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Brooks Orpik is not all that thrilled with Jaromir Jagr

Dec 8, 2011, 11:15 AM EDT

Brooks Orpik Getty Images

Tonight’s Penguins-Flyers game in Philly is going to have its fair share of heat attached to Maxime Talbot, but Jaromir Jagr‘s presence on the Flyers bench is sure to bring about some ill feelings. One of those guys that’s not exactly pleased with Jagr is Pens defenseman Brooks Orpik.

Orpik, the physical leader of the Pens defense, was asked by Pens beat writer Josh Yohe if he was surprised by Jagr’s decision to join the Flyers and how he shunned the Penguins to sign with their cross-state rivals. Orpik answered rather curiously.

“With that guy, you never know,” defenseman Brooks Orpik said. “With his personality, I wasn’t shocked that he went to Philly.”

Well that’s interesting. What sort of personality might that be? One that saw Jagr go from Pittsburgh to Washington to New York to the KHL and now to Philly? It’s as if he’s trolling the Penguins personally. Orpik went on to say that the Jagr-hysteria that surrounds these teams is more of a thing for the fans than anything pointing out that he played in just one training camp with Jagr.

As it is, Orpik says he’s happy things turned out the way they did, and why not? The Penguins already had a great roster and while Jagr would’ve made them other-worldly, they’re still a Stanley Cup contender. Orpik’s dislike of how Jagr does business, however, makes you wonder how they’ll go after him.

The hype for tonight’s game is a bit diminished thanks to Sidney Crosby being out of the lineup. When these two teams get together on December 29 in Pittsburgh, however, buckle up.

  1. dbick - Dec 8, 2011 at 11:51 AM

    Holy hell that is an awful jersey. I’m sure they are in tribute to american troops or something but man, awful.

    • govtminion - Dec 8, 2011 at 2:06 PM

      You said it. Yeesh.

      Still better than some of the ones NHL teams have worn in the past (looking at you, Canucks V-sweaters!), but… ugh, that was a bad idea they put on Orpik there.

    • tdb115 - Dec 9, 2011 at 10:11 AM

      I’m sure that you weren’t aware, but that wasn’t a game jersey. They wore those jerseys for warmup prior to the game and then sold them for charity to benefit a fund for wounded veterans. They still wore their normal jerseys for the game. They have also worn purple versions of their jersey during warmups to auction off to benefit cancer research as well.

  2. miketoasty - Dec 8, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Personally, my favorite player in all of hockey (Brooks Orpik). Plays tough every night and isn’t afraid to speak his mind, so obviously I am going to agree with what he is saying. I don’t know how other people feel but this guy (Jagr) just goes where the money is, doesn’t care who he bothers in the process just wants the cash.

    Also, how can you say that the hype in this game is diminishing just because Crosby isn’t playing? We have the leader of the league in scoring (Giroux) and two teams that hate each other through and through. Will more likely be a blood bath without Crosby playing as Philly won’t be afraid to go after them without getting suspended. Really looking forward to this game!

    • icelovinbrotha215 - Dec 8, 2011 at 12:14 PM

      Most athletes go where the money is at. Idky fans keeping faulting players for do something that they themselves would also do. Hypocritical. And besides, Jags gave Pittsburgh 11 exciting years and 2 Stanley Cups. What else does the city want?

      • miketoasty - Dec 8, 2011 at 12:38 PM

        It’s just that to the fans it’s more personal and to them the money “shouldn’t” be an issue. I never said I have a huge problem with this as the same thing happened with Gonchar, Rupp, and Talbot over the last 3 years. It’s just sports but it still hurts to see someone you grew up admiring lacing up for the time you hate the most.

    • flyers0116 - Dec 8, 2011 at 1:08 PM

      Just like a dumb Pens fan, got the facts wrong. I live in Pittsburgh and so many homers. Jagr passed up bigger money to join the Flyers you moron. That is what pissed off the Pens.

      • miketoasty - Dec 8, 2011 at 2:28 PM

        Please show me some facts backing this up, other than just calling me a moron.

        And you expect a hometown to not overly root for their team? What are you retarded? Sorry I guess I should just show mild interest in all my sports teams. What a…. moron.

      • miketoasty - Dec 8, 2011 at 2:43 PM

        Also, should have known I wouldn’t get an educated response coming from Flyer’s fans, hmmm still waiting for a cup, guess I would be a little pissed too, especially after signing Bryzgalov for 10 years. Stupid Flyers homer!

  3. killerpgh - Dec 8, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    When he says he owes Mario everything and would play for league minimum maybe he should sign the contract that was offered. Or at least just say no, I was full of shit when I said that. No reason to drag the process out like he did past off season. F Jagr!

  4. andyreidisfat - Dec 8, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Yeah jägr sure went to Philly for that big 1 year 3 mill deal. What a selfish money guy huh?

