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Stan Bowman’s trade wishlist isn’t very unique

Jan 6, 2012, 8:20 AM EDT

Stan Bowman AP

Chicago GM Stan Bowman has a wishlist for what he’d like to get to help his team challenge for the Stanley Cup. The problem is, his list is all too similar to what other GMs are on the hunt for.

Bowman tells’s Tracey Myers that he’d like to get a center and a defenseman to bolster his team’s roster, but confesses that getting the players that work best might be difficult to do.

“I think you can never have enough defensemen. I think last year Vancouver used 10 or 11? Up front, I think you can make the same argument for a centerman,” Bowman said. “But if you talk to the other GMs, and I’ve talked to a lot recently, they’re looking for center and defense as well. Those are the positions most in demand. We’re probably not unique that way.”

Certainly not and while there’s a host of big names being tossed around out there, especially in Anaheim, the Blackhawks aren’t looking to make a splash. If he’s following the Vancouver model at all, finding ideal role players and improving depth is more what he’s after. With some nagging injuries that have forced Chicago to dip into the minor leagues in a big way, having more depth for the playoffs makes too much sense.

Of course if a GM wanted to throw a second line center at him at a reasonable cost, it would be hard to say “no” to that.

  1. rarelyshaves - Jan 6, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    what did you expect him to say?

    “im really looking for a bus driver that’ll have some great sing-a-longs to keep team morale high”

  2. danphipps01 - Jan 6, 2012 at 11:51 PM

    Not “I want a starting goaltender. No, seriously, a real one this time.”?

  3. SharkCircle - Jan 11, 2012 at 4:17 AM

    Hawks cant afford to settle for just depth. They need a true 2nd line center, and just because other teams want it too doesnt mean that cant get it. They have more to offer than just about anyone. Bickell, Smith, Kruger, McnNeill, Morin, Saad, a tier down is Beach, 1st round picks, no one there is a core player on the Hawks roster right now and theres still tons of value. I mean they have like 3-4 solid 1st round prospects who still have as much value as they did on draft day, if not more. I completely forgot Olsen thats how deep they are. Take any 2 of those prospects, add a 1st and 3rd round pick, and you can get an all-star calibre player just with that. Thats a lot like what Kovalchuk and Hossa netted on deadline day, if not more.

    So the Hawks CAN definitely do it, and truth be told, they dont have enough roster spots OR cap space to keep all 4-5 of their blue chip prospects on the roster for the next five-ten years. If you only have two roster spots, for example, youre better off turning your five good prospects into two GREAT players than end up with two good players on your team and three leaving for nothing for free agency or just never making the team, or at best, you end up trading them then instead of now, and you delayed for three-four years for nothing. You kept them playing in the minors until they got good enough for the NHL, then traded them, so you waited for nothing. You could have just traded them now and gotten help for those three years instead of wasting your prospects in the minor leagues.

    Bowman should definitely make some big moves, because right now his team doesnt have enough depth, and the Hawks just suck in front of the nets. Those hard places to play, like the boards and the net, the places playoff series are usually decided, the Hawks just suck there, plain and simple. They make up for it in spades with their skill everywhere else, but their lack of strength along the boards and in winning the trench battles in front of the net and everywhere else could really come to bite (read: eliminate) them against teams like the St Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, even Los Angeles Kings if they can get some scoring, even the Vancouver Canucks, who arent as big or physical as the other three teams, but are still better at the trench battles than Chicago.

    Stan Bowman needs to improve the Hawks roster bigtime if theyre going to win another Cup this year. Goaltending is also a huge problem area that they better hide with a significantly improved team or update too.

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