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Islanders, Nabokov expected to begin contract talks soon

Feb 19, 2012, 8:12 PM EDT

Evgeni Nabokov Getty Images

Does Evgeni Nabokov enjoy playing for the New York Islanders or is he simply fulfilling his contractual duties because the Islanders snatched him from the team he signed with, the Detroit Red Wings? We might find out the answer to that question soon enough.

According to Arthur Staple of Newsday, the Islanders and Nabokov’s agent, Don Meehan, will probably engage in contract talks in the near future. It’s possible that the Islanders are simply gauging his level of interest in an extension and getting a feel for what it would cost them before deciding if they should explore other options. However, it’s worth noting that Islanders GM Garth Snow has publicly stated that he doesn’t plan on trading Nabokov.

Al Montoya’s contract is also set to expire at the end of the season and they shouldn’t be expected to sign both of them – even though they might very well need three NHL-ready goaltenders under contract if Rick DiPietro is one of them.

  1. spizzjr - Feb 19, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    NABBY!!! RESIGN!!!!

  2. bcisleman - Feb 19, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    I fully expect Garth to re-sign Nabby and probably Al as well. RDP likely is headed toward either a buyout or a trip to Bridgeport and possibly retirement. This is good news. One wonders what everyone was waiting for.

  3. 4cupsinarow - Feb 19, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    Trade him while he’s worth a ton in a market with few premier goalies available… Poulin is ready now! Montoya is one of the worst goaltenders I’ve ever seen. The guy cant cover angles to save his life let alone the puck. Keeping a 36 year old Nabby and retarding Poulins growth while not getting this team a asset for the aging net minder would be just one more huge mistake added to Snows pathetic profile… Kind of like keeping Rolston, Reasoner, Pandolpho, Staios, Eaton, Montoya and Motteau ( not mention a few others) on this team while kids like Cizikas, Donovan, Rakshani, Poulin, DaHaan( before wasting him in the A got him hurt) and Ness whos finally up (but for how long?)dominate in the AHL. I’ve never seen a more irresponsible GM in my life… One just has to look at the misuse of Niederreiter to know the owner, GM and coach are clueless. Tavares needs a real NHL coach to get him to the next level. Coach Crap isnt him. It makes me so sad to watch a team I love keep this same crap up year after year! I can’t wait till they give the one hit wonder PA Parenteau a huge mistake contract like one handed out to last season one hit wonder Grabner.
    And all you DiPietro haters three years ago you all loved him and bought his jersey… Have a little loyalty… Let’s bag on a guy who’s been ruined by the misuse of a desperate team who played him through injury as a kid and destroyed his legs and hips( pathetic!).. I do hope he retires for his own health as he has nothing left to prove… What happened to the real Isles fans? These snow loving al Montoya rooting Crapuano is a good coach fans need to open their eyes! This team has such a bright future that’s being dulled by such bad management!!!
    Sorry needed to vent … Lol

    • bcisleman - Feb 20, 2012 at 1:22 AM

      Clueless post. You apparently have not been watching the Islanders very carefully. Cizikas, et al are NOT ready. In fact, rushing Poulin into the NHL would be the same mistake that Milbury made with Luongo and DiPietro. Isles need to have reliable veteran goaltending that Nabby and Al can provide. Your comments about Al are beyond absurd. He has played quite well until his injury. In most of his starts this year and last, he has given the team a chance to win.

      Snow is pathetic, huh? Who snatched Moulson and Parenteau away from their previous teams while those teams went out and signed or traded for players who were paid a lot more and have scored far fewer points? Who signed Mark Streit and claimed Michael Grabner when their previous teams had given up on them? Who has transformed what was the worst prospect system in the NHL to the third best? This team with the bright future that you talk about is the team that Garth Snow built almost from nothing. You have no clue at all!!!

  4. arrooo - Feb 19, 2012 at 11:29 PM

    Ask Milbury what to do, and do the exact opposite.

