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Sharks GM is always talking to other GMs about potential trades

Jan 16, 2012, 12:30 PM EDT


Interesting quote from San Jose general manager Doug Wilson on how he approaches trades.

“What I try to do is keep in touch with every GM at least once a month, see how their team is performing, what their injuries are, and plant seeds,” Wilson told USA Today. “Sometimes you plant a seed and it might take a year or so before a player becomes available. We did some deals with Minnesota this summer that were based upon that. We told them what it is we were looking for, and if a couple of their players they decided they were going to go in a different direction, to please call us.”

OK, so some of you might not call that “interesting” – more like “obvious.” But I wonder if every GM is in contact with other GMs on a regular basis. Or for some guys, do they only make calls when they need something? I also wonder what percentage of trades are consummated over months versus days, or even hours. (See: the curious case of Mike Cammalleri.)

  1. 1943mrmojorisin1971 - Jan 16, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    The GMs only making calls when they really need something are likely the ones that don’t hold on to their jobs very long. Any good GM is constantly trying to improve his team.

    • finfan88shark - Jan 16, 2012 at 8:04 PM

      Wilson does not use Free Agency, is a poor drafter, trades away draft picks and will not blame the 2 “Stars” who are actually to blame for the teams playoff failure. Wilson uses the trade as his primary way too improve the team. A Good GM uses the Draft, Free agency and Trades as ways to improve the team. One just need to look at two bay area teams to see how to do it through the draft and signing of free agents. Check out how the 49ers and Giants were built.

      • just4funhockey - Jan 20, 2012 at 3:48 PM

        Bro you need to open your eyes. You don’t find Joe Pavelski, Jason Demers, or Justin Braun in the bottom 2 rounds and call that drafting poorly. In fact i think the reason we are seeing success from younger players is because the head scouting guy for the SJS scouts heavily in the NCAA. Nick Petrecki, Tommy Wingels (a late draft pick), Torrey Mitchell, and Matt Nieto all came from some NCAA hockey team. Besides when you are drafting from a pool of players that is rarely looked at and drafting well (ie. a guy like Sean Kuraly who is tearing up the USHL) why hold on to a first round pick when you can get those types of players later on. Why not use that first round pick to acquire a quality player with an attractive deal?

  2. davebabychreturns - Jan 16, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    They all post in the HFBoards trade proposals board under assumed names..

  3. finfan88shark - Jan 16, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    Talking to all teams? Sorry Doug but your trade record shows otherwise. You have never traded with Brian Burke, you have never traded with the Kings, or the Red Wings either. Wilson might be talking to GM’s but it is not about trades. Wilson is a great PR guy, and would make a great politician, because he is really good at saying what people want to hear. As a fan I can already tell you what type of player Wilson will be acquiring. I can also already here his excuses after the playoffs.\

    Wilson right now is looking for a

    1. A Player who is an UFA at seasons end== Rental Player
    2. A player who is a marginal top 6 type of player
    3. A player who is decent at face offs
    4. A player who plays on the PK
    5. A player who lacks heart
    6. A player who has an injury history
    7. A Player who plays for one of the team he will trade with.
    8. A player who does not hit, and will not make a difference come playoff time.

    —-Wilson trade history shows that he is most likely going to trade with a Southeastern division team. And will not be trading with the Kings, Stars, Coyotes, The Red Wings, The Blackhawks, or Nashville at the deadline.

  4. finfan88shark - Jan 16, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    As an example I can go back and find this exact quote again. Wilson is so predictable with what he is going to do and say it is not even funny. At the start free agency, he will talk about “Teams Overpaying”, and the need to be responsible, before he goes out and wastes money on the next Nicholas Wallin or Kent Huskins contract. After the play offs Wilson will talk about the team needing “More grit and sandpaper”. In the summer you will hear him say that team won’t be completely built until the trade deadline…,,,etc…

  5. seasoula - Jan 25, 2012 at 3:54 AM

    you certainly have an abundant amount of insight and passion and thats always what its all about:)) Many times when things get tough its easy to just say lets make some big changes, but questioning Doug Wilson is childish. He is without question one of (if not the best) GM, active in the NHL…
    You make valid points when you say that SJ’s stars have not performed when it means the most.. Its true they have not, PM and JT have won NOTHING (only the cup means anything) in the NHL since they were drafted #1 and #2 in the 1997 draft.. that was almost 15 years ago. You have to really look at the gap in skill between NHL 1st lines, 2nd, 3rd, 4th… Every single line up is an entire league of talent.. The fact of the matter is that PM and JT at the top of the top of the talent pool in the NHL, there is no question about that. Every team that wins a cup needs a few guys that are just outstandingly talented, and SJ has those 2 players. They are consistent year to year, PM is in the top 10 for goals scored this century, and only 4 players in history ( gretz,oates,orr,mario) have scored more assists in a season than JT and hes down it twice for the sharks (06,07)…
    You cant give up on the foundational pieces of your team when they are that good, you stand behind them because if you win a cup it will be because of them.. BUT!!! Clutch is everything in the NHL… and they have been nothing near clutch in their careers, who knows why these guys havent been able to win in a league they both have numerically dominated this entire decade…
    Maybe they just dont want it bad enough?? maybe they they just stink when it counts?? Either way i would not it put it past DW to do whatever needs to be done if another playoff failure woes this team. after this year JT and PM will both be 32 years old.. The CUP is won with youth these days and DW is well aware of that fact. I certainly hope they can figure it out sooner than later.

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