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A breakdown of the Versus 2010-11 NHL TV Schedule

Aug 25, 2010, 7:00 PM EDT

Earlier today, our own Joe Yerdon did a great job of breaking down the NBC schedule. You can bet that we’ll be ready to give you extensive coverage of the NHL all year round, but there’s no doubt that those NBC games will be special.

Since we want to cover hockey from all angles, I thought I’d take a look at the Versus TV schedule, too. Here it is in its entirety via the Versus Web site. Feel free to use this to plan your hockey viewing nights this season.

* Versus Exclusive

7 — Carolina vs Minnesota, Noon (Helsinki)
7 — Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, 7:00*
7 — Chicago at Colorado, 10:00*
8 — Minnesota at Carolina, 12:00 (Helsinki)
8 — Columbus at San Jose, 3:00 (Stockholm)
9 — Phoenix at Boston, 12:00 (Prague)
12 — Colorado at Detroit, 7:30*
13 — NY Islanders at Washington, 7:00*
14 — Tampa Bay at Philadelphia, 7:00
18 — Colorado at NY Rangers, 7:00*
19 — Boston at Washington, 7:30*
25 — Los Angeles at Minnesota, 8:00*
26 — Buffalo at Philadelphia, 7:30*

2 — San Jose at Minnesota, 8:00*
8 — Phoenix at Detroit, 7:30*
9 — Washington at NY Rangers, 7:30*
15 –St. Louis at Colorado, 8:00*
16 — Philadelphia at Montreal, 7:00*
17 — Boston at NY Rangers, 7:00
22 — Boston at Tampa Bay, 7:30*
24 — St. Louis at Nashville, 8:00*
29 — Dallas at Carolina, 7:30*
30 — St. Louis at Chicago, 8:00*

6 — San Jose at Detroit, 7:30*
7 — Buffalo at Boston, 7:30
8 — San Jose at Philadelphia, 7:00
13 — Los Angeles at Detroit, 7:30*
14 — Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 7:00*
15 — NY Rangers at Pittsburgh, 7:00
20 — Anaheim at Boston, 7:30*
21 — New Jersey at Washington, 7:30*
27 — Minnesota at Columbus, 7:30*
28 — Boston at Tampa Bay, 7:30*
31 — Phoenix at St. Louis, 8:30

3 — Chicago at Los Angeles, 9:00*
4 — Minnesota at New Jersey, 7:00*
10 — Boston at Pittsburgh, 7:30*
11 — Philadelphia at Buffalo, 7:30*
17 — Los Angeles at Dallas, 8:30*
18 — Montreal at Buffalo, 7:30*
24 — NY Rangers at Washington, 7:30*
25 — Montreal at Philadelphia, 7:30*
26 — New Jersey at Detroit, 7:00
30 — NHL ALL-STAR GAME — Raleigh, NC

1 — Pittsburgh at NY Rangers, 7:30*
1 — Phoenix at San Jose, 10:00
2 — NY Islanders at Pittsburgh, 7:00
7 — NY Rangers at Detroit, 7:30*
8 — Buffalo at Tampa Bay, 7:30*
9 — Montreal at Boston, 7:00
14 — Washington at Phoenix, 8:00*
15 — Buffalo at Montreal, 7:30*
16 — Minnesota at Chicago, 8:00
20 — Montreal at Calgary, 6:00 — Heritage Classic (McMahon Stadium)
21 — Washington at Pittsburgh, 7:30*
22 — New Jersey at Dallas, 8:30*
23 — San Jose at Pittsburgh, 7:30
28 — Chicago at Minnesota, 8:00*

1 — Buffalo at NY Rangers, 7:00*
2 — Pittsburgh at Toronto, 7:00
7 — Washington at Tampa Bay, 7:00*
8 — Colorado at Minnesota, 8:00*
9 — Chicago at Tampa Bay, 7:30
14 — San Jose at Chicago, 8:00*
15 — Carolina at Buffalo, 7:30*
16 — Washington at Detroit, 7:30
21 — Pittsburgh at Detroit, 7:30*
22 — Washington at Philadelphia, 7:30*
23 — Vancouver at Detroit, 7:00
28 — Chicago at Detroit, 7:30*
29 — Chicago at Boston, 7:30*
30 — NY Rangers at Buffalo, 7:00
31 — Columbus at Washington, 7:00

4 — Boston at NY Rangers, 7:30
4 — Los Angeles at San Jose, 10:00
5 — New Jersey at Pittsburgh, 7:30*
6 — St. Louis at Chicago, 8:00
7 — Atlanta at NY Rangers, 7:00
8 — Chicago at Detroit, 7:00

As you can see, Versus is televising a staggering amount of hockey this season. For those of you scoring at home, here are the number of appearances each NHL team is slated to make on the channel (although it’s important to note that these things are subject to change).

