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Report: Are these the Flyers’ Winter Classic jerseys?

Oct 17, 2011, 8:07 PM EDT

Flyers Winter Classic 2012

It took them forever to make the 2012 Winter Classic official and the last thing left to do is to show off the duds both the Flyers and Rangers will be sporting on January 2. While you can go to Ebay and find a host of phony 2012 Winter Classic jerseys with an assortment of creative designs, the real deals aren’t out there yet.

Or are they? Philly Sports Daily has a look at what they’re saying will be the Flyers’ Winter Classic throwback-like sweater for the annual NHL super event. Whether they are or not, let us put on our best suit and pretend we’re Tim Gunn for a second and break down this orange and black get up.

The prominence of orange is a good thing. The black yoke with the white outline is a sweet 80s-like design and the stripes at the bottom of the sweater help induce a sense of 70s fashion horror. The off-color name plate like what they’ve got on their current sweaters is a nice crossover. In other words: It fits the Flyers perfectly and you won’t be able to go anywhere in Philadelphia without seeing everyone sporting these sweet, Halloween/candy corn beauties.

We’re hoping these are the real deal because there won’t be anything better, nor more jarring, than seeing Claude Giroux, Chris Pronger, and Jaromir Jagr cruising the ice in these goodies.

  1. disp350 - Oct 17, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    Lets get the ball rolling on how the Flyers (they blame the NHL) and sticking it to their fans right where it hurts – in the wallet! Anyone seen the pricing list for tickets? I have tickets in the Center 6 sections at the Wells Fargo Center that cost me $95 each per game. Equivalent tickets for the Winter Classic will cost me either $299 or $349. Then the Flyers have the audacity to force everyone buying tickets to purchase tickets to the Alumni game (another $79) and the Phantoms game ($45 more)! Another $20 a pop for parking at the three events and I am up to over $900 for this fiasco before I even walk in the door. Flyers – next time your offered the Winter Classic, please pass on it so I can go to more regular season games

    • emoser - Oct 18, 2011 at 9:19 AM

      Where do you even see that? I just looked at the site and it says that they aren’t offering tickets to the general public. Ridiculous for a game held in a stadium with over twice as many seats as the WFC.

      • disp350 - Oct 18, 2011 at 9:36 AM

        It was sent to season ticket holders last week. There was a letter included that they dont anticipate any tickets being made available to the general public. Nice, huh?

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