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Dissecting Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman's Niemi-related press conference through Twitter

Jul 29, 2010, 7:30 PM EDT

stanbowmanpressconf.jpgChicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman recently held a press conference regarding the Antti Niemi arbitration hearing, although the team is waiting for answers just like the rest of the hockey world. The reason for that is simple: the arbitrator has a 48-hour window to assess Niemi’s value and may indeed take until Saturday to make such a decision.

That being said, it’s interesting to hear Bowman and other people in official situations confirm a lot of the simple discussions that have been going on for weeks regarding Niemi. One thing they confirmed that is fairly obvious: the team can go in three directions with Niemi; they can accept the ruling, walk away from it or trade the goalie.

While I haven’t seen a full story on the press conference anywhere, here are a few comments from Bowman via the team’s Twitter page and various journalists.

From @NHLBlackhawks:

Bowman: Decision will obviously be made based on what number is. Club has strategies mapped out on how it might go, but won’t speculate. (Link)

(Note: I corrected a bit of the next Tweet for clarity’s sake)

Bowman: In terms of free agent [goalie]s, [there] are a lot on the market… If have to go down that road, will be prepared. Team in October will be ready. (Link)

Moving along, here are a few more bits from journalists on Twitter.

First, James Mirtle:

Bowman says there weren’t a lot of comparables to Niemi given his lack of experience and accomplishments. I’m not surprised. (Link)

Mirtle speculates a bit on a possible “Plan B” goalie:

Bowman a bit elusive on their interest in Turco. I imagine that’s who they go to if they pass on Niemi. (Link)

Chris Kuc provides a few other details:

#Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman on Antti Niemi situation regarding cap: “We’re confident that we’re going to make it work for us.” (Link)

Bowman also said that the arbitration “wasn’t contentious at all” according to Kuc.

Adam Jahns shares what might be a “time line” for the decision.

Bowman said that he has spoken with Huet’s agent, but the issue of Huet’s future with the #Blackhawks will be addressed in August. (Link)

Finally, Spector explains what we can take from the presser.

Essentially Bowman hasn’t told us anything that hasn’t already been speculated about regarding Niemi.

  1. Little Tommy - Jul 30, 2010 at 6:28 AM

    What a shame. The guy helps big time to bring the Cup back to Chicago and this is how they thank him…an arbitration hearing. I once thought this was a first class front office but now I’m starting to wonder…

  2. Pissed Off Fan - Aug 2, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    I hope Stan Bowman realizes how much of a f in idiot he is and I hope that he understands how much of a stupid decision he made getting rid of Niemi. Im sorry but compared to a lot almost most of the goalies in the league no can top Niemis numbers. Niemi made his career start here in Chicago and thats how you treat such a talented player???!!!! Stan Bowman as far as im concerned I dont give 2 senses about you or that organization anymore. You dumb ass peaople cant manage a team for shit so I say lay down your title, hit the road, and go suck some dick for a new job.

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