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Canucks players speak about NHL 'conspiracy'

Apr 21, 2010, 6:30 PM EDT

DSedin1.jpgLike I said yesterday, this conspiracy talk in the NHL isn’t going
away anytime soon, and if the Canucks lose this first round series it
will just keep heating up. I will say this, and it’s something that one
of my good friends brought up yesterday, that if the NHL is conspiring
against the Canucks then they have a mess of conspiracies to try and
keep sorted out all at the same time:

The NHL’s conspiracy against
Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals.

The NHL’s conspiracy against the
Detroit Red Wings (this one makes no sense to me at all).

NHL’s conspiracy against Canadian teams, especially since Gary Bettman
took over in 1994.

Now we have the NHL’s conspiracy against the
Canucks, so that the Los Angeles Kings will advance and the NHL can get
better TV ratings in the playoffs.

I don’t buy any of it. Is the
NHL guilty of inconsistent officiating and inconsistent judgment on
suspensions and supplementary punishment? Yes. Is the NHL guilty of
trying to change to much of the game of hockey to appeal to broader

Of course, the shootout and the trapezoid were horrible ideas.
But conspiring so that certain teams advance in the playoffs for better
numbers in the finals? How do you explain Carolina and Edmonton then?
Ottawa and Anaheim?

What do the players say?

The conspiracy theorists will always be loud
and when there are bad decisions that are made, those voices will ring
out louder. What I want to know is what the players think, and thanks
to Terry Jones of the Ottawa Sun
, we have some thoughts. Jones does
a great job of going through the various theories that run rampant
regarding the Canucks, before getting to these words from some Canucks
players on whether the NHL has it out for the team:

“No. Not at all,” said Burrows after the morning skate Wednesday. “I
hope not. I don’t think so. They’ve got a tough job to do and those were
not easy calls.

“Nobody is against us. Hopefully the calls will start to go our way,”
he added.

“You earn your own breaks and we’re not earning our breaks right
now,” said Daniel Sedin.

“I don’t think it’s like that at all,” said Roberto Luongo. “Whatever
calls are made are out of our control. And I’m a big believe that you
make your own breaks.”

These guys have it right. The NHL may make some bad decisions every
now and then, but what the do not control is how these teams play. If
you watch the games in this series, it’s become obvious how overmatched
the Cancucks are at times. The Kings have more jump, better execution
and are just killing the Canucks on the power play. Roberto Luongo is
playing horribly, that must be the NHL’s doing.

As far as the ‘kicked’ goal by Sedin. This wasn’t Mike Murphy and the
War Room making anything up. There is precedent for a goal that’s not
exactly kicked in to be disallowed, and
both involve Brenden Morrow.

  1. SanJoseCupCrazy - Apr 21, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    You know, I used to think things like this were crazy too…. until the whole Tim Donaghy thing blew up in the NBA and it turns out that there was a lot of truth to it.
    I certainly wouldn’t put it past the NHL to try and steer certain teams to the playoffs.

  2. Giant Space Ants - Apr 21, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    Wait, so there is a general conspiracy against Canada, and now a specific one against Vancouver? Is that like, a double conspiracy?

  3. Anonymous - Apr 23, 2010 at 4:15 AM

    When you say “conspiracy” images of smoke filled rooms are conjured up. I don’t think that’s what most who believe in a lot of those “conspiracies” mean, though. From a business perspective the league wants to make developing markets stronger. Anaheim and Tampa Bay are both in non-traditional hockey markets, so them winning is good for business. Now it’s keeping Ovechkin and Crosby winning. Is the league completely fixing games? No, but they do tilt the odds in favour of the better business decision. Donaghy exposed the same thing in the NBA, and let’s not forget where Bettman got his pedigree.

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