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Laviolette says he hasn’t made a goalie decision

Jan 1, 2012, 12:18 PM EDT

Peter Laviolette AP

Maybe Ilya Bryzgalov says he’s not going to start at the Winter Classic, but coach Peter Laviolette says he hasn’t made a decision.

Laviolette quickly followed up Bryzgalov’s brash announcement this morning saying he had yet to speak to the goalies, but he would soon and announce a starter later today.’s Tim Panaccio suspects that Flyers goalie coach Jeff Reese let the goalies know what was up and Bryzgalov ran with the new information. For what it’s worth, Sergei Bobrovsky didn’t say anything about whether he was starting or not.

If we’re going to be giving out insider information the chances we’ll trust Bryzgalov with that information are pretty slim.

  1. icelovinbrotha215 - Jan 1, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    I think we have to go with Bob. The FlyBoys have lost the first two meetings against the BlueShirts. On such a big stage and against a divisional foe, it’s big game for the Flyers’ psychy. Let’s not forget how tight the Atlantic Division race is right now.

  2. kingjoe1 - Jan 1, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    The reason the Flyer paid 50 million is to have a number one goalie. To often they make rash decisions, especially during the playoffs. While show-casing Bob for a trade for a defenseman is a good idea, Ilya needs to know this is HIS team. To let Bob start this game would be a slap in the face of Ilya and also show the other players that mgmt doesnt have confidence in their 50 million dollar goalie.

    • steelwarriors55 - Jan 1, 2012 at 3:56 PM

      I dont think it is up to the coach to give his team the best chances to win games and right now Bryz simply doesnt play like a 50 mil goalie while Bob is the hot hands.Bryz wants the Flyers to be HIS team ? Then what about starting to play like a #1 goalie and then the net is yours ? I thought Lavy should have give the net to Bob way before.This is a business not a daycare center,we pay you freakin tons of millions so play to the standards or warm the bench

      • kingjoe1 - Jan 1, 2012 at 4:15 PM

        Your thinking is the same thing the Flyers have said for years. That mindset has not worked. Luongo was allowed to work through his issue and he has excelled. THe Bob showed last year that he can’t get on a long roll to get the Flyers through the playoffs. This reason is why they needed a #1; the need to police themselves from making rash decisions. Ride Ilya all year, dont look at it day to day or week to week. After the season they can see if it worked.,

      • danphipps01 - Jan 1, 2012 at 11:28 PM

        Excelled, has he? He blew up in the Chicago series the year the ‘Hawks won the Cup, the ‘Nucks trusted him, he came back, blew up against them again, they BARELY edged the ‘Hawks out and carried on, got to the Final, and Luongo blew up again. I heartily disagree. Letting him “work through his issue” has produced three big-series chokes, two of which cost them their playoff runs, and while there are plenty of other reasons contributing to the Canucks’ losses in both years, Luongo stands out as one of the bigger ones. Maybe not the biggest, but he’s up there.

        As for Bryz, he was signed from the Coyotes, which are a defense-first team that always makes goalies look better than they are. Look at Mike Smith. Do you honestly think he’s as good as his play in Phoenix this year makes him look? He was never that good for the Lightning, not once. Bryzgalov looked good for them, but on a team that isn’t as defense-oriented and which takes certain liberties to create a more daring and powerful attack, he’s playing at a much less impressive level. Without a system to prop him up, he’s not that great. He’s currently 24th in GAA amongst starting goalies and dead last in save percentage. He’s just plain bad. There’s no excusing it.

  3. steelwarriors55 - Jan 1, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    @kingjoe1 Well the thing is the mistake was first made with his contract.You allow a guy like Bryz to sign that kind of money and then you end up being in that kind of mess and you should let him play instead of the young gun ? I’m sorry but I’m just not down with it.Luongo was allowed to work through his issue ??? You might want to remember when they let him sit on the bench for 7 straigths consecutive games where they put Schneider in the net.You might have forgot that people in vancouver wanted Luongo out.In fact they still want him out.

    Oh and by the way,Bob struggled last year because it was his first year in North America and he played 20 more games than any other seasons he played in the KHL.I’m not willing to give up on him just yet.

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