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Examining PHT Staff third round predictions

May 26, 2010, 3:45 PM EDT

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at Pro Hockey Talk. Ultimately, we want to bing you a nice mixture of puck-based news and entertainment. One of the more torturous practices involves making fearful predictions for a sport that is about as predictable as a David Lynch film. To the chagrin of us three, we must now assess the wreckage of our predictions. (Check out our conference finals predictions here.)

To do so, I looked at our results on two levels: the standard series predictions and also a “plus/minus” system. The plus/minus system is pretty simple: I took our series scores and deducted a point for every missed win. So, for instance, I predicted the San Jose Sharks to sweep the Colorado Avalanche. This means that I’m “equal” for the Sharks and -2 for the Avs. (Naturally, there’s no way to get any pluses but plus/minus seems like the simplest title.)

Joe Yerdon

Round 1 series score: 6-2
Round 2 series score: 0-4
Round 3 series score: 0-2
Overall: 6-8

Round 1 “plus/minus”: -15
Round 2 “plus/minus”: -14
Round 3 “plus/minus”: -9
Overall: -38

James O’Brien

Round 1 series score: 5-3
Round 2 series score: 1-3
Round 3 series score: 1-1
Overall: 7-7

Round 1 “plus/minus”: -16
Round 2 “plus/minus”: -10
Round 3 “plus/minus”: -7
Overall: -33

Brandon Worley

Round 1 series score: 2-6
Round 2 series score: 0-4
Round 3 series score: 1-1
Overall: 3-11

Round 1 “plus/minus”: -19
Round 2 “plus/minus”: -14
Round 3 “plus/minus”: -7
Overall: -40

  1. Matt Reitz - May 26, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    Huge credit to you guys for actually putting up these results. In your defense, I don’t think many people had that blockbuster #7 Flyers vs #8 Habs Eastern Conference Finals match-up!
    Besides, if you predict the Cup Finals correctly, you can just point to that for the entire offseason :)

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