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NHL Playoffs update: Don't blame Carey Price

Mar 25, 2010, 12:04 AM EDT

There were a few big games tonight in the NHL, and the games were
just as entertaining as you’d hoped they would be. What’s even more
interesting is the immediate, knee jerk reactions you see after some of
these games by fans (and sometimes the media). No, Carey Price should
not be buried for tonight’s loss and let’s not make the Capitals win
over Pittsburgh anything more than really is: a good, regular season

Also, the shootout is the absolute worst way to end a close
game with playoff positioning on the line.

Buffalo 3,
Montreal 2 (SO)
– After the game (and even during the game) the
outcry by Habs fans over Carey Price’s play was impossible to
ignore..and completely unfounded. If anything, the Canadiens should be
thanking Price they were able to actually walk away from the game with
at least one point. He withstood 42 shots total in the game, including
18 in the third period and overtime. The game tying goal with less than a
minute to play is more the fault of the hapless Montreal defensemen
standing around and watching, than the multiple saves Price made with
the puck on his doorstep.

Washington 4, Pittsburgh 3 (SO) –
Alex Ovechkin had an assist and finished, yet again, with a plus-2
rating. So he now has about a 3,471 lead on plus/minus on anyone not
wearing a Caps jersey. The player of the game was Jose Theodore,
however, as he withstood 42 shots by the Penguins and made several
great, acrobatic saves. Mike Knuble gets the ‘unlikely shootout hero’
award, as his goal in the fourth round of the shootout iced the win for
the Caps.

But don’t let this win go to your heads too much, Caps
fans. It’s a great victory against a great opponent on home ice (and it
was a very entertaining game to watch), but you’ve already proven this
year you can beat the Pens in the regular season. It’s in the playoffs
that the true test will come.

  1. Brendan - Mar 25, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    I do not understand what it is Habs fans try to accomplish by lambasting Price? I never hear of them doing it to Halak….Either way, out of any professional sports team ever you think these Fans would understand what can happen when you single out a player like that(How many cups do you think they have lost out on already?), especially a goalie this young who has been so hyped and put behind lackluster defense in immensely pressure packed situations. If this is honestly how these fans plan on treating this kid….well simply they deserve it if Price shows them the middle finger and packs his bags.

  2. AJ Hubert - Mar 25, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    Alex Ovechkin “fighting” to keep up with Sidney Crosby… Give me a PUCKING break! Tell ya what, Sidney u keep doing what u do best, impersonating Dudley Doright while Alex & Co. kick ur ass every game on the way to being the most dominating team in the NHL! Shtsburgh is as usual all talk and no action.

  3. Matt - Mar 25, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    Oh look, another Craps fan that didn’t exist 2 years ago.
    Go back to Crappers’ Rink. I’m sure your bandwagon is waiting for you.

  4. Jennifer - Mar 25, 2010 at 9:34 AM

    I agree 100% The same thing happened when Roy was the starting goalie there (the coach also contributed to his leaving). I heard stories of fans waiting outside the goalies home, throwing things, etc. Price is a good kid, talented as hell and is going to end up losing his confidence over the fans? That just isnt right. I hope someone talks to that boy and tells him to feed off it and turn it in to a challenge and something positive instead. :)

  5. Trey - Mar 25, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    Someone is bitter their team lost.
    Anyway, I find it interesting how every other “Hockey” website highlighted the game as their main feature with reviews and post game interviews while this one didn’t even mention it in the title of the post and it was the secondary story. Worley was clearly “…looking through his black and gold glasses…” when deciding not to write about “The fact that such a great game is being decided by a shootout is a travesty” and instead saying it’s just “a good, regular season win”

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