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Should Dan Carcillo be suspended for high stick?

Mar 29, 2010, 11:11 AM EDT

If the NHL is just as intent on punishing dumb and reckless plays
that result in injury, just as much as they want to singly out
intentional and dirty ones, then it’s possible that Dan Carcillo could
be facing a suspension by the NHL. At the 15:14 mark of the third
period, Carcillo went after New Jersey’s David Clarkson, in what I’m
guessing was an attempt to start a fight. Instead, he cross-checked
Clarkson in the face. Clarkson was cut above his eye and needed three

Rich Chere of The Star-Ledger

“I think he went to punch me and he hit me with his stick,” Clarkson
said. “He came in and wanted to fight and I think he got his stick up. I
think it was pretty dirty.”

Carcillo received a match penalty for the incident.

“They don’t really hand out match penalties (for no reason),”
Clarkson said. “I didn’t see it coming and I had my hands down.”

I’ve watched the replay a number of times (I couldn’t get a clear
screen grab) and it wasn’t a blatant “I’m going to hit you right in your
face with your stick” type of cross check. Instead, Carcillo got him
once on the shoulder and then another was deflected up and into Clarkson

So it wasn’t necessarily intentional, but it was unneeded and
reckless. Suspension worthy? Let the wheel of justice spin.

  1. keith kaltman - Mar 29, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    Carcillo should have poked Clarksons eye out with his stick – Bettman & Colin Campbell & the other POWERS to be could give a KING SIZE flying SH-T !!!!!!!!!! what a joke – Carcillo joins the Flyers & looks for fight every single game – the NHL brass will do nothing about a punk like this & thus the ratings just keep falling lower & lower – it will NEVER END with someone like Carcillo –
    a nothing with Phoenix but now the head punk with the Flyers
    SUSPEND his ass for the balance of the YEAR – playoffs included – a minor league player thet serves NO purpose in the NHL. When when when will Bettman & Campbell clamp down on the DIRTY shots & blatant attempts to injure ??? NEVER Colton Orr would take a DIRTY PLAYER like Carcillo – chew him up & spit him out- you do not see a Colton Orr sticking someone deliberately in the face –
    The sport is becoming a BIG joke – wiht the head shots & deliberate dirty play – its TIME for BETTMAN & CAMPBELL to be replaced so the the NHL can try to gain some integrity back – Maybe punk Carcillo should also be commissioner. NHL = a king size BOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! for letting him get away with this – KICK THE PUNK OUT OF THE LEAGUE!!!

  2. DiTurno - Mar 30, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    I think someone needs to check Keith’s meds: the voices in his head are getting a little perturbed.

  3. JimboSlice - Mar 31, 2010 at 12:23 AM

    Hey Keith stop watching hockey, it is obvious that you never played the game or ever followed with dignity the craft of the game. If you think Carcillo went in to cross check this scrub in the face than your are as blind as a person from Alabama watching this sport. The game is a tough game and its to tough for you to watch. Do me a favor and change the channel.

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