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In order to pay Hamhuis, Flyers will have to make more moves

Jun 19, 2010, 2:30 PM EDT

Carter4.jpgNow that the Philadelphia Flyers have acquired the negotiating rights
to Dan Hamhuis, the question is now whether they’ll be able to sign him
or not.

According to, the Flyers currently sit just
over $8 million under the $56 million salary cap for next season with 17
players under contract. The Flyers have 11 forwards under contract but
just four defensemen, with Lukas Krajicek, Danny Syvret and Mike Rathje
all set to become UFAs this summer. It’s unlikely the Flyers will be
keeping any of those three, especially with Hamhuis now on the
negotiating table.

More importantly, the Flyers will be looking to
keep defenseman Braydon Coburn, who was absolutely incredible during
the playoffs this past season and who will become a restricted free
agent after making $1.4 million last year. The Flyers will certainly aim
to keep him, will want to sign Hamhuis and will need at least one more
defensemen, two forwards and will likely be looking to acquire a new

Hamhuis will be looking to make at $4 million a season
and has all of the leverage on his side when it comes to negotiating
with the Flyers, and if you factor in Coburn’s salary for next season
that’s likely at least $6 million tied up between the two defensemen;
nearly two-thirds of the remaining cap space with six spots still open.

the Flyers do hope to sign Hamhuis and keep Coburn — giving the Flyers
what is likely the best blue line in the NHL — then you can almost
guarantee that one of the top forwards on the Flyers will have to be
traded, and in the best case scenario be traded for a goaltender. There
is some thought that the Flyers will be shopping one of Jeff Carter,
Scott Hartnell or Simon Gagne in order to free up salary space.

a scenario that makes sense. A trade with the Los Angeles Kings that
sends Carter to LA in exchange for either Jonathan Quick or Jonathan
Bernier. You have to think that the Kings would be much more willing to
part with Bernier, who makes $843,000 next season over Quick, although
either would work well for the Flyers. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a
straight up trade, but with those major pieces the trade would work for
both sides.

The Flyers would instantly free up $3-4 million in cap
space, while either acquiring a solid starting goaltender to go with
their top defense or at the very least a very capable goaltender who can
work in tandem with Brian Boucher. Obviously the Flyers would prefer
Quick, who is under contract for three more seasons at $1.8 million per
year, but the extra cap space here will be key.

The Flyers aren’t
done making moves over the next week, not if they hope to sign Hamhuis
and especially if they aim to keep Coburn as well. Expect one of the top
forwards on the Flyers to be on the market and it’s very likely they’ll
be traded; if not, then Hamhuis tests the open market and the Flyers
get a seventh-round draft pick next summer.

  1. zambonirodeo - Jun 19, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    “it’s unlikely” that the Flyers will be keeping Mike Rathje, there’s the understatement of the century!

  2. Juha - Jun 19, 2010 at 3:09 PM

    Why would the Kings send Bernier anywhere? He’s the franchise goalie for the next decade or so. He’s already proven himself on every level he’s played. This also makes Quick expendable, especially since the Kings are bringing Bernier up to the NHL next season, with one of the UFA goalies serving as the backup/stop-gap goalie next season

  3. Nick - Jun 20, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    Wow…Wow…You are an idiot. You think Coburn is going to make 6 million next year…He made 1.4 next year if he makes 6 million their is only 2 million in the gap. Also why would you say
    “According to, the Flyers currently sit just over $8 million under the $56 million salary cap for next season with 17 players under contract. ”
    Why don’t you just say they are under 8 million also there a little above 8 million to be more accurate (In hockey every dollar counts with the cap).
    You overestimate how much people get paid in hockey. Chris Pronger makes just below 5 million, are you honestly suggesting that Coburn should get paid more than that? If Coburn makes 6 million hes one of the highest paid player in the flyers organization. Also if that were the case whats your saying their would be no salary room at all and we would not get a new goalie which Holmgren is gunning for right now. Please don’t write articles about hockey if you don’t know what your talking about.

  4. schiver - Jun 21, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    If you read the sentence again, you’ll see he says $6 million tied up between two defensemen, with Hamhuis getting around $4 million and Coburn getting around $2 million, which is very reasonable.

  5. Justin - Jul 3, 2010 at 2:55 PM

    im hoping for a trade with LA. Jonathan Quick is a young proven goaltender and the kings are also packing Bernier which makes either one expendable. it has to be either carter,richards,or gagne. also still keep an eye on nabokov. michael leighton has a weakness; every goalie does, but the whole league saw his during the stanley cup and that is dangerous. they have to give talent to get talent and in gm holmgren’s place i would do this: Gagne-Quick it’s beneficial for both teams and sure to go through

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