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Breaking down Team Alfredsson vs. Team Chara

Jan 27, 2012, 12:50 AM EDT

There’s a solid chance you already voted for Team Alfredsson or Team Chara in these polls.

Still, if you’re mulling it over or just want to soak in waves and waves of information, then this post should be your tonic. Starting things off, has this splendid “Tale of the Tape” for both teams. Check out the screen shot below.

source:  (click to enlarge)

A few takeaways from that:

  • Despite Chara’s presence, both teams average the same height and about the same weight.
  • Alf is the older captain but Chara’s team is almost two years their senior on average.
  • Team Chara boasts a roster of players who’ve been selected to the All-Star Game far more often.

Moving on, if you’re wondering how much each team would cost if they actually played a full season, the wonderful number crunchers at Cap Geek have those answers.

Team Alfredsson (via Cap Geek): $90.4 million overall cap hits; $86.8 million in salary this season.

Team Chara (via Cap Geek): $106.3 million overall cap hits; $107.5 million in salary this season.

So Team Chara is older, slightly bigger, far more expensive and more decorated. Does that make them better? Vote in the polls in this post to share your thoughts – and let us know in the comments if this post changed your mind at all.

  1. hystoracle - Jan 27, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    Team Chara is negligibly bigger – 3lbs isn’t much of a difference. The most intriguing stat in the “tale of the Tape” was the total points in 2011-2012 for both teams. Only 1 pt difference. That is a pretty even split. The fantasy draft is fun to watch. Could of done without the useless trending coverage. Also can we the host please find something other than asking the players about being last picked? It was the go to question everytime. And the players continued to look at him like he was an idiot. Cotoure didn’t look very impressed with the vehicle they came up with.

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