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Barch on Subban comment: “It was nowhere along the lines of a racial slur”

Jan 5, 2012, 2:39 PM EDT

Barch_Krystofer’s Dave Lozo reports that Florida Panthers forward Krys Barch is adamant the “inappropriate comments” he directed towards Montreal’s PK Subban were in no way racially motivated.

“I know myself and what I said, it may have been inappropriate,” Barch said. “But it was nowhere along the lines of racial slur.”

Barch was suspended one game for his actions during a Dec. 31 contest against the Canadiens. According to George Richards of the Miami Herald, Barch asked Subban if he “slipped on a banana peel” after falling in a first-period tussle with Erik Gudbranson.

The decision to suspend Barch has raised some questions. On Thursday, Barch said that NHL Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell told him if he thought Barch’s comments were racially motivated he would’ve suspended him for, “five-to-10 games and this would’ve been done the day after.”

Which begs the question — if the league didn’t view Barch’s comments as racially motivated, what’s he being suspended for? Bad taste? Poor judgement? Political incorrectness?

The NHL has suspended players for making racial remarks in the past. In 1997, Washington’s Chris Simon was suspended three games for shouting a slur at Edmonton’s Mike Grier — and it’s clear Barch doesn’t want to be placed into that category of offenders.

“I was brought up living in southern Ontario, one of the most multi-cultured places in North America, if not the world,” Barch told the Sun-Sentinel. “Playing in a league with so many nationalities with players from so many countries, being as diverse as we really are, I would never want to touch people, especially my peers and guys I play against, in that way.’’

  1. brockohol - Jan 5, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    r u kidding me? if its not racist, then what is it? you can here guys calling each other fa**ot, pu**ssy, piece of Fing S, etc…but you talk about fruit and your suspended? where is the players rep on this one?

  2. donttouchthedirtypenny - Jan 5, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    Don’t forget c**k, a**hole, MF, qu**r.

  3. danphipps01 - Jan 6, 2012 at 1:36 AM

    Aye, that’s the truth of it. If anything, this ridiculous debacle should generate debate over the NHL’s utter hypocrisy, not its “stand-up attitude against racism” or whatever the fuck Gary Bettman and co. are hoping the bleeding-heart journalists will say about them in the headlines tomorrow. A guy can’t use the word “banana” whilst addressing a black man for fear he’ll get jumped by the paranoid white guys running the sport, but they all call each other faggots roughly a million times a game and nobody gives a shit. How many gay guys do you figure there are in the NHL? Probably very few, but there are less than twenty black guys playing and that’s enough to get them so worked up that using the word “banana” can get you suspended if you say it to the wrong guy. Here’s my figuring – there are probably at least as many gay guys in hockey as black guys, with the difference being that they’re not conveniently colour-coded. As long as the NHL does jack shit to deal with anti-homosexual slurs, its “stand-up” stance on imaginary racism is not only comical, but hypocritical to the point of irrelevance. Same goes for other ethnic, sexual, religious or national slurs – wonder how many Eastern Europeans badmouth each other, given the sheer tension amongst nations in the region? Wonder if an American and a Russian have ever laid into each other for the countries of their births? I don’t. It’s happened, guaranteed, and I doubt it just stopped at the end of the Cold War.

    Either you tolerate it all, or you tolerate nothing. There are no points for this half-measure bullshit.

  4. sizzle299 - Jan 6, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    You make a valid point about the hypocracy of punishing racist comments and not anti-gay ones. That should be the subject of valid discussion- but lets be serious it won’t.

    But you lose me, and everyone, by saying that if they don’t punish every type of offensive remark that the league is engaging in “half-measured bullshit”. That’s a very foolish thing to say, and implies that the league should allow blatently racist comments. You should understand the difference between making a racist comment [considering the past history of slavery and recent, if not current, practices of discrimination in many public and private institutions] and a comment insulting ethniticy or perceived homosexuality.

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