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Sidney Crosby resumes on-ice workouts for first time since April

Jul 15, 2011, 1:11 AM EDT

Sidney Crosby

It’s been a couple months since the last Sidney Crosby update. Depending on your feelings on Crosby, that could either be the best news possible or an excruciating dry-spell without information. When the best player in the game misses the last four months of his season with post-concussion symptoms, it’s a big deal. When we go for a few weeks (or months) without any clue of progress—it’s a situation that can make Penguins fans wonder if he’ll be back for next season.

It sounds like Crosby has hit the rink for his offseason workouts. The on-ice workouts are the first since he tried to give it a go during the first round of the playoffs in April. He started to get headaches and the team doctors shut him down for the rest of the season. From that perspective, it’s great for Crosby to be back on the ice.

Rob Rossi from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review has been tracking the story and broke the news:

“Penguins center Sidney Crosby has resumed on-ice workouts, the team and his agent confirmed tonight.

The on-ice workouts are part of his regular summer training program.

He last participated in on-ice workouts in April while the Penguins played in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs before he was shut down because of headaches.

Crosby’s confidants believe those headaches were the result of a sinus infection and not a recurrence of concussion symptoms.”

News that the headaches in April could have been caused by anything other than post-concussion symptoms must be music to Penguins’ fans ears. It goes without saying that the Penguins are a different team with Crosby in the line-up. They were able to surprise the hockey world by finishing 4th in the Eastern Conference despite injuries to Crosby and fellow superstar center Evgeni Malkin. Malkin was able to step onto the ice in April as well, as he was recovering from a knee injury that he suffered at the beginning of February.

It’s a virtual certainty that Malkin will be available to start training camp—but Crosby’s post-concussion symptoms have been much harder to predict. Despite only playing in 41 games last season, Pittsburgh’s captain still finished with 32 goals and 66 points. His 66 points was good enough for 30th in the NHL and tied him with players like Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Rick Nash, and Joe Pavelski. His 32 goals put him at 14th in the NHL and tied him with guys like Alexander Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews, and Thomas Vanek (among others). He was able to put up those kinds of numbers even though he only played exactly half of the season.

Sometimes people forget just how dominant he was at the beginning of last season. The good news for Pittsburgh is that he’s right on schedule for a return at the beginning of training camp next year. He still hasn’t been cleared for on-ice contact, but that’s not something he’d be doing in the middle of July anyway. He’s out on the ice and he’s right on schedule. Sometimes the status quo is good news.

We’ll continue to update the story as the summer progresses. If things go well, he’ll be at training camp ready for contact for the first time since January 5th. Until then, all the Penguins can do is monitor how his body reacts to his time on the ice.

  1. rushbacker - Jul 15, 2011 at 2:35 AM

    “it’s a situation that can make Flyers fans wonder if he’ll be back for next season.”

    Come on, NBC. If these guys can’t proofread their own articles, get some college intern to do it. I’m fairly certain you can afford it. It’s not nitpicking to expect a professional news agency to present content free from the simple errors that plague this and its sister sites.

    • abrienza428 - Jul 15, 2011 at 8:03 AM

      Well I’m sure Flyers fans would be wondering whether or not he’ll be back. After all, he has torched them his entire career.

  2. pugsley927 - Jul 15, 2011 at 5:55 AM

    Since he has received clearance for on-ice activities, does that include diving while wearing a skirt and carrying a purse?

    • hystoracle - Jul 15, 2011 at 10:54 AM

      Skirt – Yes. But purse – no.. Few more workouts before he gets his handbag back.

      The biggest test will be the first time he gets hit in Sept/Oct. Savard was fine and dandy last offseason- then took another hit in the regular season, yet another concussion, and now he’s done.

  3. icelovinbrotha215 - Jul 15, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    You Penguins fans better pray that he is the same ‘Kid’ prior to the concussion. You can’t tell me one player who’s career got better after receiving a concussion. Us Flyers fans watched Lindros, Primeau, and Gagne all see their respective careers decline because of concussions. I can’t stand Cindy but I don’t want to see his game suffer because of health issues. If I were a Pens fan, I’d be uber worried.

  4. stakex - Jul 15, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    “When the best player in the game misses the last four months of his season with post-concussion symptoms”

    Its very very debatable if Crosby is the best player in the game… so for a sports reporter, who is suppose to be neutral, to make such a statement is clear bias.

    I mean, yes Crosby had a great run for a point last season, but the odds he was going to keep that pace going were slim. Not to mention he was falling into a scoring drout before he was hurt. Taking away that brief outburst last season in which Crosby was playing above his head for a stretch, and looking at the overall numbers…. its pretty clear Ovechkin is probably the better player. So really, for a sports reporter to make such a bias (and likely wrong) statement seems unprofessional and a show of bias. For shame.

    Note: Im a Rangers fan… so the reason I think Ovechkin is the better player is simply based on the numbers, and not because I’m a Caps fan.

    • icelovinbrotha215 - Jul 15, 2011 at 1:53 PM

      One must define ‘Best Player.’ I think Ovi is a better scoring threat. While Cindy is a better playmaker. It is debatable. But I do think that Ovi will put up better numbers just because of Cindy’s concussion. And you know how it goes with concussions: once you get one, you’re susceptible to more.

    • yuckygeo - Jul 15, 2011 at 4:39 PM

      What numbers are you basing that on? Career goals? Minutes spent hovering around the blue line (MSH – it’s a new stat the NHL came up with just for Ovie – google it)? Most days of summer vacation?
      And that scoring drought before Crosby got hurt? You must mean the 15 points he had in the previous ten games.
      As for the brief outburst you’re probably talking about how Crosby registered a point in like 36 of the 41 game he played in. Yeah, probably wouldn’t have lasted.
      You are right though, Reitz should be a little more neutral.

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