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Report: No discipline is expected for Nathan Horton or Tampa Bay Lightning

May 26, 2011, 5:23 PM EDT

hortonnosuspensiongetty Getty Images

However you feel about the incident between Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton and Tampa Bay Lightning fans, it sounds like there won’t be a fine or suspension to come from the situation. Damian Cristodero reports that NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said he “doesn’t expect any action of any kind” for Horton or the Lightning organization.

The closest example of “precedent” for the situation was John Tortorella’s one-game suspension for his water bottle-related blow-up with a Washington Capitals fan. Tortorella missed Game 6 of that 2009 series and the New York Rangers went on to lose the series in seven games.

There are some differences between the situation – differences in clarity of the video evidence, importance of the game and the fact that one culprit being a player vs. a coach are examples that come to mind – but there are enough similarities that many people might be upset about the decision.

Horton might not be a balanced two-way forward, but his big body and hard shot make him a significant presence in the Bruins lineup. The former Florida Panthers winger already has one Game 7 overtime game-winner on his resume from Boston’s first round series against the Montreal Canadiens. Horton has also been highly productive during the Eastern Conference finals, scoring two goals and four assists for six points in six games against the Lightning.

Now, Daly’s full comment was: “Based on what I know now, I don’t expect any action of any kind,” so maybe there’s a chance the league might take another look at the incident. Still, it’s safer to assume that Horton will indeed be in the lineup for what should be a fascinating Game 7 on Friday. We’ll let you know if anything changes, though.

  1. aschwartz2011 - May 26, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    The moon landing video’s are pretty grainy.

  2. habsman - May 26, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    1) Andrew Ference deliberately drives his shoulder into Jeff Halpern’s face when he isnt looking (No suspension)
    2) Chara drives Max Pacioretti’s face into the turnbuckle. Is assessed a major penalty. (No suspension)
    3) Andrew Ferrence gives the fans in Montreal the middle finger (No suspension)
    4) Milan Lucic drives Jaro Spacic from behind, face first into the glass. (No suspension)
    5) Nathan Horton sucker punches Tampa’s Dominic Moore in the face at the end of game one, (No suspension)
    6) Milan Lucic sucker punches Tampa’s 20 yr old D-man Hedman at end of game one. (No suspension)
    7) Nathan Horton hurls a water bottle at a fan in Tampa. (N0 suspension)

    Anybody see a trend here?

    Could it be that Gregory Campbell is the most valuable player in these playoffs? When your daddy is in charge of handing out suspensions in the NHL, you and your pals can get away with just about anything. But I guess I’m just a whiner. Right Bruin fans?

    • bigkniht37 - May 26, 2011 at 8:57 PM

      sour grapes eh habsman? sounds like a little jealousy of the fact that the bruins knocked out your beloved diving team and sent them to the pool a little early this year.
      1. ference didnt ‘DRIVE’ his shoulder into halpern’s face – as Don Cherry stated ‘boy did halpern look funny skating into ference’s shoulder’
      2. paccioretti put himself in a vulnerable position, im sure chara knew what he was doing but thats beside the point
      3. ference giving the fans the finger – suck it up you pansies. someone flipped him off so he returned the favor not worthy of a suspension because some classless french guy in the crowd was upset the comeback began
      4. looch hitting SPACEK (note the spelling, not much of a fan if you cant spell) spacek turned at the last second once he saw looch coming, so it was his own fault
      5&6. both ‘sucker punches’ as you call them, it happens. what about the scrums in front of the net, errant fists coming through? should those be suspendable events as well? man you frenchies up in quebec really cant handle violence can you?
      7. the waterbottle was payback for getting drilled over and over with those stupid thunder sticks tampa gave out with no security. stick to your own mediocre team and let the real teams play the game.

      even better idea, why not call the montreal police on the bruins for being so much tougher than your little canadiens…who may i remind you are mostly americans…must drive you insane that theres no native quebecquers on the team

      • poehitman - May 27, 2011 at 8:02 AM

        “7. the waterbottle was payback for getting drilled over and over with those stupid thunder sticks tampa gave out with no security. stick to your own mediocre team and let the real teams play the game. ”

        Absolutely DOES NOT MATTER!! As a paid NHL player, you CANNOT retaliate against a fan, no matter what he/she does. It’s supposed to be an automatic fine/suspension, but the guy is right. The daddy of a Bruins player is the guy that hands out fines/suspensions for the NHL. If this was a Lighting player doing this to a Bruins fan, you can bet your life savings his butt would have been suspended.