Anaheim – 1
Atlanta – 1
Boston – 11
Buffalo – 9
Calgary – 1
Carolina – 4
Chicago – 11
Colorado – 5
Columbus – 3
Dallas – 3
Detroit – 11
Edmonton – 0
Florida – 0
Los Angeles – 5
Minnesota – 9
Montreal – 6
Nashville – 1
New Jersey – 5
NY Islanders – 2
NY Rangers – 11
Ottawa – 0
Philadelphia – 9
Phoenix – 5
Pittsburgh – 11
San Jose – 8
St. Louis – 5
Tampa Bay – 6
Toronto – 1
Vancouver – 1
Washington – 11

So Versus achieved nearly full representation of the NHL in its schedule, with only Ottawa, Edmonton and Florida earning a goose egg in coverage. The teams who received the most amount of games shouldn’t raise many eyebrows, with the Capitals, Penguins, Rangers, Red Wings, Blackhawks and Bruins tied at 11 appearances. Buffalo, Minnesota and Philadelphia aren’t far behind with nine while San Jose’s prominence as a dominant NHL team for the past few years earned them an impressive eight performances.

One other important note is that Versus will carry Canada’s answer to the Winter Classic, aka the Heritage Classic. That game will feature the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens on Sunday, February 20. As usual, the network will also cover the All-Star Game and its related festivities after the event took an Olympic break last year.

The 78-game schedule marks a 13 game increase from last season, according to Versus. Let it be known that I am delighted by any increase in hockey coverage; the more puck drops fans can see, the better.

  1. TK - Aug 25, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Let me (sarcastically) be the first to cry about how the Penguins are the league’s favorite and their poster child. Look at how they are appearing far more than every other team! What? Oh, tied for the most! Huh? Tied with 5 other teams you say? Well thats still so much more than everyone else! Hmmm? Four other teams only 2 or 3 times less?
    Um, nevermind.

  2. yusterus - Aug 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    hey buddy, love usin that u found, u know of anything just like that but for celebrity news?

  3. Matt - Aug 26, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    Detroit plays 11 times – all at home.

  4. Josh - Aug 26, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Let me be the first to respond to TK and say that Versus isn’t the TV arm of the NHL. It’s a TV network that bought the rights to televise NHL games. You seem to be confused by this important distinction. The Pens may yet be the league’s favorite team – I don’t think there’s any evidence for or against this assertion, save for a pretty crazy postseason 2 years ago wherein Pittsburgh benefited from some amazingly unique officiating. But all conspiracies aside, you cannot with a straight face assert that the NHL isn’t foisting the mega-bland Crosby and Co. on its viewers at every opportunity, not can you really believe that, if Versus could get the Pens (or the Wings) on more than 11 times, it would. Those are teams that seem to draw good ratings, even if they are somewhat ginned-up by the NHL’s marketing dept. Now, the Rangers, they suck. Why anybody would think Americans want to watch the gRange 11 times is beyond me. I actually would rather see Edmonton, Florida, or Ottawa, not to mention that in the Atlantic this year NYR has absolutely no chance of contending, so why waste the airtime…just because NY is a big TV market? Pointless. Finally, TK, you don’t seem to think much of the fans of the 11 teams that will have 5 or fewer games on Versus this season. You may want to try to be a little more considerate, perhaps put yourself in the place of long-suffering Panthers fans or Blue Jackets fans, and realize that the NHL is a boneheaded organization that too often forgets that hockey in the USA is a regional attraction at best and fans of, say, Carolina don’t really give two craps about Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, or Patrick Kane. If the Hurricanes weren’t opening the season in Helsinki, they’d be on TV a measly 2 times for the whole season! That’s pathetic and does absolutely nothing to grow the appeal of certain teams within their regional markets. I think people in S. Carolina, Virginia, and east Tennessee might actually watch a Hurricanes game if they could, while I think the odds of some kid in Sumter, SC becoming a Sidney Crosby fan because he sees him 11 times a year are absolutely nil. Endeth the rant.

  5. nikolaiNYR - Aug 26, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    so why waste the airtime…just because NY is a big TV market?
    That is exactly why Versus is putting the Rangers and most of these big market teams on 11 times. You can’t disregard that tv is a business and they will show whatever sells, hence not Florida, Edmonton or Ottowa games. But nationwide the Rangers have one of the biggest fanbases (along with Det & Pitt). In order for televising hockey to be profitable, they have to show the NY team 11 times.
    I don’t need to have the Rangers on Vs to watch, because every game is available to me here in NY. I love though that exciting upstart teams like LA Kings and Phoenix are getting 5 games each. Also, as far as Crosby, Ovie and Kane, you grow a sport by showcasing the stars. If a low-interest hockey fan (the ones that grew the sport in the 90s) watching TV at home is debating whether or not to tune into a game, having 30 or so chances to see those top stars play will get their interest more than having more opportunities to watch Panthers Steven Weiss and Nathan Horton.
    I love watching as much hockey as possible, Rangers or not. I watched nearly every game of the playoffs last year. Unless showing these games is profitable, we’ll lose out like we did when ESPN dropped their 2 games a night 4x a week coverage.

  6. joe - Aug 27, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    Once again we have to watch the Rangers piss away money on a sport they can’t play, and a riverly (Sid vs Ovechkin) that no one cares about. For others like me who live on the east coast but fans of western conference teams, Versus and NBC know as much about whats going on in the NHL as North Koreans know about whats going on in the world.

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  3. M. Richards (1279)
  4. P. Datsyuk (1264)
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