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Are Flyers fans going to harass the Blackhawks with a 'flash mob'?

Jun 4, 2010, 4:30 PM EDT

Philadelphia is a city with quite the … rowdy sports reputation. It’s unfair to allow a few bad apples soil the bunch/other cliche, but history keeps repeating itself in Cream Cheese Land. Fair or not, few American fan bases see this level of regular hooliganism.

Take, for instance, this story floated by Frank Seravali from word is that there’s a possibility a “flash mob” will gather to harass the Chicago Blackhawks on their way to the Wachovia Center.

FOX 29 reported a notice brewing on Facebook and Twitter today about Flyers fans preparing for a flash mob this afternoon in Center City to attack the Blackhawks’ bus as it leaves for the Wachovia Center.

The group allegedly plans to arrive at the Four Seasons, at Logan Square on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, to cause havoc. A group of bikers – though it was not clear whether bicyclists or motorcyclers would take part – are to follow Chicago’s bus on its route to South Philadelphia.

The Flyers will not comment on the issue, other than to say that the Blackhawks’ bus will have a full police escort to the arena.

Similarly, the Philadelphia Police have acknowledged the threat but will not comment on specific deterrents, as per department policy. They are prepared to take action.

Personally, I would be a wee bit more concerned if a group of bikers harassed me rather than people on bicycles. (Unless I was a bus driver. Then I’d be worried about accidentally rolling one of them over. Bikers make way more noise.)

This hasn’t exactly been a banner summer for Flyers fans trying to prove their civility. Vandalizing a Montreal reporter’s car was bad enough, but if this flash mob actually forms and does some damage, it would be another black eye on the face of Philly sports fans. Seravali provides more on flash mobs.

As the New York Times said in a recent story, flash mobs are part bullying and part running of the bulls. They have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage on multiple attacks on South Street.

Then again, if the turnout is anything like the “Fire Sather” rally, the city of Philadelphia and the Blackhawks don’t have much to worry about. My guess is this movement won’t go very far, but you never know when it comes to the City of Brotherly Love.

(H/T to Kukla’s Korner)

  1. Pam Cox - Jun 5, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    My daughter and i flew out to Philly to experience game 4. We went for lunch at the Four Seasons and saw the Hawks players going to the bus. When we left, there were Flyers fans with a dummy dressed as a Hawk player that they were beating up and be-heading. All while the Philly police were ready to escort the Blackhawk bus to the stadium.
    This was extremely unusual for us to see – as Chicago sports fans, we love our teams and realize other fans love their teams. We don’t attack people who wear other jerseys, but we may kid around and boo them. The Flyers fans were the most vulgar people who lashed out at people just because they donned Blackhawk clothes. We didn’t get spit on, beers thrown on us or urinated on as other fans did. But, we did have people yell at us and try to intimidate us just for coming to the game.
    The Hawks lost, and we were dissapointed. But they will turn it around in Chicago and i hope we win the cup at game 6 in Philly and that the Flyer fans cry like a bunch of babies that they are.

  2. Mark W. - Jun 9, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    June 8, 5 o’clock news- a reporter is in a local south philly establishment talking with flyer fans and a couple of Chicago fans. The Chicago fans were asked why they weren’t wearing their gear (jerseys, colors, etc.) they commented they didn’t want to be harassed verbally and physically all evening– they came to watch hockey and support their team. Classic example of how Philadelphia fans are perceived and how the rest of the country sees them.
    Sad part about this is they treat each other the same way- city of brotherly love, right!!! Go Hawks!

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