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Rangers' Marc Staal is hoping for another team to extend an offer sheet

Aug 27, 2010, 1:53 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for marcstaalrfa.jpgIf you’ve been wondering what the news is with New York Rangers restricted free agent defenseman Marc Staal, you’re not alone. Discussions have been quiet to the point of worry for many Rangers fans and it appears that Staal is now getting a bit unnerved with the lack of negotiations coming from GM Glen Sather. Staal is so frustrated with things that, according to Arthur Staple of New York Newsday, he’s hoping that another team will step in and sign him to an offer sheet.

While we’ve seen how the offer sheet can be used already this summer with Niklas Hjalmarsson being signed to one by the Sharks only to have the Blackhawks match it, the Rangers could be put in a similar situation by a team looking to acquire him. Thanks to CapGeek, we see that the Rangers are nearly $2 million over the salary cap and while rumors abound that defenseman Wade Redden will be sent packing to the AHL to free up room against the cap, Staal is still going to demand big bucks. He’s going to be 24 years-old in January and he’s going into his fourth NHL season as perhaps the best defenseman on the Rangers and one of the better ones in the NHL.

The Rangers say they’ll match any offer, but the longer the Rangers put off signing Staal, the more they’re letting another team potentially control their destiny as far as what they might have to do with their roster. If that’s a position Glen Sather is comfortable with, then kudos to him for being prepared for it. If another team itchy to add a great, young defenseman and has money to burn steps up though, you have to wonder just how prepared the Rangers are for that. After all, if I was Glen Sather, I’d be nervous knowing that Charles Wang is right down the road.

  1. NYRFTW - Aug 27, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    I really hope someone gives this guy an offer sheet soon. This guy is not worth a penny more than Giradi is. He’s looking for something between 4-6 million lol. This guy is a joke. 52 points in 3 seasons. Shut down D? lol Watch Ovechkin lay him out in every tribute he has on Youtube. He gets owned by every star in the league who drives to the net. I am so tired of Staal just standing around the net watching players take second and third swipes at Lundqvist when he is trying to cover the puck and Staal not doing anything about it. He’s listed at 6-4 220lbs depending on where you look, but plays like he’s 5-9 160. He has no heart, no mean streak in him. He’s a gentle giant. We just drafted Mcilrath in the draft, we have Mcdonough. They are both meam physical D and yes they are ready in todays NHL (Non Hit League) Please this joker is expendable. I think we would get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick if someone gives him an offer sheet. It’s going to be the best deal we can get for him while he still has some market value. He is going to walk next year anyway when he is a UFA. I’m tired of this clown living off of Eric Staals name. If his name was Marc Smith no one would be talking about him. He is not a shut down D, so everyone needs to stop saying that he is.

  2. mike - Aug 27, 2010 at 5:02 PM

    dude what kind of stuff u smoking stall is a great def man if you r a rangers fan than i am sad to say u need to find a new team maybe the icelanders

  3. NikolaiNYR - Aug 28, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    I’m with Mike. Stall lays more hits than Girardi. And I remember Girardi and Rocsival getting owned by Ovie in the playoff series, not Staal.
    They’ll sign him after 9/1 when they can move Redden to Hartford

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