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Leaked Sabres jersey designs hint at end of 'Buffaslug' uniforms

Sep 8, 2010, 11:20 AM EDT

buffaslug.jpgOne of the perks of getting NHL ’11 on or around its launch day comes when you see the game’s uniforms and team logos. Back when Reebok changed the way hockey jerseys were designed with their “Edge” series, hockey video games were sometimes a treasure trove of sweater sneak peeks.

While it’s been a long time coming, the game adds even more validity to Icethetics’ claims that the Buffalo Sabres will go back to the old design they’ve used for years after opting for the much-lampooned “Buffaslug” logo. The popular jersey-centric blog shared “leaked” images of the team’s new road white jerseys and also a new third or “alternate” home jersey. Here are both, buffalonewroad.jpg

(New road jersey, click to enlarge)


(Alternate home jersey, click to enlarge)

Puck Daddy has a review of the possible third jerseys, which seem to be inspired by a popular alternative design by the Minnesota Wild.

The alt-sweater takes the retro theme popularized by the Minnesota Wild and, in our eyes, improves on it. The “BUFFALO” on the front echoes that of the Buffalo Bison in the AHL, while that little logo underneath of it is the Sabres’ anniversary mark, with the year 1970 inside of it. It’s sharper looking than the concept that leaked earlier this year, which was too baseball-ish.

It’s fine (and fun) to nitpick the designs, but I’m just glad they made an improvement over that Gerbil of Death design they previously flaunted. As the blog Icethetics points out, these uniforms haven’t been confirmed by the team, but it seems like the franchise is finally giving fans what they want: the old design. More or less.

  1. NYRFTW - Sep 8, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    Damn that jersey is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! To bad the Rangers don’t have creative people working for them. I heard the Rangers are going to try and bring back the horrible jerseys that say New York on them are even the more horrible ones they wore in the Esposito era with the stupid shield on the front of it. Mad props to Buffalo if that’s actually the jersey. I might actually buy one! How the hell can Buffalo have such creative personal, but the Rangers who play in NYC fashion capital of the world try to rip their fans off by bringing back some garbage they already wore and obviously failed. That’s just as dumb as the NHL trying to bring a team to a market like ATL for a second time and are shocked when it fails again. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You would think the NHL would make teams who want to sell thrid jerseys at least be original. It makes the team and the league look bad when they try to sell some garbage that was already used in a previous era and failed. Props to Buffalo though for being original and having style at the same time!!!! Especially when jerseys are $400 a pop. That’s a whole different story though that should be brought up on this site. People are forced to buy authentics unless they want to look retarded and walk around with slits in the side of their jerseys. Reebok doesn’t understand that this isn’t football and jerseys don’t have slits on the side. WTF is that???? It looks so bad I can’t even buy one. I remember the old replicas by CCM at least being respectable. No one could really notice the difference. The combination of the letters and numbers being so small mixed with the slits on the side of the new Reebok replica jerseys just screams douchebag when you see someone wearing one!

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