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Evgeni Malkin, Marc-Andre Fleury shine in 2-0 Pens win

May 4, 2010, 10:00 PM EDT

genogoal.jpgThe Montreal Canadiens are living and dying by Jaroslav Halak’s game netminding and timely counter-punching goals. Tonight, they died. 

Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury made the Habs pay for their trapping ways tonight, grinding out a 2-0 victory to take Game 3 in Montreal.

Pittsburgh Penguins 2, Montreal Canadiens 0

Penguins lead series 2-1

While I found it a bit silly that people were throwing Malkin under the bus when he had 9 points in 8 playoff games, there’s no doubt that the Penguins needed more from their “other” superstar center. Perhaps most important is that the skilled Russian made contributions beyond scoring that emphatic, game-winning powerplay goal early in the third period. He put seven shots on goal and even blocked six shots. From the second period on, he was the best player on the ice.

Sidney Crosby had a mostly frustrating night with only one shot on goal, but still made his presence felt. His hard work in the second period forced Hal Gill to take a holding penalty late in the second period. That ended up giving his team the very man advantage that won Pittsburgh the game.

Still, the Canadiens did a great job of putting a lid on Crosby and the Penguins for much of the game. Halak provided elite goaltending once again, especially in a second period where Pittsburgh out-shot the Habs 13-3 yet couldn’t find the net. Considering the fact that the Pens’ second goal was an empty-netter by Pascal Dupuis, it would be quite hasty to say that the team “solved” the Slovakian goalie in this one.

While much of the game left Fleury with little to do, the French-Canadian goalie made big save after big save once Montreal finally opened things up. “MAF” made a few highlight reel-worthy stops late in the game, going side-to-side and showing the swagger needed to be a big game goalie.

This was a big win for the Penguins, but if the Canadiens-Capitals series taught us anything, this series is far from over.

  1. Bob S. - May 4, 2010 at 11:21 PM

    Bettman wants the whining canadian wimp gutless crosschecker in the back crosby in the finals as he is bettmans poster boy. big crosby really showed his guts and his class crosschecking 5 fot 9 cammaleri in the back. with no penalty of course. just like when he crosschecked ruutu of ottawa and should have been thrown out of that game. price smashes his stick against the post – penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct – crosby does it no penalty called. the crybaby doesnt shut his yap crying to the refs for them to call penalties on anyone who touches the gutless wimp. ovechkin is a better player than this prima donna. only reason he won championships is he played for a better canada team than ovechkins russians and because he has malkin and ovechkin has no such player. this was a 39 minute 0-0 game. a game shortened to 21 minutes. THEN refs call a chintzy holding penalty for holding the crosschecker crosby, then crosby gets involved in a skirmish among the first 2 players battling as period ends BUT OF COURSE he does not get sent to the box to start the period which would mean he is not on the power play. and presto with habs 2 penalty kill defensemen in the box BETTMAN’S REFS DECIDE THE GAME THE WAY BETTMAN WANTED IT DECIDED. and now bettman can go back to new york city – got himself a chicago win and a pittsburgh win the last 2 days. and insists reinsdorf with the lowest bid wins the phoenix franchise. well done gary! great control of your refs tonight. all it took them was 2 calls to decide this game! bravo!

  2. Matt - May 4, 2010 at 11:59 PM

    Cry it all out, Bob – it’s alright. Here’s a Kleenex. Once you’re finished wiping the tears away and come to grips with the mass conspiracy known as Sidney Crosby, maybe we can sit down together and help you find something else to whine about that isn’t overly tired, cliche, and been said 2.5 billion times before. You can pull through this.

  3. Bob S. - May 5, 2010 at 12:29 AM

    sidney crosby is a crybaby and a dirty gutless player. at least the goon moron cooke on that team had the guts to face and get his head beat in by thornton of the bruins. crosby only crosschecks players a foot shorter than himself in the BACK into the boards like a coward and is scared to fight anyone even though he is big enuff! no wonder bruins, flyers, rangers, devils fans all have been calling him a whining crybaby.
    in 3 games
    pittsburgh has scored 5 power play goals and 2 empty net goals out of the total of 9 goals the have scored.
    think refs didnt help?

