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Lucic might not have concussed Miller after all (also, bonus Miller trade rumor!)

Nov 28, 2011, 2:57 PM EDT

Some interesting stuff coming out of Buffalo Sabres practice this morning.

First, goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice for the first time since leaving the Nov. 12 game against Boston (you know, the getting-run-over-by-Milan Lucic game.)

Second, Miller said he’s no longer sure if Lucic gave him a concussion.

From Bill Hoppe of


“I feel good symptom wise,” Miller told the Buffalo News. “It was more neck and something where I aggravated a disc in my neck pretty good and we had an MRI and CT-scan showing that which kind of backed that up and was the source of a lot of the tension and a lot of the discomfort. It definitely was limiting my range of motion.”

The plan for Miller’s return is to take part as an extra goalie at Tuesday’s morning skate (Buffalo hosts the Islanders tomorrow), then hopefully practice fully on Wednesday — assuming he returns to the Sabres at all.

What’s that? A Ryan Miller trade rumor is making the rounds?

Yes, according to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal.

“We keep hearing that Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is out with a concussion and wouldn’t mind if the Sabres traded him,” Matheson writes. “His wife is a California-based actress, but the Los Angeles Kings have Jonathan Quick between the pipes. The Anaheim Ducks have Jonas Hiller as their starter and the San Jose Sharks seem happy with Antti Niemi in net.”

Miller’s wife is Noureen DeWulf, who you can see in the upcoming hockey/comedy film Breakaway (starring Rob Lowe!)

So, are the claims legit? Can’t say. While I’m not refuting Matheson, I have to point out Edmonton has been ultra-sensitive to the “movie starlet makes hockey beau move to Hollywood”-thing ever since Janet Jones stole Wayne Gretzky away…23 years ago.

So do keep that in mind.

  1. madtolive5 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    I mean this was known fact weeks ago.
    he went back into the game!!!


  2. millertime30 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    if anyone cares to explain to me why someone in EDMONTON would be the first to know (if) (that) ryan miller wants to be traded out of BUFFALO, then i’m all ears…

  3. govtminion - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    No concussion? OK… weird, but ok.

    Wife wants a trade? OK, fine- but why would the Sabres even consider something like that? With all due respect to the rest of the team, where would they be without Miller? (And yes, I know, he’s been out a while, but from a full-season perspective I mean). I’d be stunned if they even considered a trade that didn’t involve a top-talent goalie coming right back the other direction- in which case you might as well just stick with what you have anyway. This isn’t Florida dumping off Luongo- this is a team with legitimate playoff hopes that ride on Miller. Sorry, Mrs. Miller- that’s the breaks of being married to a pro athlete, you go where the contract is and learn to live with it.*

    *=unless you’re Chris Pronger’s wife, of course.

  4. triplepropalm - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    Miller didn’t suffer a concussion on the play. He suffered a whiplash neck injury.

    If you go to The Buffalo News’ Sabres Edge blog, they talk about the injury there. Here is the money line:

    “Miller also said he’s no longer sure if he suffered a concussion from the Nov. 12 hit by Boston’s Milan Lucic, but that disc problems in his neck were a bigger issue.”

  5. sportsfan412 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Ok.. now who’s the piece of Sh*t. They floated the concussion lie out there to try and get Lucic suspended – they even said they did this just for that reason.. Bunch of wusses…. someone makes a hard nose play on them and they resort to lying….

    • davemac32001 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:35 PM

      I don’t know how “hard nose” you’ve got to be to take out a goalie… pretty weak in my view, regardless of whether or not Miller got a concussion…

      • sportsfan412 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:42 PM

        Did you even look at the replay? He didn’t due it out of malice “to take him out”. Obvious sabres fan. If you had a couple of guys like Lucic you wouldn’t get pushed around so much.. it’s freak’in hockey!!!! Bunch of pansies…..

