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Theo Fleury sounds off about Pat Hickey’s accusations

Dec 13, 2011, 9:09 AM EDT

Theo Fleury Getty Images

Theo Fleury isn’t about to let a columnist keep his crusade against Graham James down.

Fleury wasn’t about to let Montreal columnist Pat Hickey take potshots at him saying he “enabled” James by not speaking up sooner.

Fleury posted on his website a simple message firing back at Hickey’s ludicrous accusations. Fleury says that Hickey “is more interested in attempting to pit the abused against one another, than in demanding justice.”

Fleury also says that Hickey’s column “makes pedophiles rub their hands together in glee” that the story has been distorted like this. Fleury ultimately wants to see Hickey fired for taking this position.

Hickey’s victim-blaming piece is startling and offensive given what victims of abuse go through both mentally and physically because of their abusers. Pat Hickey’s piece deserves all the blow back it is getting from the public and taking such an irresponsible stand on the James situation in the light of what’s happened at Penn State and potentially at Syracuse University as well is just unbelievable.

What Fleury did to help finally get James put away is worthy of commendation, not ridicule or shame.

  1. hague507 - Dec 13, 2011 at 9:38 AM

    I tend to agree with Hickey’s article to an extent. Theo knew the kind of animal James was but he still went into business with James allowing James the potential to continue what he was doing.

    Not saying Theo was to blame for not speaking up sooner BUT he could have not gone into business with James without anyone really questioning why.

    • yeoryia - Dec 13, 2011 at 1:12 PM

      Unfortunately this is how the relationships with predators, their victims, and society work. You may not be saying Theo is to blame for his abuse (you are), but you are saying that he is to blame for the power his abuser held over him. There’s a reason why victims don’t come forward, and will always refrain from doing so, and it’s because of comments like these. They feel as if no one will believe them, or that their abusers will retaliate against them, and they live in fear that society will shame them if they speak out, like you have (you can deny it all you want, but you are a victim-blamer). There is very little incentive when reporting rape or abuse. It’s an awful experience with a small likelihood of seeing justice served, and it’s just another thing that gives abusers power over their victims (just like in this case). Being victimized by the same person repeatedly takes away any sense of power you may have, be it during the abuse, or years after it had occurred.

      Take for example one of the victims of Jerry Sandusky who was force to leave school after he was bullied for coming forward with his allegations. Why is he being treated like a bad guy? Why is Fleury made out to be the problem when he is a victim? Reporting a rape is a huge personal investment, a difficult process that can be embarrassing, shameful, hurtful, frustrating, and too often unfulfilling. There are reasons Theo didn’t come forward with his abuse, which probably are along the same lines as to why he remained close to James.

      • hague507 - Dec 13, 2011 at 1:52 PM

        I have not denied that Fluery is a victim, because he clearly is. I also have not said that he is the reason for the abuse he suffered or that he is wrong for coming out and putting the spot light on James. And at no point do I think that Fluery is lieing about what happened.

        What I don’t understand is why he went into business with James. I to was a victim of abuse (physical not sexual) and as a kid I protected my abuser, but as an adult I wanted nothing to do with him. Yes I fully understand the emotional difference between sexual and physical abuse so my situation is different from Fluery, but I just want to understand why he would do it.

        Comparing the kid from Penn State to Fluery is apples and oranges. Those that harrassed the PS kid are morons but when that kid because older if he goes out and starts a kids basketball team and does so with Sandusky than yes I would have to question why he would do it.

  2. bcjim - Dec 13, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    Love that Calgary Hitmen logo and name. Might need to get me a jersey. Some other cool WHL teams too. Not the Regina Pats though, whats up with them? “Pats”? Seriously?

  3. gr8mind222 - Dec 13, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    Nobody wishes the events that happened on Fleury, on anyone. It is unfortunate that a predator got to him. Hopefully he can get through it. However, basically what Pat Hickey says in his column is factual. If anything Mr. Hickey was kind and handled the reporting with kid gloves-the fact of the matter is that Fleury was a drug fiend and is a rageoholic towards anyone that differs with his viewpoint. Fleury put Sheldon Kennedy in a tough spot. Sheldon Kennedy came forward and Theoren Fleury let Kennedy dangle in the wind. Not only did Fleury not corroborate Kennedy’s story, he took a position where people questioned Kennedy and made Kennedy’s story doubtful or revengeful. This was in the early stages of this story breaking back in 1996. If anything it made Kennedy look like a liar and he was made to stand alone against Graham James. This is not a good position to put any “accuser” in. If it were not for the fortitude and bravery of Kennedy to not only stand up, but to defend HIMSELF against accusations that HE was lying then this thing with Graham James could STILL be going on. What Fleury did was cowardly-to let Kennedy twist alone and to undermine Kennedy’s position and credibility. NO ONE ever mentions this. I have not heard Kennedy speak about this matter (Fleury sinking him) in years and one assumes Kennedy has just moved on. It was and is Fleury’s choice whether to come forward, but he undermined Kennedy for years, so one has to question his motives when he comes forward to release the facts in his autobiography to sell books. Pat Hickey’s position and story may be an unpopular one, but it is factual.

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