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Outlook on Savard not looking good

Mar 10, 2010, 11:00 AM EDT

We will hopefully find out today or tomorrow on whether Marc Savard’s
season is in jeopardy after suffering a concussion on Sunday, but the
news isn’t looking good. From the Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa:

“The only update I’ve had is that today, he’s definitely
not feeling better,” coach Claude Julien said yesterday afternoon.
“It’s been a little hard on him. So obviously it’s a pretty serious

Savard’s symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and
discomfort in his back and neck. The Bruins are expecting their medical
team, including Dr. Robert Cantu, the concussion specialist who treated
Patrice Bergeron’s Grade 3 concussion in 2007-08, to provide a clearer
picture later this week.

I’m guessing that Savard’s concussion is actually sitting right on
the line between Grade 2 and 3. Three days after the hit and he’s still
near-incapacitated at home; logic says that with the end of the season
just weeks away it’s going to be very tough for him to return in time.
Teams and the NHL do not want to rush players back on the ice when he
has a severe head injury, and generally it could take months until
Savard is 100%; anything less and the team is taking too much of a
chance with reinjury.

One interesting part of the play was seeing Patrice Bergeron giving
Matt Cooke an earful as Savard was tended to by medical personnel.

“I was just telling him it was a bad hit,” Bergeron said. “I didn’t
need to tell him that. But I felt he needed to know that. Without seeing
the replay, you know it was a bad hit.”

“It’s tough, losing one of our best players on the team,” Bergeron
said. “It’s tough to take.

“But right now, it’s about his health more than anything else. Now we
need to regroup. It’s not just one guy. Everybody has to bring a little
bit more to the table in order to win.”

I’m guessing he wasn’t telling him in a very nice way.

  1. Craig4Bruins - Mar 11, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    Well I guess the Hockey Powers are sending a clear message that these totally uneccessary and dangerous hits are going to be tolerated and the thing that bothers me the most is Cooke is a REPEAT OFFENDER. Chiarelli has a very solid point here! There has to be a clause regarding repeat offenders especially when it comes to these types of serious hits!! Unbelievable!! When Randy Jones hit Patrice Bergeron from behind and power slammed him into the boards he got a PALTRY 2 game suspension but Bergeron was out for 72 GAMES and it took a very lon time for him to recover and get back to 100%. Why did’nt Jones get a season ending suspension which is what COOKE should have received? Bergeron lost his season and his health for an extended period of time. The Bruins have probably lost one of their best, if not their best playmaker for the rest of the season and it will be a factor in the playoff picture. Colin Campbell this is on YOU!! SEVERE SUSPENSIONS WITHOUT PAY ARE THE ONLY THING THAT THESE DIRTY PLAYERS DOLING OUT DIRTY AND DANGEROUS HITS WILL UNDERSTAND. WHEN THEY LOSE THE PRIVILEDGE TO PLAY IN THE NHL MAYBE THEY WILL STOP. I AM EXTREMELY SHOCKED THAT THE NHL IS GOING TO ALLOW THIS GOON TO KEEP PLAYING HOCKEY WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCES. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

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