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It’s not looking good for regular folks to get Winter Classic tickets

Oct 24, 2011, 11:09 AM EDT

2012 Winter Classic

Things aren’t looking good for regular fans hoping to score tickets to the Winter Classic in Philly in January. Sam Carchidi of reports that while season ticket holders are in good shape to get tickets (as long as they buy tickets for the Winter Classic, alumni game, and an AHL game) the regular common fan out there isn’t likely to get tickets through regular means.

The issue here is that they’ve got two sets of season ticket holders to try and make happy in the Flyers and Rangers. That makes things hard enough as it is. There’s also the insane cost to get tickets. Carchidi reports that season ticket holders had to spend anywhere between $79-$349 per seat with a limit of two seats. High cost and a minimal cap on the number seats makes it tough for those fans that wanted to bring more than one person along for the fun.

Now fans have to turn to the secondary market online to get tickets and the costs there are significantly higher. That’s not good for the fans nor their wallets. The Winter Classic is a great event and even though there are twice as many seats to be had for this event than at a normal Flyers or Rangers game, plenty of fans are going to be left out in the cold.

The NHL is limited by what they can do to make this easier on the fans, but doing a little something more would be better than making the whole process more frustrating.

  1. gallyhatch - Oct 24, 2011 at 8:01 PM


    IMO, they should take care of the Philly season ticket holders first & foremost. Maybe reserve a certain amount seats for Rangers season ticket holders after that (set up a random lottery for the opportunities to buy……hey, it’s what the Red Sox do for Yankee games every year, it’s probably the fairest way to execute the whole thing).

    I also think they should only make available the same # of seats that person holds tickets for (no sympathy for season ticket holders who “wanted to bring more than one person along for the fun”). BUT if you have 4 seats on your account, you should get 4 seats there.

    Considering this scenario, the Bruins actually did it right. Season ticket holders were given a 24 hour window (aproximately, I can’t remember the exact time frame……maybe 36 hours) to buy their tickets (same # of seats they have on their acount). If they missed that window, sorry that was your chance. No second chances were available
    They were actually GIVEN tickets to the alumni game. None of this minimum of three games nonsense. That’s absurd.

    If the Flyers / Citizens Bank park are worried about a return on their investment, open it up for public skating. Charge $10 / $15 an hour to skate on the ice, start @ 8:00 am during school vacation days and go through 9 @ night. Fine, it doesn’t have the history of Fenway or Wrigley, but I’m sure thousands of people would pay at least $15 to skate there for an hour. That’s instant revenue right there.

    And in the end, the little guy definitely gets screwed. A non-STH doesn’t stand a chance to get tix for this thing for face value. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also how things work these days.
    With that being said, they can always go to the Alumni game, or AHL game if they want to see hockey @ Citizens Bank park that badly.

  2. wheresdapuck - Oct 25, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    $70 – $349 ticket is not high cost. That’s a regular ticket price for admission to a Caps game at Verizon Center! And the Caps continue to sell out!

    $100 – $1500 would be what I would expect for a Winter Classic game ticket!

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