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Avs need to overcome more than just bad officiating

Apr 23, 2010, 11:30 AM EDT

MrAnderson.jpgIt’s amazing how the storylines can change during a playoff series.
At the end of game three, after the San Jose Sharks dominated the
Avalanche for three periods only to lose 1-0 in overtime, there was talk
about blowing the team up and a curse that is hanging over the

Yet now here we sit, two convincing wins later and
there’s no doubt who the better team in this series is. The Sharks have
taken a 3-2 series lead after a dominant 5-0 victory last night, and now
there’s some consternation building in Denver.

Some of it doesn’t even
have to do with the Avalanche and their effort.

Adrian Dater, beat writer for the Avalanche for the Denver Post,
is not happy, and he has not been pleased all series long with one
particular aspect: the officiating. He
spells it out on his All Things Avs blog:

the Galiardi call all you want, but let’s examine what happened
toward the end of the second period tonight. Cody McLeod cross-checked
San Jose’s Douglas Murray from behind, and into his own goalie and the
right post of the net. That should have been a penalty, granted. But
here’s what the refs did: they gave NO penalty to McLeod. They DID
give a four-minute minor to Scott Hannan, who, for all I saw, was just
trying to act as a peacemaker, trying to grab someone and calm them
down. Happens all the time in NHL scrums. Meanwhile, San Jose’s Travis
McGinn started to PUNCH Avs rookie Matt Duchene, not just once but a few

Dater notes that the Sharks have had 21 power
plays in the series, while the Avs have had just 10. He also makes sure
to point out that he doesn’t believe there is any conspiracy against
the Avalanche, just a series full of poor officiating. If you’ve been
watching all of the games so far in the playoffs, it’s tough to argue
with that sentiment; the officiating has been inconsistent and downright
bad at times.

This is a tough series for Colorado, who are trying
their best to match up with San Jose without two of their top offensive
forwards in the game. Peter Mueller was acquired via trade to add some
offensive firepower to the Avs and to take pressure off Matt Duchene and
Paul Statsny; with Mueller and Milan Hejduk out, Colorado has struggled
to mount any sort of counterattack to what the Sharks are throwing in
their direction.

Bad officiating or not, Craig Anderson can only
do so much with goal support from his teammates.

  1. SanJoseCupCrazy - Apr 23, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    Have to say that I was at the game and didn’t understand Hannan’s 4-minute minor. Trust me though, Avs fan, your team is taking cheap shots behind the play every chance they get. In the third, after Jamie McGinn took a huge hit along the boards and play was stopped, he was trying to collect himself while knelt over when Darcy Tucker skated by and elbowed him in the head, obviously intentional. Happened right in front of our seats. No penalty was called, but it set off a scrum. I don’t feel bad for you guys. As for your writer hacks in Denver, run along now — all of your projections about us being a bunch of choke artists and how the major upset was coming were a load. You can all go back to covering summer helicoptor skiing in the Rockies now. Your team is about to become irrelevant. You have zero chance of winning two in a row.

  2. Lauren - Apr 23, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Take off your Teal Shades.
    The Sharks take just as many cheap shots. Duchene got nailed by the Avs bench (he was trying to get off the ice on a line change) and as the Sharks players came off their bench (also on a line change) they purposefully kicked Duchene in the head while he’s down. Watch the replay.

  3. Lauren - Apr 23, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    By the way dude, it’s “helicopter”.

  4. Sharks>Avs - Apr 23, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    Lauren, you are out of your mind.
    Nobody in this series has been as cheap or as dirty as Adam Foote and Cody McLeod. Feel free to add Darcy Tucker as one of the dirtiest players ever to play in the NHL as well. Every chance McLeod gets, he’s out there running players and starting stuff after the play. Face it: hockey would be a better game without players like him in the lineup.
    1. Nobody kicked Duchene on purpose. You’re high if you think that was on purpose. Also, post a link with your ridiculous claims from now on that proves it.
    2. When a player dumps a guy on top of his goalie, with the obvious intent to injure, something is going to happen. Get over it.
    3. Your beat writers in Denver are morons. “Travis McGinn” — isn’t it this guy’s job to know what he is talking about? It is Jamie McGinn, and Hannon was FAR from “trying to keep the peace” — Give me a break, the only piece he was trying to keep was that of the Sharks player’s helmet he was ripping off after giving him a healthy dose of facewash.
    With that being said, the reffing has been atrocious the entire series, both ways. Completely inconsistent and absolutely nowhere near the standards set by playoff refereeing in the past. The blatant disregard for obvious obstruction is horrifying. Every game I sit here and shake my head at how bad the officiating is, going both ways. I count many times when the Sharks do something wrong, no penalty, same with the Avs. It’s almost as if the refs aren’t even watching the game as it is taking place right in front of their eyes.

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