  5. 4cupsinarow - Feb 19, 2012 at 11:54 PM

    I would but he might beat my kid… Lol

  6. 4cupsinarow - Feb 20, 2012 at 3:02 AM

    Lol…. Moulson and Parenteau are products of playing with Tavares. Poulin is 22 not a 18 year old kid goalie. I’m a season ticket holder and have been for quite some time. Snow is the laughing stock of the NHL. He signed Streit because no one else was throwing anything near the 25 mil Snow did at him( I have no problem with that signing). Plus snow promised him he’d play D and not wing like Montreal did most of the time. As for Montoya he’s a garbage goalie who if YOU actually watched the team would see that. He can’t handle the puck, and couldn’t stop a breakaway to save his life. Did you not see the Sabres laughing at him as they shot the puck by him without even a flinch( back to he can’t cover angles well)… Do you remember Toews shooting a puck into a empty net as Montoya stood there totally out of position? If big al is so great why didn’t he start against the canes? Why rush Poulin in for that game and not let him back up… Why because even the Isles know last seasons Dubie is exactly that. My bet is Poulin plays today if Nabby can’t. Also how don’t you know the kids aren’t ready? If there not why is the younger(19 yr old) Nino with the big club and not playing his final year of junior like Kabanov? No other team would take their prize rookie and play him 9 minutes a game with crap like pandolpho, reasoner, and Wallace… NONE! Talk about retarding development… Lol. All the kids I mentioned are older! Wouldn’t you rather see these kids get a taste of the NHL now and add a little excitement and speed to this team? Your telling me Cizikas couldn’t put up Rolstons 9 pts in 50+ games? Your also telling me your happy with Grabner? He’s a soft one trick pony who the other teams have figured out… Great pick up bad signing. Who gives a first year player a 15 mil 5yr deal? You really like Pandolpho?… The guy no other NHL team wanted this year or last… You love the Reasoner deal… He’ll be great next season too… Great signing Garth just like Eaton, Staios, Motteau, and Jurcina. As for the kids we can thank Kenny Morrow and his team of scouts not the fat backup goalie although maybe we can thank him for Bailey). If you want to know Morrow wanted Tyler Myers over Failey. A big rugged puck moving D-man not like the Isles could use that… No? You must have loved watching Wallace too… Why not Rakashani for more then 5 games( he’s 24-25yrs old) wouldn’t do any better. Let’s talk about the guy Walllace replaced Blake Comeau you know the guy brilliant Snow waived and got nothing for. Wallace is so much better then a tough 25 yr old winger who has offensive potential… Didnt snow make a great trade dumping Wiz for a 2nd rd pick….yep. Your right Snows awesome! I bet your one of those Isles fans who loved Trevor Gillies and wishes he was on the big team… But no lets not give Haley a shot you know a tough kid who has some skill lets play Wallace, and Pandolpho there instead. Talk about clueless…lol
    There’s so many more examples I could use but why when apparently you’ve already drank the koolaide.
    Not trading Nabby who I love would be a mistake… Same should be said of Parenteau unless he can be signed for a very reasonable deal. Why not make this team a cup contender rather then just a in the playoff hunt contender? Rollie was great as a aging goalie last season but do you think Yzerman is loving that signing today? Let’s not let Nabby become this years Rollie.( just got to get more then Wishart for him)

    • bcisleman - Feb 20, 2012 at 1:37 PM

      There’s so much nonsense in your post that I am not going to waste my time responding to it all.. Snow did exactly the right thing in dumping Wiz. He was poison in the room and had a horrible +/-. He has been awful for CLB…when he’s been healthy enough to play.

      Your comments about PA and Moulson are also beyond absurd. If you were paying attention at all this year, you would note that many and probably most of PA’s points have come on other lines. A player does not rack up the points that PA has or the goals that Matt has unless they are very talented themselves.

      Grabs a one trick pony? He’s having an off year but he’s still on pace to get over 20 goals. If that’s your idea of a bust, we need more of them!

      I like Haley, but the idea that he has some great offensive potential is a joke when you look at his career. Even at the junior level, he rarely was out of single digits in scoring. He’s a marginal 4th liner at best.

      Comeau should have been traded in the off season. Rumor is that Garth wanted to, but Wang didnt want to lay out more salary for anothe rplayer. In any event, he was a very average and insconsistent player and no great loss.

      As to your comment about Bailey and Meyers, what is your source? By all accounts, the Isles were set on Bailey from the get go. i don’t buy your allegation.

      BUF laughing at Al? He has a .941 sv% against them and a 1.92 GAA average. If they WERE laughing at him, they’d be pretty silly…but no sillier than your comments about him.

      This team is the team that GARTH SNOW built. He built it from almost nothing because that is what Milbury left him. Of course, a GM relies on his scouts, but he has to make the decisions and most of Garth’s have been very good ones regardless of what bitter haters like you think. You are probably a Botta guy so go comment on his blog about your Garth hate and leave the rest of us alone!!!

  7. 4cupsinarow - Feb 20, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    I actually am not a fan of Botta and was happy when the Isles fired him.
    I said Haley has SOME skill. I never said he was a offensive monster.
    Grabner looked great today on yet another missed breakaway, and how many of his goals came on empty netters?
    I actually like Bailey as a 3rd or 4th line center PK specialist. Nielsen can play the other.
    Let’s not make Snow out to be a genius here. He’s had more failures then successes.
    I do like how you avoid answering all the questions and only answer the somewhat debatable ones.
    And yes check the stats over 90% of PAs pts do come with Tavares both directly from being paired with him on the PP and top line…. Which is fine at least he trys and JT needs someone who can get him the puck. Would I give him a 5 yr 20mil deal.. Not a chance! And I like Moulson but without a premier playmaker in the middle he’s warren young without Lemieux.
    In all reality the Isles need a new owner on down. Mr Wang was happy to pay 3billion on the lighthouse project but when that gets shot down he decides he needs us the Nassau county residents to foot the bill for a 400 mil renovation even though we’re one of the highest taxed people in the entire nation. Typical of his type. l This BS all starts with him and filters down. Free agents won’t come here not because of the aging building as Garth states but because of the embarrassment we’ve had in a front office and ownership which actually dates back to before the Milbury era.
    Also there’s no need to be such a ass unless Garth is your Daddy. Heated debates are fun and can be educational for all involved. Sad your a it’s my way or the highway guy. I Spend over 6k a year supporting the Isles living and dying with this team… Yes my family is one of the 9000 that show up daily to watch the same promises and failures year after year. I’d like my kids to see the same environment that I got to enjoy as a kid with my Dad and friends. Maybe your a kid and don’t remember those days… I hope you/we get to see them again… I just don’t see under the management and coaching staffs… I hope I’m proved wrong.

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