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Richard Dent: Bears' Super Bowl more impressive than Hawks Stanley Cup

Jun 14, 2010, 7:30 PM EDT

Everyone seems to want to rain on the Blackhawks’ proverbial parade.

of the local sports heroes are happy for the Blackhawks and their
Stanley Cup win, as it’s always great to see a city rejoice in unison.
Especially when hockey is involved. Yet a day after Ozzie Guillen
claimed that the White Sox parade was better than the Blackhawks’,
former Chicago Bears defensive end Richard Dent told the Chicago Tribune
that the Bears’ Super Bowl win ranks ahead of the Hawks’ Stanley Cup.

“I don’t think it ranks up there with our championship. People had a
swagger when they talked about our championship because they know we
would go out and kick ass and take names and come home with a victory.
There was no doubt, there was no worry. It was all about taking care of
business. If (the Blackhawks) play like that over the next three or four
years….then you can start talking about other stuff.”

Once again, Dent isn’t coming out and destroying the
Hawks but I don’t get this inferiority complex in Chicago that has
forced this players and coaches to keep saying “ours was better.”

interesting — unless the reporters in Chicago are pressing for these
comments — is that I haven’t heard anyone comparing the Hawks win in
2010 to the White Sox win in 2005 or to the Bears win in 1985. Yet they
keep coming out, saying how great their celebration was or how much
better there championship was. Who cares — it’s all great for your
city, that’s what matters.

Maybe it’s better for the Bears because
the chances of them repeating before the Hawks do are looking pretty
darn slim at this point. Imagine if the Bears had anyone other than Rex
Grossman under center a few years ago — oh what might have been.

  1. Richard who?? - Jun 14, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    The Stanley Cup is the most honored championship trophy in the history of sports. You’ve got to play an 82 game schedule to make the playoffs. And you’ve got to win SIXTEEN GAMES in the playoffs to capture that trophy. Richard Dent is a moron. I guess he has to think that way, since the Bears haven’t won anything in 25 years.

  2. Little Tommy - Jun 15, 2010 at 6:17 AM

    I gotta go with Richard Who??? on this one. When I think Bears all I think of is incredibly inept ownership and a front office full of clueless stumblebums. They have absolutely no clue.
    Yea, they won a SB 25 years ago but it’s ancient history now. They could take a page from the Blackhawks. Bring some folks on board that know what the hell they’re doing because this group surely doesn’t. GO BLACKHAWKS!

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