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Report: Steve Moore’s civil case against Todd Bertuzzi has court date set in 2012

Sep 14, 2011, 2:04 PM EDT

Todd Bertuzzi Getty Images

One of the ugliest incidents in modern NHL history will finally see the light of day in civil court.

The March 8, 2004 on-ice assault of former Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore by then Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi that resulted in a broken neck and severe concussion for Moore and an indefinite suspension of Bertuzzi finally has a court date set. Moore is suing Bertuzzi for the injuries suffered when Bertuzzi jumped Moore from behind, driving his head into the ice.

According to CBC, Moore and Bertuzzi will head to court in the fall of 2012 for their civil trial whether Bertuzzi is still playing in the NHL or not.

The target date for the Ontario Superior Court case is Sept. 24, 2012 if Bertuzzi is still an active player, and Oct. 22 if not, according to court documents viewed by CBC.

Court-ordered mediation between the sides has failed to lead to a settlement.

The case will feature Steve Moore and his parents as the plaintiffs and Bertuzzi along with the Canucks former owners, Orca Bay, as the defendants. Back in 2005, criminal charges were filed against Bertuzzi which led to a guilty plea and a one-year suspended sentence as well as 80 hours of community service.

Moore, meanwhile, has not played a game of hockey since the incident while Bertuzzi’s career has continued on. Bertuzzi starts his 16th NHL season this year as a member of the Detroit Red Wings. While it’s been seven years since the incident, Moore as recently as this past March talked about how he’s still feeling effects from the attack.

You’d have to think with testimonials like that, as well as Bertuzzi’s guilty plea, if and when this case gets to trial that Bertuzzi and Orca Bay could be looking at a very rough go of things in court.

  1. ihatethejets23 - Sep 14, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    Steve Moore’s parents deserve nothing.

  2. balewsquare - Sep 14, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    I don’t get why it takes 8 years to do this. And why the court date would be moved back an entire month just because they don’t want to interfere with Bertuzzi’s job.

  3. stakex - Sep 14, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    You know, I’m sure Bratuzzi never intended to hurt Moore the way he did. He was just throwing a (sucker) punch, and things went horribly wrong. However, no matter the intent, his punch destroyed Moores life (ruined his career and he has permanant brain damage… Id call that life destroying) and he is rightfully gonna have to pay for it.

    Kinda sad though that it takes so long for these things to get settled. Not only should Moore get a day in court much faster, Bertuzzi has it hanging over his head all these years. Even though its going to cost him big bucks, I imagine he just wants it over with. Too bad the two couldn’t come to an agreement to put the whole thing in the past… no one needs to be reminded of this all these years later.

  4. neelymessier - Sep 15, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    I like Bertuzzi. But if you call it a sucker punch, then you haven’t seen it. Basically Bertuzzi was retaliating for what he saw as cheap shots against his teammates. He confronted Moore who skated away. Bertuzzi skated up from behind and did sort of throw a punch, but the punch is not what caused the injury. As Moore fell forward, Bertuzzi landed full weight on top of him, and made a conscious effort to force his face/head into the ice as hard as possible. This was no accident. He may not have intended a career ending injury, but he intended to hurt him as badly as possible.

    You rarely see criminal charges for on ice conduct, and Bertuzzi plead guilty. Moore has pain and suffering ongoing, and a big loss of income.

    I would think Bertuzzi would want to settle this, but they are likely asking for so much that his only alternative is to let the court decide the amount.

  5. Joe Michaels - Sep 15, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    I think that Moore should also sue the NHL for not protecting players and for creating an environment of hostility. (And also, separately, Gary Bettman for being…well…a jerk and an idiot).

    Very sad situation. And you can’t say that Bertuzzi’s career hasn’t also been somewhat affected by this. He cannot step onto the ice without the officials watching his every move and whistling him for the slightest of infractions.

    Yes — Detroit signed him. But I’m sure many teams gave him a look and decided against the risk. He’s a marked man.

    Finally, Avs players shouldn’t be douchebags. If they weren’t, this would have never happened.

  6. dourhomework - Feb 19, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    You need to do your homework Joe and neely. Bertuzzi’s assault on Moore was in retaliation for a hit on Naslund in Denver that was a perfectly clean hit. Naslund was reaching ahead for the puck which would have given him a breakaway. Moore did exactly what he was supposed to do and put a clean check on Naslund to separate him from the puck to prevent the breakaway. Naslund knows as a hockey player that you can’t put yourself into a defenseless position where you can’t take a check. Naslund suffered a concussion and missed 2 games. Vancouver had another game in Denver before the assault in Vancouver where they could have tried to exact their revenge if they thought it was such a dirty shot by Moore, but they chose to do nothing and wait for the last meeting of the two teams on their home ice to do their dirty work. If you knew what you were talking about then you should know that Brad May picked a fight with Moore earlier in the game (which Moore won by the way) and that should have been the end of it. I think the Canucks were more upset about that, because of the bounty they had placed on Moore’s head before the game, than anything else. So when the game was over and the Avs had the game in the bag is when Bertuzzi committed his crime. The hit was a huge sucker punch by Todd (sorry to disagree neelymessier) and Moore was out on his feet when Bertuzzi took him to the ground slamming his head into the ice and breaking his neck. It was the ugliest scene I have ever seen in sports. I watched the game which I’m sure that neither Joe Michaels or neelymessier have done. You guys need to do your homework before commenting on something you obviously know very little about.

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