    Orpik is a moron. The simple truth is jägr looked at Pittsburgh where they have 3 good centers and 2 good d men and that’s it and one of those centers can’t cross the blue line without getting a headache. Or he could go to the flyers who have arguably the best d in the NHL. Perhaps the next big time scorer about to get his first chance to be the guy in giroux and a host of young hungry talent. Yeah that’s a tough choice.

    Basicly offered the same deal in both towns except one team is on the rise and looking like the top contender in the east or the team that’s falling with an injured star who at the time no one knew if he was even going to play.

    But hey Pitt fans keep telling yourselves he ” went to Philly for the money” why let anything like facts get in the way.

    By the by didn’t Pitt say we don’t want you anymore back when he went to ny? Why do pens fans think jägr owed them anything at all. Because your local yocal sports guy says he fit ? The pens should be worried about a strong gust of wind giving Crosby another headache than what the flyers (best team in the east and top scoring team in the NHL even though they are top 5 in games lost to injuries) and their players are doing. I predict te flyers dominate the pens tonight. And I hope both teams are healthy and play in the playoffs because what could possibly be better than watching that cry baby Crosby get crushed by jägr

    • miketoasty - Dec 8, 2011 at 2:41 PM

      So 3 good centers and 2 good D? What do the Flyers have, mhm.

      Bryzgalov vs Fleury = Fleury. Already a Stanley Cup winner. One of the best this season in the league. Holding together a team that has had a lot of injuries. I will give Bryzgalov a chance when he wins at least one playoff series in the Past/Next 5 years.

      Pens D vs Philly D = Pens, narrowly. Both are great, Pens have less goals for but have had “Minor” injuries compared to Philly losing Pronger.

      Pens O vs Philly O = Philly. Philly has more depth at forward whereas the Pens have a good first and second line, a better than average third and a patched together fourth. Philly has good depth through all four.

      So tell me that the Flyers are soooo much better like you made it sound.

      The Pens offered half what the Flyers offered, the Flyers most likely (Numbers were never released) offered the best deal on a team Jagr thought could win the cup. Which makes it seem like he went for the money no matter what you say, he just also went for a championship (Which he isn’t going to get).

      No one in Pittsburgh said he owed us anything, Jagr himself said that he owed everything to Mario so I’m just going to stop right there.

      Top D in the league? That’s pretty funny considering they are 18th in the league for goals against which isn’t all on the D but you can’t be worse than middle of the pack with the “Best D in the league”.

      Crosby has played in 10 games now without problems, until now, only after taking a elbow to the head, and a full on check from one of his own players. Like to see you take a body check full on from any NHL player and tell me “It’s just a gust a wind that could knock him out”. Oh and Pronger is only one flight of stairs away from breaking his hip, yea it works both ways.

      Also, without a lot of their stars the Pens still lead the Eastern Conference, keep trying Flyer’s fans.

  5. jpelle82 - Dec 8, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    flyers cant afford to play like they did last night and still expect to win tonight…back to back games and facing a much better team than last night, the flyers are in for a game tonight even without crosby in the lineup.

  6. blastfurnaceknows - Dec 8, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    Pittsburgh fans do not think Jagr owes them anything. You Philly posters are simply misinformed or too stupid to grasp the issue. Killerpgh’s post above is exactly correct – Jagr owed and forever owes Mario Lemieux the simple courtesy to have been candid and honest when talking about returning to the Pens. That is not, of course, what Jagr did – he did what he always has done – he behaved like a self-centered, whiny, contemptuous and disingenuous teenager who would sell his underaged sister for some extra gambling money. Now that I think about it, he’s always been a perfect fit for Filthadelphia. I hope you all enjoy Mr. Groin-Pull’s antics as the season goes on and the Flyers continue to look upwards in the standings at the Pens.

  7. lsxphotog - Dec 8, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    Hockey is a business, just as any other professional sport. It’s up to the player and his agent to seek out the best fit for him – and that includes the amount of space that will be taken up in his wallet. Jagr is the man. I’m extremely happy he didn’t go back to the Pens because I would hate myself if I was rooting for a post Lemieux Penguins to win anything. I like the new Flyers team a whole lot more than I have in the past. Giroux is exciting to watch and Jagr brings me back to my youth hockey days. I still don’t like eithe team, though. haha

  8. cd2121 - Dec 11, 2011 at 4:44 AM

    Who the hell is Brooks Orpik? Seriously? He has no room to talk. The Cheap ass penguins didn’t give Jagr his money so they could sign Pasqual Dupuis? Really? Jagr is averaging a point a game. Enough said. Orpik was 10 years old when Jagr started his career. He needs to shut his mouth. Probably still bitter from when Jagr dragged and scored on him in the playoffs so he had to cheap shot him. Fuck off Orpik.

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