  4. Bob S. - May 5, 2010 at 7:39 AM

    all i know that if carter and gagne return in the bruins series, whoever the penguins will meet in the next round either philly or bruins, will lay a beating on cooke and mr perfect canadian the crybaby crosby.
    he kicked out and tried to slice a habs players legs to start that skirmish last night at the end of the 2nd period when he was lying on the ice. and was part of the first fight. malkin took off his gloves in another battle that ensued. BUT pens had just started the power play and the greedball dwarf bettman was there in montreal at the game and neither crosby nor malkin were sent to the box but the habs 2 best penalty killing defensemen were. gill for the chintzy call, then gorges who merely was defending himself.
    even bob mckenzie and the others on tsn said malkin and crosby should have been in the penalty box when the power play ONLY GOAL OF THE GAME was scored by pittsburgh breaking the 0-0 tie.
    this bettman and his nbc crap deal based on having ovechkin or crosby as the face of hockey has ruoined the credibility of the officials and the sport.
    jeffrey pollack is bettmans half brother – same mother. he is commissioner of world series of poker. who bettman deals with as he moved nhl awards ceremonies to same vegas casino. same tournament the pled guilty to taking bookmaking bets from players rick tocchet played in after tocchet was given a leave of absense by gretzky whose wife bets $10,000 on the coin flips of super bowl games. then bettman allows the convicted bookmaker/bet carrier tocchet to coach the tampa bay team.
    this sport is no longer on the level. thank gary bettman!

  5. Bob S. - May 5, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    C/P off CBC Blog
    Don’t care what you STUPID Pens fans say…Crosby really does SUCK!…Why? Case in point tonight as in this series so far…Cindy is only poised and calm and cool and confident when he’s winning and when he is scoring. Otherwise like tonight, when all else fails, Crosby’s only other move is to resort back to his SUCKY Cry Baby tactics!!! Mtl. was completely dominating the game in the first period and Cindy and the Pens were rendered absolutely USELESS…SO…Crosby being such a ‘great and fearless leader’ decides he must EMBELISH and act as though Gill was molesting him (truth is Crosby wasn’t strong enough to muscle himself away from Hal) and SUDDENLY lose his footing and collapse to the ice like a rag doll… What a joke! Whatever happened to the guy CBC broadcasters were calling “an incredibly strong player almost impossible to knock down because of his unbelievable lower body conditioning and strength…especially when he has the puck”..’s called embellishing the play because he was being out worked and couldn’t get anywhere near the puck because of Mtl’s great defence. So intead of fighting his way through and playing hard…in typical Cindy like fashion he draws a CHEAP penalty and then immediately dives to the ice on the delayed penalty and then gets up off the ice and proceeds to act like a sissy and hack the closest Mtl player in sight…Oh ya, and then he swings his fist at someone who is already in a scrum with one of his team mates. And that, my friends is Cindy’s real Modus Operendi…pretend to be a man when things are going his way and act like a complete SUCK when he can’t control the situation. I knew after his bitching to the refs in game 2 that it would work to his advantage eventually and sure enough, it did. Yes Mtl… “CROSBY SUCKS!!!”

  6. Anonymous - May 5, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    You are a fucking moron

  7. Bob S. - May 5, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    @mr. greenhorn/anonymous
    This 0-0 game after 39 minutes was decided by those 2 refs just as Ed Hochuli decided the San Diego Chargers/Denver Broncos game a couple of years back.
    c/p Montreal Gazette (where they know hockey for 120 years)
    Malkin and Crosby should both have been in the box to start the third. Instead they’re out on the PP with our best PK defencemen serving two apiece. How the hell a referee could look at that scrum at the end of the second and not penalize Crosby and Malkin and somehow sent Gorges and Letang off will remain an effing mystery to me. I would have sent everyone on the ice off for two minutes. Yeah, stupid me.

    That was a brutal call at the end of the 2nd period. They all should of went off for minor scrimmages. But no, the REFS called LeTang and Georges instead. With the teams best two D on the PK sitting in the penalty box while the Pens enjoyed a 2 minute PP. That was the difference in the game tonight. I agree that Malkin and Crosby should been in the box too with Gionta and Gomez. Crosby started the scrum and gets nothing.

    The hockey panel on TSN & Bob McKenzie thinks that both Crosby & Malkin should’ve been in the penalty box to start the 3rd, especially Malkin for taking off his gloves.

  8. Bob S. - May 5, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    1-Submitted by Say Ash on Wed, 05/05/2010 – 13:42.
    And we were fortunate to have Caesar in town last night. Did anybody else catch the refs look up at him – checking for a thumb-up or thumb-down?
    2-Submitted by mike g on Wed, 05/05/2010 – 13:46.
    Nope, but I saw Lemieux creep under Bettman’s table a few times…
    Wonder what he was doing…?? Maybe the thumbs-up had something to do with the “climax” point in the “hockey game”…
    3-Submitted by Fansincebirth on Wed, 05/05/2010 – 13:44.
    No need for them to look up, they’re wired in.
    I saw Bettman’s lips moving and the ref’s nodding in agreement….

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