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Authorities seize $350K in fake Winter Classic gear

Jan 3, 2012, 4:23 PM EDT

The New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers sported some outstanding duds for the 2012 Winter Classic, so street vendors paid little mind to silly “laws” when they tried to get their cut. Unfortunately for them, NBC Philadelphia’s Teresa Masterson reports that federal officials seized a whopping $350,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise right before the event.

Officials report that 1,649 fake items were seized, so even if that math is a little optimistic, it’s still a lot of clothing with logos that will probably dissolve within five washes.

Vendors were reportedly planning to sell them for the same price as licensed stores. NBC Philadelphia features this photo of some of the seized fakes:


As you can see, those aren’t your run-of-the-mill counterfeit bits of merchandise that look so inauthentic that they’re almost kind of charming. Officials listed three ways to detect fakes:

  • Look for the hologram sticker or holographic hangtag and a sewn-in or screen printed neck label identifying a licensee that has been authorized by the NHL to produce “genuine” or “official” merchandise.
  • Shop at legitimate retailers, such as the official Philadelphia Flyers team store and website rather than buy items from street vendors, flea markets, overseas websites or other questionable sources.
  • Beware of ripped tags or irregular markings on apparel.
  1. jkay1818 - Jan 3, 2012 at 4:59 PM

    Shop at legitimate retailers, such as the official Philadelphia Flyers team store and website

    Authorities should be looking at all team stores for robbing people. Shop at the team store so you can pay 39.99 for a t shirt and only 34.99 for a hat. Buy a plastic mug for only 21 dollars also.

  2. alexb64 - Jan 3, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    “Shop at legitimate retailers, such as the official Philadelphia Flyers team store and website rather than buy items from street vendors, flea markets, overseas websites or other questionable sources.”

    If only buying from the official stores could even get you peace of mind. I got an Edge jersey off their official store that was sent to me with what a simple google image search showed me was the wrong style & color of letters & numbers. Then they refused to exchange it because there was “nothing defective about the jersey itself” & customization issues cannot be refunded or exchanged unless received item was different than requested item, what they told me exactly. So basically I paid about $350 to look like I bought a knockoff jersey.

  3. canuck54143 - Jan 3, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Why pay retail when you can get the same Jersey for $46 shipped to your door from Call it want you want but the owners and players proved they dont care about the fans with lockouts, and raised ticket prices. Some of us got smart!!!! By the way you can’t tell between real and fake I checked

    • tbcrow - Jan 3, 2012 at 11:21 PM

      How many Jersey’s have you bought from there, I really like some of what they have to offer.

      • greatminnesotasportsmind - Jan 4, 2012 at 12:58 AM

        I have bought a few jerseys from these Chinese web sites. They are getting better with the NFL jerseys. The first batch looked hideous, the yellow collar on my Favre Vikings jersey was more of a puke gold. Now they have the yellow down, you can’t tell it’s fake unless you look at the Reebok logo on the sleeve and see 1 string that was sown to connect the logo to the box around it.

        I bought a green Wild Koivu jersey and I can’t tell that is fake either. Even comes with a fight strap.

        Bottom line, I’d rather pay 20 and 38 bucks respectively for the fake jerseys than spend 80 for a screen print NFL jersey where the name and number to fade out in 3 weeks.

    • wingsdjy - Jan 4, 2012 at 11:06 AM

      For the Minnesota jersey you bought, were the logos, name, and number sewn on or screen-printed? Might be willing to buy a knock-off, but only if it’s still sewn. Thanks!

    • elvispocomo - Jan 4, 2012 at 5:09 PM

      Those jerseys are obvious fakes that look nothing like the real ones. Horrible crests, off colours stripes and lettering, and even the “list price” of $239.99 compared to the “our price” of $29.9 (that’s not a typo, they didn’t put a ‘0’ after the $29.9) are all obvious reasons not to support them, nevermind their made in a sweatshop by Chinese children. They even have home and away versions of Ryan Johnson’s #10 still available on there!

      Heck if they can’t get their “About Us” page correctly worded in English, that should be your giveaway:
      “China jerseys factory is both manufacturer and trader specialist in Clothes, The majored products are NFL jerseys,MLB jerseyS,NHL jerseys,NBA jerseys .
      As elder manufacturer and trader in China, we keep step with the international standard,
      and also absorb the advanced producing and testing technic, the quality of our products is in the same class with other famous overseas manufacturers.”

      I’m ashamed as a Canucks fan to see you’ve posted that shite after identifying yourself as the same (by your username).

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