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Jeff Vinik giving the St Pete Times Forum a facelift for next season

Jul 29, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT

Boston Bruins v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Four Getty Images

When Jeff Vinik bought the Tampa Bay Lightning from Len Barrie and Oren Koules, there was a serious need for an owner who would pour time, money, and energy into getting the franchise back on the path towards respectability. A great new general manager, a hotshot young coach, a few good moves, and a run to the Eastern Conference Finals later and the Lightning are regarded as one of the better teams in the East. What a difference 16 months can make. Now that Vinik’s team has made his mark on the league, he’s using his money to make a mark on the building his team plays in. Literally.

In February, the team announced a $35 million renovation project to give the St Pete Times Forum a much needed facelift. The 15-year-old building was ready for a little touching up; but instead ownership is going all out and giving the building a complete makeover. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. From the St. Petersburg Times, Lightning CEO Tod Leiweke shows exactly where the priorities for the renovated building lie as they tore out eight luxury suits to open up the concourse for fans:

“That was a very challenging decision because ultimately, for our long-term viability, we’ve got to make sure we draw more revenue. But we felt the building in some ways needed a soul.”


Re: new seats in arena: “It was the more expensive option, but at the end of the day it really underscored for all of us how serious this guy [owner Jeff Vinik] was in serving our fans. It was a six-figure decision, and he was right. I think it was a moment many of us will remember for a long time, his jumping from seat to seat and saying, ‘This is more comfortable. This is the right thing to do.’ “

These are the kinds of things that will endear a billionaire owner to his team’s fanbase. The renovation project is something that is needed to maintain the building as a world-class venue, but it’s not something that Vinik needs to do to keep the Forum as an acceptable place to house the Lightning. Just look at Nassau Coliseum.

From all accounts he’s doing it the right way—rethinking the entire arena to make it a more distinctive place for the Lightning to call home. More importantly, he’s making the fan experience better for the 21,500 people who show up for a home game. The team is ripping out over 500 seats to install a huge pipe organ with a bar that will be one of the arena’s new distinguishing features. As said before, they tore out eight luxury suits so the concourse is opened up for a better fan experience. There will be new, more comfortable seats all over the arena and the sightlines will be reconfigured. The list goes on and on.

On top of the $35 million, Vinik is having one of the entrances rebuilt/reconfigured (West Plaza entrance) to give the arena a “grand entry” point to serve as the face of the building. Again, the new entrance will be fully funded by Vinik in order to make the arena the best possibly location for his team and their fans. A new entrance won’t translate to any more wins on the ice, it probably won’t help lure any free agents, and it certainly won’t help the ratings on television. It just makes the Forum a more appealing place for the Lightning fans.

The moves show that ownership is behind this team for the long-haul. In an environment where the Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg, the Coyotes are in a state of flux, and a segment of NHL fans are calling complaining about just about every sunbelt team, the move is symbolic gesture of permanence. The financial commitment says, “feel free to devote yourself to being a fan, because we aren’t going anywhere.” If you don’t think that’s important, ask a Phoenix Coyotes fans what it’s like rooting for a team when they’re never sure about the future. The Atlanta Thrashers could have used a move like this—but it’s a move that the Atlanta Spirit group never would have made.

Sixteen months ago, who would have ever uttered these words: “Lightning fans are lucky to have the owner they do.”

  1. virusgvr - Jul 29, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    I’m so excited for this…. Can’t wait for those prices to bump up!!! Sweet!

  2. demons87 - Jul 29, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    The forum is coming along nicely. We’ve been in there for the Tampa Bay Stomr games during the renovation. The luxury boxes they removed were the ones right in front of you when you walk in so you can see directly into the arena now. The seats do look real comfortable but they started with a section that was blocked off so we couldn’t try them out.

    The only negative is that the section where they are putting the pipe organ is where the cheap seats were. Last year you could get season tickets for $239 and sit up high behind the net. Now the cheapest season ticket is $600.

  3. nhlbruins90 - Jul 29, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    Wow, even at $600 for a season ticket, that’s great. If you’re a fan who just wants to be at the games and enjoy the experience, that’s affordable. It’s also a great way to build the young fanbase (the ones whose parents aren’t loaded with money) for the future.

    They’re got it right when they talk about the fan experience at the arena. A great example is Yawkey Way at Fenway Park. The TD Garden could really use some work on the outside. It’s a soul-less box with so much potential.

    Consider the parking lot out front, with that giant 10 story ugly, blank wall in front of it. Now that the B’s are rolling in dough, how ’bout building a little outdoor rink there with a retail concourse like Quincy Market. (see, there’s money to be made too) Think of the rink at the Frog Pond on the Common. Throngs of kids in the B’s jerseys skating outside to the music with their parents before the game. A Christmas tree ( holiday tree if you’re from Cambridge) for even more ambiance. That would be the equal to the Yawkey Way experience of the summer. (find another solution for the player parking, or tell ’em to take the T)

    If you’ve been to the Frog Pond ice rink on the Common, you know what I’m talking about.

  4. wordnerdmomma - Jul 29, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    The TBBJ also has a lot of photos on its website from the renovation.

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