canada’s most famous personality, but Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail wonders if Grapes’ job could be among the many cuts the CBC will be forced to make in the wake of the federal government’s decision to slash the public broadcaster’s budget.

Faced with a 10-percent cut in its federal funding, CBC could make a reasonable saving on the line item that reads “Flamboyant hockey analyst … estimated $800 K.”

According to CBC executive VP Kirstine Stewart, the cuts don’t “mean the end of Coach’s Corner or Don Cherry.” However, when Dowbiggin asked Stewart if Cherry, 78, would be back next fall, he received no reply.

The NHL is responsible for a huge portion of the CBC’s advertising revenues, but how much of that revenue would be lost without Grapes on the payroll might need to be explored given the drastic cuts that are guaranteed to cost hundreds of other jobs.

  1. davebabychreturns - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:15 PM

    At the very least his wardrobe budget might be cut. For the 2012-13 season we’ll see Don sporting a line of suits made from fabric found originally on second hand sofas and drapes…

    • bcisleman - Apr 6, 2012 at 10:49 PM

      Did you see the RMR when Grapes took Rick to get a suit tailored? That’s essentially what he does now.

      • nhllegend - Apr 7, 2012 at 4:24 PM

        Good God!!… get that Flaming Spaz OFF the Dignified respected game of Hockey !!! – Discusting, uncharismatic, spaztic. – Put “it”/him on “Prancing with the Stars” or “Canadas gayest loser” competition reality show. This Joke has NO place in Canadian Or American Hockey.

  2. kcredneck - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:18 PM


    • fingers777 - Apr 6, 2012 at 8:37 PM

      If your going to make fun of us, at least get the spelling right ……….not A !

      • gbiscottagecheesefatties - Apr 7, 2012 at 3:21 PM


        I am a Minnesotan and can’t stop laughing at this “A” HAHHAHAHHAHA!

        I am not a fan of Cherry at all and honestly can’t understand why people enjoy him so much but to each their own.

  3. terminalcityhockey - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:31 PM

    If push comes to shove, it’s probably in Cherry’s interest to do the show for free. It’ll keep him in the spotlight which is what he seems to want anyway. I can’t imagine Grapes is short on cash these days.

    • davebabychreturns - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:36 PM

      Heck since he seems to think it’s still the 1980s out on the ice maybe the folks at the CBC can just show him one of his old contracts and hope he buys it..

  4. drewzducks - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Wouldn’t they save more if they just disbanded the useless Canadiens ?

  5. murtdurt - Apr 6, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    The last thing CBC should be worried about is losing viewers if cherry goes. As a Canadian I find other things to watch during first intermissions. Then again I’m not usually watching the first game on CBC anyway because it’s probably leafs vs anyone else in the league and by the end of October I’ve met my quota of leafs games

  6. obamareallysucks - Apr 6, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    he is stupid but funny; like joe biden.

    • ven9898 - Apr 6, 2012 at 11:11 PM

      Or George W. Bush?

  7. kcredneck - Apr 6, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Sorry fingers 777, Ah!

  8. kcredneck - Apr 6, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    Oops i did it again! …eh…!

  9. iamanidiotfan - Apr 6, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    I know it’s cool to hate on Cherry, but the ratings speak for themselves. The ratings go up more during Coach’s Corner. More ratings means more revenues. When they’re losing 10% of their funding, it doesn’t really make business sense to get rid of a proven draw.

    • bcisleman - Apr 6, 2012 at 10:52 PM

      Exactly right. He has a loyal following, a fact proven by his being named one of the 10 greatest Canadians. If CBC ditched him, he’d likely wind up with TSN or another competitor and take his followers with him.

      • mikebel11 - Apr 7, 2012 at 12:32 PM

        Actually the ratings go down during coaches corner. WAAAAY down in fact, as the last paragraph of this article tells you.

        And TSN already has a far superior show to HNIC featuring up to date, intelligent analysts, who touch on topics from across the NHL rather than ranting about one team and being senile. If Cherry gets cut from CBC, his career is over as it should have been years ago.

      • gbiscottagecheesefatties - Apr 7, 2012 at 3:25 PM

        as an American I would like to see the list of the top 10 Canadians….

        How can he possibly rank as one of the top 10 best of a country, YIKES! let’s be serious here

  10. steelpenguin71 - Apr 7, 2012 at 2:01 AM

    One of the 10 greatest Canadians? He better be behind John Candy, the greatest Canadian ever!

  11. thomaspratt - Apr 7, 2012 at 2:19 AM

    Cherry’s salary is absurd, but Ron Maclean’s over $400K is also a scandal.

  12. id4joey - Apr 7, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Ok! It is time to get Coach’s Corner off the air and replace it with a format that is more current. Perhaps an interactive format with fans and social media. Guests could vary from week to week. I.e. GMs, owners, players, etc..

  13. sabatimus - Apr 7, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    Best news I’ve heard in a while.

  14. bcisleman - Apr 6, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Yes, he does…in Bridgeport where he’s been playing most of the year.

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