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'Over 2 million' people show up for Chicago Blackhawks Cup parade

Jun 11, 2010, 6:35 PM EDT

cupparade.jpgSo, it seems like that whole “Stanley Cup” thing is kind of a big deal to the people of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the victory parade garnered more than two million screaming revelers.

With a 49-year Stanley Cup drought finally over, the City of Chicago estimated over 2 million ecstatic Blackhawks fans basked in the glory of the hockey championship today, creating a sea of humanity for a championship parade and rally that filled Michigan Avenue for blocks.

Of course, by the month of June, two million people congested in such a (relatively) small amount of space can create a lot of body heat (let’s not even think about the horrific smell). The Sun-Times captures the scene with some numbers and scene-setting.

The buses reached the Michigan and Wacker rally site around 11:30 a.m. City officials had said an estimated 350,000 people were expected to attend. Mid-rally, the city changed that number to “over 2 million.”

Fire Dept. spokesman Larry Langford said 125 people were treated for heat problems amid the 80-degree and humid day, and 50 were hospitalized. None of the injuries was said to be serious.

Is this the biggest Cup parade ever? I can’t say for sure, but it certainly beats those New Jersey Devils parking lot celebrations.

More recent Cup parades generated some big numbers, too. The Detroit Red Wings drew 1.4 million fans for their 11th Cup party in 08 while the Pittsburgh Penguins brought in about 375,000 people (impressive for a smaller market) and apparently outdrew the immortal Pittsburgh Steelers’ parade in 09.

  1. kane and friends beat up a cab driver - Jun 11, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    the chicago bandwagon. too bad 2 million show up for the parade, but for the last decade they pretty much had “something better to do” when it came to the blackhawks.

  2. Negrojones - Jun 12, 2010 at 12:48 PM

    Kane never beat up the cab driver, the driver retracted his statement last i heard.
    You dont know anything about Blackhawks hockey and ownership. This city has been deprived of hockey for 20+ years. Did you know untill this year Blackhawk Hockey home games were NOT telivised in chicago!
    They traded our best players at the time (Roenick, Chelios, Belfour, & Hackett to name a few) we got rid of the 2 top Goal tenders in the NHL at the time for nothing! Bill Wirtz, Rockey’s father did not give a shit about the team. he had so much money it didnt mater if people showed up.
    He raised ticket prices in the 90’s to a fan base that was not showing up in the first place. He never advertized the team to sell tickets. he didnt do anything to make to team better (Rockey did all this in 2 years time)
    Last reason and the first reason people gave up on Bill Wirtz, not the Blackhawks and stop going to the games. Cuz games were not televized. Bill Wirtz said The chicago blackhawks is a special club, if you want to see the Blackhawks you have to come to the stadium to see them, they will not be televized!
    With this kind of ownership people got out and waited till 2007 when he died. His death was the greatest day in Hockey history (sorry Rockey but its true) 1 man ruied hockey for this town for years and only since 2007 have the fans CAME BACK.
    Im 28 The blackhawks got me into hockey it is an original 6 team with history behind them that gives you goose nipples. I was never able to enjoy hockey the way i do now. I was never able to watch hockey. untill now…Always a fan, just never on the wagon just like 2 million other people.
    Its hard to support a team through 20+ years that you can never see on tv was never advertized and never won. Blackhawks went from the worst organization in SPORTS to the #1 in 2 years. If i wanted to stay on the wagon and support a team that gave the fans nothing in return, I would be a cubs fan.

  3. Andy - Jun 12, 2010 at 11:26 PM

    As a long time Hawks fan i too took a “leave of absence” from the team on principle alone. Not going to the games didnt mean anyone who loved this team forgot or cared less about the hawks sweater. Its fair to say that many others did the right thing as well to send a message. Had we not there probably wouldnt have been an opportunity to collectively turn out and celebrate unlike any other hockey town the way Chicago did yesterday.

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