  6. davemac32001 - Nov 28, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Well sportsfan, I’m not a sabres fan – I like the leafs actually – and I would love Lucic on my team. But, if you really believe that he didn’t run Miller intentionally – that he had no chance to get out of the way – then I have to believe you’ve never played this game. Lucic could stop on a dime if he were coming to the crease – or about to hit the boards – but a shot at a wide open Miller was just too juicy to pass up. I get it – and I don’t even denounce it really… but let’s not call it “hard nose hockey”. This was a very effective goon shot at a very valuable opponent. Period.

    • sportsfan412 - Nov 28, 2011 at 4:41 PM

      fair enough – maybe he could’ve stopped – but shanahan didn’t find any evidence of that hence the non suspension. The original premise of my argument was that the sabres actually leaked or allowed to be leaked false information (that Miller had a concussion) in order to inflame the situation so Lucic would get a suspension. That’s where I call bullsh*t. It was actually reported that they don’t usually comment on injuries but only did so this time so that Lucic would get harsher penalty – based on a lie!

      • screecwe - Nov 29, 2011 at 1:54 AM

        They didn’t “leak” nor did they lie about anything. Miller specifically said afterwards they told the media about it because they thought it was important information for Shannahan to know to make his ruling. They also said they “thought it was a concussion” but also mentioned that it could also be his neck causing the headaches, but they wouldnt know until it started to heal. This was put out the next day, after the hit. So no, there was no lying going on. It was a case of two injuries that have the same early symptoms.

  7. sportsfan412 - Nov 28, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    I just went back to youtube to watch it again…. watch Miller at the moment of impact actually lean into the hit with his elbow but it didn’t go as he though it would.

  8. sportsfan412 - Nov 28, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    And this is there answer… pansies…

  9. davemac32001 - Nov 28, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    This fight – even though Lucic dominated – would have been much more effective if it had happened immediately after the hit on Miller. Gaustad was even on the ice at the time I believe…

    • govtminion - Nov 28, 2011 at 5:12 PM

      Absolutely so. Instead, 11 days later, we sat here on this very site and explained that Buffalo HAD to do something to save face from that humiliation. Had they just done that at the time, no questions, no embarrassment, just a team that took care of business.

  10. 8man - Nov 28, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    To me it didn’t matter if Miller had a concussion. The questions have always been was it a dirty hit and did Miller come out too far to play the puck and thus relinquish his expectation of not being checked? I don’t think there was intent to injure, the hit came just after Miller let loose of the puck and he was way out of the crease.

    Again, I get that the NHL wants to protect goalies, but you can’t have them skating out to the faceoff circles to intercept pucks being charged upon by breakaway forwards and not expect a battle for it.

    • screecwe - Nov 29, 2011 at 1:59 AM

      People who are for this hit always say that he should expect to be hit. The rules SPECIFICALLY state the goalie should never expect to take a purposeful hit. 69.4 of the NHL Rules:
      “A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an attacking player makes unnecessary contact with the goalkeeper. However, incidental contact will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such unnecessary contact.”

  11. gallyhatch - Nov 28, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    Shocking, Miller didn’t have a concussion after all.

    They just threw that out there to try to influence the disciplinary decision if any. Thankfully Shannahan wasn’t taking the cheese on that one.

    • screecwe - Nov 29, 2011 at 2:01 AM

      It was whiplash which has similar early symptoms. And as travis down below stated, it was YOUR doctor who diagnosed him with the concussion. Not that he did anything wrong, any Dr would have diagnosed it that way to be on the safe side.

  12. travishenryskid - Nov 28, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    It was the Bruins doctor who diagnosed the concussion, so maybe you Bruins fans want to relax a little.

  13. billyhoyle4real - Nov 29, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    If Mrs. Miller really wants a trade to get her man closer to home so she can have a career, she needs to think… Terry Pegula hands out long big money contracts to guys, so much money that a players wife can sit home and watch bad movies, instead of making them.

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