        The guy who hands out fines/suspensions for the NHL should recuse himself whenever a Bruins player is up for discipline. It’s a conflict of interest.

    • cannonblast14 - May 26, 2011 at 9:01 PM

      Your not a whiner, your just wrong (in a sense). Im not a Bruins fan, or a Tampa fan. So no bias.
      I think your exaggerating a lot of these incidents by a large degree.
      How many times have you seen a sucker punch that doesnt really do anything to the opposing player other than start a huddle get a suspension? So cross 5,6 off.
      2 is a minor penalty. I personally dont think it should have been more, maybe a game but im sure Chara wouldnt have minded the rest.
      3 got fined so cross of list. Not going to get suspended for that sorry.
      But what is really wrong is your assessment of Boston getting favored by NHL. Colin Campbell DOES NOT handle anything that has to do with Boston. Not that hard to understand.

  3. nhlbruins90 - May 26, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Gotta hand it to Gregory Campbell. Small-minded, whiny, conspiracy theorists abound and trash the guy and his dad every day on every hockey blog in North America, and he just plays through it like a pro.

    • govtminion - May 27, 2011 at 9:01 AM

      He’s a class act- it made my day to find out he was going to play for the Bruins. Tough, smart, and pretty damned good at hockey- he’s exactly what every team in the league should be looking for, no matter who his dad is.

  4. virusgvr - May 27, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    Noticed how Habsman has still yet to comment?

  5. deepthreat - May 27, 2011 at 8:13 AM

    The Tampa Fans deserved a lot more than they got.

    You do not throw anything onto an ice sheet/playing field. EVER.

    If you suspended Horton, the Lightning must also have been punished for not protecting the Bruins players who were hit repeatedly by the clackers – what does Cambell do then ?

    Fines on both sides would probably bee the best answer.

    To suggest that Horton alone should be suspended for that is ridiculous.

    • sro2004 - May 27, 2011 at 8:51 AM

      “You do not throw anything onto an ice sheet/playing field. EVER”.

      Really? New to hockey, eh?

      Octopi, hats…what else…

      This is a non-issue. I know the media and fans/bloggers have to talk about something, but for Bruins fans and Bolts fans to whine and cry about ANYTHING other than their teams performance on the ice is weak and pointless. Yes, many Tampa fans are not sophisticated when it comes to the sport of ice hockey. Unless they’re transplants (like me), their hockey roots do not run deep…but they’ll get there. They will just need to realize that hockey is not football. Fans are expected to have some class, and most importantly knowledge of the nuances of the game. You will not get any respect, until you actually SEE the real game. The toughness aspect of hockey…the crease battles, the hard checks, the face washes, the fighting are important. These things are not a result, but part of the process. Knowledge and understanding will come with time. I’m finding FAR too many Boston fans crying about something or another, and I’m actually surprised by that…but I think those too are the casual hockey bandwagoners.

      Tonight it’s on. No where to hide…no excuses…may the best team win!

      Oh…and GO BOLTS!

      • sro2004 - May 27, 2011 at 9:04 AM

        Oh, and one more thing. I grew up with the Habs…circa 1976. Greatest teams ever (or at least in relation to their competition during that era).

        BOLTS fans…You DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want to emulate Montreal Canadiens fans! Yes, they are passionate…yes, they are knowledgeable, yes, they are great fans of their team. All true. But you have to understand the history that they consider themselves hockey royalty, even though their team hasn’t done anything for 20 years! They’re living off their past glory…but almost 20 years out from their last cup…their ride is OVER! They’re just another average hockey market who can’t live up to the hype!

        That is all…have a nice day!

  6. aschwartz2011 - May 27, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    How fitting that Horton should get the GWG (I did not think he should be suspended)

    Well done Boston. You might throw punches and hits after games are over. You might throw water bottles at fans. You might show no class. But you played an amazing game and to end an amazing series. Zedeno Chara is amazing.

    Vancouver in 5

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